500 Miles to Nowhere – the Niviuk Edit

The Cloudbase Collective has just released the Niviuk version of 500 Miles to Nowhere. We’ve been working hard on the extended edit of 500 for the Film Festival Circuit in 2014 and thought we’d share some more footage from this incredible project with our friends at Niviuk. We hope you enjoy!


Confessions of an XC Addict- Ushpa Cover and Feature hit the stands!

The January 2014 issue of United States Paragliding and Hangliding magazine just got delivered! Yet another one of Jody MacDonald’s amazing shots gets the cover, from back in 2010 in Mozambique, and there’s a fun feature article by yours truly in the mag on my little addiction that is human flight. Hope you enjoy!


The 5 most memorable flights of 2013- Red Bull Adventure

Flying his Niviuk Peak3, Gavin McClurg battled his way across Idaho from Mt Baldy, 387km into Montana, committing to some of the deepest, remote solo flying and turbulent lee-side conditions, to comprehensively break the US foot launch distance record.

McClurg had landed just short of the Idaho state record the day before, and had only had a few hours’ sleep that night. It came in a week where the cross-country ace clocked up almost 1,000km in the air.