The Latest Mayhem

  • #224 The Free Flight Lab with Michael Vergalla

    Mike Vergalla, founder of the Free Flight Lab, delves into his paragliding journey and highlights the lab’s pillars: climate science, conservation, and safety. He discusses paragliding’s potential in research and environmental conservation, emphasizing the need for more data. The conversation also covers the environmental impact, community responsibility, and the unique experiences paragliding offers.

  • #223 Increasing Performance, Safety and Resilience with Jeremy Wilstein

    Jeremy Wilstein discovered breathwork, inspired by Wim Hof, and has been teaching it for 8 years, benefiting performance, safety, mental stability, and well-being. His exercises, enhancing sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, aid decision-making, reduce anxiety, improve physical recovery, and simulate altitude training. Breathwork is pivotal for athletes and pilots alike.

  • #222, Living Life to the Fullest and Embracing Adventure with Dick Jackson

    Dick Jackson takes on his remarkable journey as an alpinist and paragliding pioneer, covering his early expeditions, the evolution of paragliding in Aspen, and technological advancements in free flight. He reminisces about adventurous flights, the camaraderie in the sport, and reflects on grief, spirituality, and the profound impact of mountains on his life.