The Latest Mayhem

  • Bonus Segment- Rick Heatley and the breakdown

    Episode 91 with Rick Heatley recounted a pretty epic story of things gone wrong with a very happy ending. After we ended the show Rick and I kept talking about the takeaways and some of the things he could have had or could have done differently. Subscriber content that we thought you would enjoy. So we hope you enjoy!

  • Episode 94- Patrick Von Kanel and the greatest Game on Earth

    Patrick Von Kanel is only 25 years old but in a few days he’ll be one of the athletes to really watch in the Red Bull X-Alps. His mentors include Michael and Chrigel Maurer, he’s a test pilot for Advance, he’s big, he’s strong, he’s of course Swiss (no non-Swiss pilot has ever won the X-Alps), he’s solid in acro and he came in second in his last two hike and fly races- to the Eagle himself, Chrigel Maurer.

  • Episode 93- Wolfgang (Wolfi) Siess and the Hang Gliding obsession

    Wolfi Siess has been chasing it hard for the past 19 years. He watched his Dad fly from the time he began to walk- the flying blood runs thick in this family! As soon as it was legal (and his mom gave him the ok!) Wolfi took to the skies and hasn’t looked back since. He’s big on the comp scene, flies tandems all summer, speed flies, makes films- basically does whatever he can to keep the dream alive. Four years ago Wolfi tumbled low on a perfect day in Elsinore and a delayed fear injury set in that took over three years to come back from.