The Latest Mayhem

  • Episode 146- Maxime Pinot and turning up the Volume

    In this episode we discuss how Maxime approaches training (physical and mental), his thoughts on just making better decisions instead of doing SIV for pilots who don’t have the money or time, how to manage your emotions, how to thermal and glide better, dealing with the “mental pain” that sometimes comes with flying, finding the opportunities from mistakes, the importance of visualization, and we look back at a couple key moves that made all the difference for Chrigel in the 2019 race.

  • Episode 145- Standing on the shoulders of giants with Mitchell McAleer

    Mitchell McAleer properly crashed a hang glider on literally his first flight in the early 70’s. But he shook it off and was in the right place at the right time and had the right mentors and right attitude and eventually became the winningest aerobatics pilot in history. Southern California was one of the true meccas of hang gliding in the 70’s and 80’s. It was the home of UP during their reign with the Comet, remains the home of Wills Wing and was where Mitch took on the sport in his teens and remains today after nearly 45 years of obsessed flying. Mitch has an encyclopedic memory and this podcast is a fascinating and at times totally unbelievable stroll down memory lane.

  • Training for the Red Bull X-Alps

    The May/June Issue of USHPA pilot just came out and there’s a thorough article about how Team USA 1 approaches training and preparation for the Red Bull X-Alps. In a month we’ll be competing in our 4th race. Here’s what we’re doing now, and what we’ve changed from previous editions.