The Latest Mayhem

  • Episode 103- Chris Gursky and Don’t Let Go

    Hang On. That’s what Chris Gursky had to do for the longest 2 minutes and 14 seconds of his life on his first even Hang Gliding flight. In what has been dubbed the “Swiss Mishap”, this American got a little more adventure than he was looking for in Interlaken when his pilot forgot to clip him in. This is his truly amazing story. Enjoy!

  • Episode 102- Laurent Borella and the Vercofly

    Laurent Borella began flying in 2001 and very quickly afterwards changed his entire life to accomodate more free flight into his world. Eleven years ago his passion for cross country and hike and fly lead him to create the VercoFly, an annual 4 day hike and fly race/adventure in the Wallis region of Switzerland that is simply brilliant. Using 8 mountain huts around Laurent’s home town of Vercorin the athletes hike and fly without a supporter and stay in the huts at night.

  • Episode 101- Primoz Susa and the art of the SEND

    Primoz Susa is the pilot you will see year after year at the top of the rankings on XContest. He’s been sending huge, huge lines for years, competed in the 2009 Red Bull X-Alps, flies tandems commercially, guides, flies a LOT of competitions, and on most Hammertag days in the Alps the guy you’ll see (along with Alex Robe, who we listened to in episode 98) right at the top of the XContest top scores.