The whole point of this website is to keep you entertained.  Well let’s start right here.  Enjoy.

2019 Red Bull X-Alps Highlights from Cloudbase Mayhem on Vimeo.

The North of Known trailer is here! Check out these stunning scenes of the Alaska Traverse.

Making Of North of Known from Offshore Odysseys on Vimeo.

This is a little short behind the scenes look at North of Known. ReelWater created a few of these for your viewing pleasure!

The Rockies Traverse

Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg attempt the longest connected paragliding line that has ever been done, across some of the most rugged and remote mountains on Earth, across the Canadian Rockies to the US border. A Red Bull Media House production.

Alaska GoPro POV from Offshore Odysseys on Vimeo.

This is kind of a trailer POV style of the Alaska Range expedition I had planned for 2016 (and which you can see above, pulled off after 37 days). Jumping out of helicopters, slacklining on glaciers, speed flying first descents, paragliding a few spots where no one has before…Enjoy!

500 Miles to Nowhere, Film Festival Edit from Offshore Odysseys on Vimeo.

A bivvy line from Hurricane Ridge, Utah to Jackson Hole, Wyoming is attempted by Nick Greece, Gavin McClurg, Matt Beechinor and Nate Scales. This is the result, a highly produced, jaw dropping short film by Mike Jones and the Cloudbase Collective. The film was made exclusively for Outside Television.

Red Bull Media House did a really fun edit of a couple trips to Alaska in 2012 and 2014 where I jumped out of our heli, did some pretty wild speedflying and paragliding.  Enjoy!

This is the Niviuk edit of 500 Miles to Nowhere.  As we ramp up the extended edit of 500 for the Film Festival Circuit, we thought it would be fun to share some love for our friends at Niviuk.

Matt Beechinor’s (aka “Farmer”) dream of 5 years is realized when we fly out to the stunning and very rarely flown Pioneer Mountains in Sun Valley for an evening glass off and land at the Pioneer cabin, built in 1937. In the air we are joined by local pilots Nate Scales, Donnie Saver, and Charlie Karel. Matt and I extend the dream and fly back to town the next day…and the journey continues.Huge thanks to our gracious sponsors Niviuk, GoPro, Patagonia, KEEN, Pocketfuel, Black Diamond, KAVU, GOAL Zero, Cayman Jack, Flytec, And Uncle Tony.
“A highly engineered piece of fabric, some impossibly skinny lines, a harness big enough to hold some emergency gear, food and water, a radio, gps, vario, a sleeping bag and a mountain range in California that stretches over 800 kilometers. And a few knuckleheads who think it’s possible.”

A team of paragliders sets out to break the distance record for vol bivouac flying in North America across the Sierra Mountains in California. A stunning visual journey that highlights the beauty and risks of self supported flight.

Photos by Jody MacDonald Photography. Written and narrated by Gavin McClurg. Many thanks to our generous sponsors: Niviuk, GoPro, Keen, Kaenon Sunglasses, KAVU, Sharkies, Princeton tec, Flytec, Sup Air. Pilots: Nick Greece, Antoine Laurens, Oriol Fernandez, Eric Reed, Brad Sander, Gavin McClurg. Guest pilots Honza Rejmanik and Chris Hilliard

Here’s what I used to do full time.  The Search.  35 professional riders. 5 years at sea. One mission. The Search. Footage shot by John Bilderback, Erin Harvey, Mike Jones, and Dan Connelly. Featuring Mauricio Abreu, Will James, Moehau Goold, Chris Wyman, Raphael Salles, Mika Fernandez, Joao Pedro Simonsen, Amit Anbar. On location in Panama, French Polynesia, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. A DTrain Productions trailer.

Filmed on location in the Cape Verdes, Azores, and the Outer Hebrides in Northern Scotland. Come aboard as The Best Odyssey team take to the air and to the seas and explores some of the most remote places on Earth. A paragliding, kitesurfing and sailing epic. Music by Radical Face and Bonobo.

The Best Odyssey Expedition makes a paragliding discovery off the coast of Mozambique. Come with us as we soar one of the most beautiful dune sites on the planet (that had never been flown), then round the Cape of Good Hope and sail 4500 miles to windswept Cape Verde in search of wind and waves with special guests Ben Wilson and Kristin Boese.

The Best Odyssey explores remote parts of the Maldives and scores the first ever paragliding in the country. Incredible footage from the sky as well as insane GoPro footage of wave and SUP superstar Jamie Mitchell in the southern atolls.

Jean Baptiste Chandelier’s paragliding films are very simply super groovy, fun films.  They’ve each had more than half a million views, which is seriously remarkable for paragliding films.  They don’t toy with seriousness, they just…make you happy.  And his latest “Happiness” is perfectly titled.  It makes you happy, and man I’d love to hang out with his friends.  We’ve been in contact recently, we’re hoping to make a film together this fall in an undisclosed location.  In the meantime, enjoy.

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    Its been great listening to your podcasts, amazing job! best fresh learning material I have found on the net! Your work is a goldmine, please keep it up!

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    Just wanted to have a glimpse at your work, but ended up watching the whole “Rocky Mountain Traverse” with Isabelle. Thanks for risking your life for our entertainment 😛 That was awesome!

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