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21 thoughts on “Subscribe to the Mayhem Newsletter!

  1. I learned to fly parapente in Europe and can’t get enough airtime! Would love to join you for a sortie over SValley & elsewhere Gavin!
    Keep up the podcast, good stuff!

  2. When you want to go flying and the weather is shit
    When you need inspiration and getting your fix

    Tune in on the podcast Cloudbase
    Let your mind drift away and enjoy the fun

    Loving every minute of this show
    When you´re relaxing or on the go

    Here you find answers for all the questions you had
    Experienced pilots will share it straight from their head

    This program is a source of great knowledge and advise
    To keep us paragliders safer in the skies

    Thankyou Gavin for sharing the words
    to all paragliders in the whole wide world

  3. Excellent source of info and insight! As a newbie to the sport and your podcast, I learned the answers to questions I havnt even thought to ask yet but I will definitely be adding the info from your guests to my training plan.

    A shout out to my instructor Hadi Golian in SoCal

  4. Never done it, probably never will, although I am tempted. Used to fly sailplanes a lot, and love anything that thermals, so have been enjoying your podcasts and videos immensely. Great content and stories and adventure! Completely changed my perspective on paragliding. You people are brave to put yourself into turbulent thermals with those things 🙂

  5. I love the podcast. I cant access older posts. I have subscribed through paypal but i keep being redirected to a member only message when I try to access older posts.

  6. Gavin,
    Awesome Work !
    Been in the sport , designing and flying , since the late 70’s ,
    Nothing like this has ever existed! Can feel the positive energy radiating from your web site!!
    Great Stuff for the foot launched flight community !
    Would enjoy talking sometime
    in person ( at least by email ..)

    • Danny so sorry for the terribly slow reply! Somehow missed this in my inbox. Love to talk! I need to get more legends on the show! Please reach out via the contact page on the website and let’s chat. Thanks!!

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