#218 John Heiney and 45 years of Hang Gliding

John Heiney started hang gliding in 1978 and he’s still going strong today. His photographs of free flight have been on more than 50 magazine covers. He broke the Guinness World Record for looping in 1988. And then he broke his own record again ten years later! He was crowned the world aerobatics champion four times. He’s a machinist; diesel rabbit aficionado (he’s driving his fifth these days); hang gliding instructor, has more than 40 wings in his garage; worked on numerous commercials and films; designed gliders; was a test pilot; stunt pilot and has invented dozens and dozens of camera mounts to capture the magic of flying. His incredible flying stories span over four decades. Grab a cold one and kick back, you’re in for a treat.

Find out more about this legendary pilot on his website UpShots

John would like to thank the following for their contributions to the development of the Predator Glider:

Dick Cheney, Dave Sharp, Dave Chapman, Greg Zoellick, Greg Bain, Aaron Swepston

And that these people who contributed to the development of the Saturn:

Dick Cheney, David Beardslee, Peter Radman, Leon Dauksa, Tom Webster, Paris Williams, Lisa Verzella, Rich Cizauskas

And Joe Spinney for keeping the Predator and Saturn alive.

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2 thoughts on “#218 John Heiney and 45 years of Hang Gliding

  1. Juts to say the John Heiney and Mitch Macaleer shows have been my favourites so far. I love the dry humour and understated style. You could listen to them all day.

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