Episode 10- Josh Cohn and Staying Consistent

Josh Cohn in his comfort zone

Josh Cohn in his comfort zone

Josh Cohn has been the most consistent competition pilot the US has ever seen. His competition CV reads like Kelly Slaters. Soon after Josh learned to fly at age 16 he has been dominating the US comp scene and has notched up not only state and world distance records (New Mexico, Hawaii, Texas) but PWC wins, two National Championships and task wins at the Worlds to boot. In this episode we dig into how he’s maintained his consistency and passion, accidents, reserve throws, what can be done on non-comp wings, the current state of the CCC class since banning open gliders in 2011 and a LOT more. Josh talks about how he trains, his best and worst flight, best and worst wing, advice he’d give to his 16 year old self after all these years, and how important it is to switch gears- and how you know when to do it. This is a great talk with a guy who knows how to fly fast.  Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Josh talks about how he got started paragliding at the age of 16, his mentors like Bruce Goldsmith and Robbie Whittall and how he got hooked
  • Josh talks about throwing his reserve and some of his more memorable scary flights
  • Travel experiences, going to competitions, and the headspace he’s looking for
  • Josh talks about his most memorable flights, best wing he’s ever flown- and the worst wing!
  • What’s Josh’s secret?  We talk about Speed to fly and other techniques
  • How much you can get done on a safer glider
  • We talk about Josh’s “style” and how hard he pushes (and sometimes how not hard).
  • Josh talks about how important it is to switch gears
  • The current state of the USHPA insurance

Flying over the Palouse, Washington during US Nationals

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8 thoughts on “Episode 10- Josh Cohn and Staying Consistent

  1. Totally enjoy your podcasts! So much knowledge and inspiration crammed into every interview with all the great pilots. And so nice to get a voice to these names that you usually just see in articles in XCMag or some forum 🙂

    Please keep the coming

  2. Awesome interview. Am missing the “what would you tell your 50 hour self” question in the last few interviews. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Man all your Podcast and videos are invaluable to this sport, and especially intermediate pilots like myself. Thanks for bringing this content and as Will would say your awesome pathological optimism to us all! Hope to share the sky with you someday and good luck on your next adventure! Can’t wait to watch it!

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