Episode 11, Gurpreet Dhindsa and flying psychology

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Gurpreet Dhindsa is India’s top ranked pilot, and has been for some time. He is the only certified instructor in the country and has 20 passionate years in the sport. Gurpreet has been on the podium six times and has been a very integral figure in pushing paragliding in India and has truly given his life over to free flight. In this entertaining episode we discuss the political and bureaucratic difficulties he’s experienced as a pilot in India, the importance of being in the moment while flying, how he’s recovered mentally after two friend’s accidents, the value of struggle, changing strategies in order to learn and now worrying about scores, and how he’s learning to fly his own line and why he’s chosen to take less risk in competitions. This is a fascinating talk with a fascinating member of our community.  Enjoy!

A fascinating article about Gurpreet and the difficulties he and other competition pilots face in India:  http://www.ibnlive.com/news/other-sports/victimized-by-system-indias-top-paraglider-gurpreet-dhindsa-carries-on-1164174.html


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Show Notes:

  • Gurpreet talks about the challenges of learning and flying in India
  • How to change your mental attitude to win and overcome holes in your game
  • The value of struggle for improvement
  • How Gurpreet has dealt with accidents that friends have had and recovering mentally
  • The value of being in the moment
  • Giving up scores in the interest of improvement
  • Becoming a mentor and how to progress as a pilot
  • Cerebral vs flying your gut
  • It’s all about psychology- how to find the flow?

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