Episode 86- Annalena Hinestroza and managing a passion for flight

Annalena, Lukas and Ernesto Hinestroza

Annalena Hinestroza was introduced to paragliding in 2007 when she lived in Merida/Venezuela for a university exchange and met her future husband, Ernesto, a name all World Cup pilots of course recognize. The couple have traveled the world together chasing airtime, competitions and the flying life. Annalena has been working with UP Paragliders since 2011 and has won the German Championships in 2015 and 2016. Their son Lukas was born last year, which hasn’t seemed to alter their lifestyle too much but has changed the way Annalena approaches flying. In this wide-ranging episode we discuss women in the sport, the importance of getting solid foundational skills, gear and why people choose the wrong equipment for their skill level, how to get into comps and how to be an efficient pilot, why learning slowly is so important, and why flying a more reasonable glider well is about the most rewarding thing you can do. We recorded this episode live in Colombia- enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • The magic flights
  • Meeting Ernesto and seeing the world
  • Mentors, obsession, and backing off- managing the arc of a flying career
  • Flying around the world
  • The comp arc- you get a taste, you get addicted, then it fades…but is there a hurry?
  • Would you encourage your child to fly?
  • How does flying change after you have a child?
  • How do you fly with more safety in mind- where to focus?
  • How to be “careful with your emotions”
  • How does flying differ between men and women?
  • Wing choice and moving up too fast
  • Flying good lines
  • What are the foundational skills you need to focus on?
  • Comps- what to look out for and the danger of wanting to win
  • The importance of learning slowly and focusing on the ENTIRE flight- it’s done til you’re on the ground
  • Know when to land and know when to stop the day- recognizing when you are worn out
  • Annalena’s favorite places to fly


Mentioned in this episode:

Ozone, Niviuk, Greg Hammerton, FlyBubble, British Open, Adel Honti, Ernesto Hinestroza, Carlos Cordido, John Sylvester, Eddie Colfax, Jim Mallinson, Isabella Messenger, Jamie Messenger, UP Paragliders, Josh Cohn, Xevi Bonnet, Jessica Love

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Episode 86- Annalena Hinestroza and managing a passion for flight

00:00:10 - 00:05:07

? Hi there. Everybody. Welcome to episode. Eighty six. The cloud base ma'am continues to kinda blow me away before we get into the show of few things of housekeeping. One gut quite a bit of feedback. All good about the last show my opener about the the accidents in what was going on by. And what I thought were some of the reasons as just my opinion, of course. But one of the things I talked about I felt like maybe required a little bit more expansion 'cause I've gotten some emails about that people felt like I should dig into that more wing choice. I said that I saw a lot of people flying wings thought were well above their level on I think that contributed to the accident ratio. And and also contributed quite a bit of sketching in the gaggle 's we had hundred and thirty people on start every day and actually sorry hundred fifty and a lot of the people that were flying wings. I felt were a little bit above their level were spending. A lot of time with up at the wings. Looking around to mix gaggle flying a little bit scary. And but one of the things I didn't talk about too much with just your own mental bandwidth. You know when you're flying a wing. That's you know, you maybe don't feel like you've got the hours you haven't had the SAB anyway wing. That's definitely above where you personally are. You don't have the bandwidth to a relax which is really important to fly. Well, but also just to be, you know, observing everything around us smoke and wind in the valley in thermals birds and other pilots, and you know, the more relaxed you are in the more, you know, non stressful. The flying is the wing flying is the more confidence you have in your cure, the more confidence you've got yourself. You're just gonna fly better. So wanted to kind of add that just be thinking about that. I think the temptation is you know, that you. When you go to these races. And and all the crew that's on the really hot wings. You know, they gone glide system possible to keep up, but there's a lot of satisfaction to be had in flying a lower level wing and flying it, really. Well. Like, I said last time like why kayaking, you know, you really should be hiking class for until you're nailing every Eddie in class three. And that's how I kind of think about this. So I mean, I think back to my own progression. And I was told over and over and over again came and you're flying really gotta back off your taking too much risk. But you know, the first time I went to an ENT I'd been flying for many many years at that point that this was two thousand eleven from an Arctic to an ice peak six that was definitely big jump. I got into a World Cup bided the fly here valley at the PD in two thousand twelve I'd only done one calm before that. So yes that was a big jump. But I had several fleeced two and a half thousand hours at that point and done a whole bunch of SIB's five six seven jockey and Santa bunch people training a little water. Lot of acro training on. I've been flying ton of you think. That year. I got almost five hundred hours before made that job so just in that year. So I'm not saying the follow what I've done by any means. But. I was surprised. I was surprised how many people flying to liners. How many people had made really big jumps Comey had not been flying long, and refine what I see is pretty hot wings, you know, the Zeno for two line or certainly very stable wings. As is the peak for by navy, but they're still to liners. So anyway, just another shout out there about respecting these wings. And and thinking about the choice, you're making the other thing I've seen a lot of and I appreciate Trevor mentioning this nice Email exchange. A lot of people are switching to the light week year, which is great ally week years fantastic. And I think the ex house is driven a lot of that. But typically when you switch to light week year. You're also given up a seaboard which we've talked about quite a bit. I think for sure handling your wings better was seaboard in. You're also given up a lot of protection, no matter. What you go to this light stuff? You know, you're just not gonna get the back protection. So, you know, for hiking out and for flies. It is fantastic. But just remember what you're giving up. It's all it's all you know, there's a lot of give and take there. It's all compromise. You know, even going to pot harness. I know they're sexy, and they look cool. And, but if you know, they're more demanding they're more with the you're more likely to get twisted up in a pot artists.

00:05:07 - 00:10:01

You know, and for not a lot of benefit, you know, there is some for sure if you're doing a lot of racing. Yeah. For sure but be thinking about that is well, I think a lot of accidents. You know, they they could be avoided at least a bit or lot of damage could be voted quite a bit by just flying safer gear. Greg Hammerton fly bubble who's been on the show put up a great. Facebook post that you'll find in cloud base may if you just go to cloud based mayhem on Facebook and do that search people have a great little right up about light gear that a highly recommend check it out one. We're good housekeeping. I'm pretty seriously consider considering moving us from patriot to our own subscription service on the website. Now, we've put a lot of effort and a patriot. We've got a lot of patriot supporters. This be kind of a big and somewhat risky move. In terms of you know, I would really want everybody to transfer over. Lot of you that listen to other podcasts probably heard about there's been a bit of a tobacco there with patriot. With free speech. They banned quite a few are considered. All right. Very conservative artists. I don't wanna get into that debate whatsoever. I think that there's free speech versus hate stuff. All right. I mean, anyway, I don't wanna get into that. I think free speech is really porn. But I also think that you know, maybe there shouldn't be platforms for for crazies. But I don't know any of these folks that were banned. I don't listen any their stuff. I don't have an opinion on that whatsoever. But I do read our exit surveys and the big one that that tends to people sign up and they stay with us for a while. And then especially the folks that aren't based in the US they're paying quite a bit of tax, and they're they're the fees through patriots. So in other words, the money that gets me is quite a bit less through them than other. Routes pay pounds stuff. So and pay pal still pretty big for fees. So I know all of you that are listening to podcasts they want to support it. You know, you want the money to go to the creator. You wanted to go to us and not to these platforms. So we've looked into options there. There's some other platforms debt, they cost me money, but they would cost you very little. And I think that's going on the long run that's going to be the better way to go. Because patriot for us, really. We keep growing our numbers, but the amount of support kind of stays the same because a lot of people sign up at ten or twenty or five and then after a few months, they realized that, you know, they're looking at the receipts on not lot is, you know, some of this is too much. This is getting taken away again, especially if you're not in the states and most of our listeners, not states, most Europe, Australia New Zealand of the parts of the world. So I think this is a good move. If you don't like this idea. Get hold me come to the website, send me an Email. And maybe maybe no something else that works. Better. But I'm gonna be basically following what I've seen a lot of other artists do like Sam Harris did recently, he he chucked patriot. And you can just now subscribe through his site, which I've done in a lot more than money goes to him and an abyss being a fall of the same. They're basically just plug ins for WordPress. We can do our own credit card processing there are fees there. But there are a lot less and in some cases, less than patriots than pay pal as well. So I think this is a good solution. It will only work course, if all of you there on patriots switch over. But I'll update this more on the next show. It's gonna take quite a work IT stuff in the background. But I think we can make it happen. Think it's gonna be a much better solution for for everybody. We just wanna make sure that that transition is smooth. Let's get into the show. This was recorded again live down in Columbia now back home. Now by the sound here is better, but the sound the show is going to be filled with birds and dogs and other stuff their Columbian background noises. But as always been miles is done is magic and won't be too bothered with that. But I sit down with Annalena his stroz her. Nesta's wife. They just had a little baby you all know, their names are Nesto and aniline of in crushing on the com- circle for an awfully long time. Nesta's one of that just she's just fantastic. Got so much personality loved flying with him last couple of weeks down at the British Open in Elena had the had the child duties for this one they go back and forth on that. So we talk about you know, how things have changed once you have a baby. But we talk about her predilection for flying three liners said it two liners and she crushes on those. So that's pretty fun. And I also at your question that I've asked other other of our women guests on the show about you know, what she thinks. They're know why are there? So few women in the sport.

00:10:02 - 00:15:10

And I threw one outer that. I think kind of got her she wasn't really able to answer here. So I wanted to answer live and she thought about it after we stopped recording. And I like to just maybe filling those plan. Hope I do it Justice. But not basically, I said he I compare. I said, well, you know, do you have to be a really strong independent woman to be a paraglider, and I brought up some people like Isabelle that you know, that to me are who's we've also had on the show, or, you know, really strong strong minded women. I thought he was that one of the factors is that you know, that requisite for being a woman pilot, and it kinda stopped her. And she thought about it. And I don't think she really liked her answer at this point. I don't remember what it was. But I remember we talked about it afterwards. And she said, you know, I'm just a regular one. So no, I don't think. So I think, you know, it's just as just the numbers, and it's just the the reality of it and the risk, and, you know, maybe having kids certain has a factor in that Adele, had some great thoughts on that. As also great show, go back and check that out. So anyway, I don't think. We really came up with a very good answer. I think it was it was one that kind of stumped Annalena. I don't have an answer either one to explore future shows, but just wanted to let you know, we did talk about that afterwards. And then really come up with with an answer, but great gal and awesome pilot and super inspiring and really fun to meet their little kid who they're taking all the world guys travel ton to fly, and I was really inspired by this. So the enjoy the stock. So that further delay, please enjoy aniline stroz. Annalena? Thanks so much for coming on the mayhem. We're going to be bombar did here with construction and trucks in chickens and Roosters and very Colombian noises. But I think this'll be fun at the time. Thank you indication. Colombian morning the morning's Craig here. They are great. Yeah. Well, we've had our coffee and our orange juice or all ramped up and ready to go where I thought we'd start. I just gonna throw in this out you hear your unprepared. But told me your your most favorite flying story. What comes to mind when you think about flying doesn't need to necessarily be years. It could be Nestos your husband's or something else. But I know you learned in Venezuela. But what's what's what's something that comes to mind when you think about flying that you wanna share, you know, a head von perfect slang day. I remember audion Columbia in two thousand fifteen I remember, and it was just such a typical beautiful emotional day. And at first event up to l'estang Cus in the space hosted called Tiba this open cutter food best and already the right up to take over. Fuss in adventure and under right up. I saw in the forest to can really Puta ful bird. I really like and just seeing this to convos such a good experience. And then I hit a really beautiful flight of your of your study. And yeah, the floods terminaling birds everything perfect tests such nice flat. And in the end I landed those two papaya field. He close to roll Ennio and at annot chest lending there. I I saw huge blue butterfly. I love also I this from Venezuela already. It's tests such beautiful butterfly brilliant blue and you'll really badly. See it and the ad. That was such a perfect, you know, and experience Vada, it's just everything in in the flow. And after I had peck, my my paradise the lady came from the farm to have me to get out to to get the right way. And she gave me a papaya. She trust handed over to me, and that home having this papaya was the best pie ahead to a soap Tofig the. Yeah. The this fruit and this also like a perfect slang day for me. You know, not just India. But also on the crown, and, you know, venue fear, the connection of nature, and yeah, all the pew teas that are out there. I really remember the cloud flying. Here's is strong on believable had some some moments yesterday. Surfing the sides of these clouds and just kind of in and out of missed this just. Right especially in competition playing out here in Columbia, then you'll rating for the start one hour about surfing soaring.

00:15:10 - 00:20:06

The gloves getting. Yeah. Close feeling. It's this yet you really can see them out here. You can see the clouds forming. It's it's especially. Yeah. Especially for the nice. We talked a little bit before we were hitting the record button on how you got into flying. Can you share that story again, and in Venezuela and meeting or Nesto and all the of course, it's been it's been quite as long way to become a pilot? I met my husband in two thousand seven and Venice hitter. He used to be ten and pilot. And yeah, be flew a lot Tandon by the time. I used to lift their for university exchange, and he took me he took me a lot to fly around. All venezuela. I loved it. I. Wanted to become a paraglider. But actually, he the tem that he won't learn me how to fly before stop of five finished university because he said you would be to addicted to go on the fuel career. So from then on have been flying and restarted crown tending a lot because of your money vice it was difficult to become a at together equipment. So for the next year and the huff to use we've been practicing a lot on the ground together. He showed me a lot. But in the end have v took every possibility and Truman ni every little feud. That was good to do some practice and Andy and after finishing my career. We went back to sell in two thousand nine and there I. Came a pilot doing my first flights from L Tutut in was that in Caracas amd close to you know, there's trimming village called Colonia Tabet in and in between there and Caracas a famous flanks, but quote, placebo, there's that's the space at the spot where my husband also start paragliding and in the N T didn't want to give me the finer decree anticipate structure, Orlando lighten famous teacher from Venezuela. He am finished my decreed, if the if the altitude flights over there, one of the coolest landings I ever saw was invited a bunch of tried to cut the corner on the convergence. I think this was in my twenty third World Cup somewhere. And and Carlos came in he bombed out with us. And and he he would. I'd like, you know, I've seen flapping in this was like flapping in a whole 'nother level like he would basically tail slide almost the glider and let it go. And then tail slide and let it go and just helicoptered helicopters landed around the ground, and I was like Carlos and that was amazing. What where did you learn how to do that he said flying in Caracas because all the fielder are surrounded by fences and barbed wire at all the stuff that Manny had impressive landing skills. This was this was before I got into the x apps, and I was like I need to learn how to do that is impressive. That's audit. Caught the flanks directly in the city of Caracas. I think they are not playing anymore. Betted got a new and actually the site. I learned to fly. Let's also it's a tiny valley, and you. If a mountain rip in the middle where you take off and the lending chest a couple of hundred meters, it's not much maybe you just down and the lending Slager top landing spot, and you also have fences and you get. Huge active term is at the place. So you really get here. Really learn to to talk land term mic area, right? Still ending because further down where they used to lend and before it all constructed sodas banning ending left. So you need to make up actually to lend this place. And I remember there we've been competing in the space in this area many times ultimately chess-like slope landings, and if you don't reach this top lending official ending immoral. Yeah. Good good X trading at the in the first years of my career at really good good, exercise and takeoff and vending. I remember. Now m. Yeah. The last year's actually flying much more India's it's been becoming much and not easier that.

00:20:06 - 00:25:01

Yeah. More efficient. I would say like this perfect takeoff and landings we have over there. So we're those first years what was most of the training while you when you learn how to fly, and you're you're flying solo stuff was it mostly done in Germany or it was done in Venezuela. Because I understand you're kind of splitting your time. He have been actually contracting. Lots obvious last ten years. We used to spend summer in Germany I in Phisan in the elk hindsight. And then in Garmisch, so I've been flying lot also and training, but also it's been a time of much work. And then we spend the interest in Venezuelan and Venezuela variably had much more time for flying and Gaffey flew all the time doesn't ache flight addict. And also he spend and one venture Nipah very really lot of air time in redoing any billion Paul or remotely just flying. There exiting nut at that time. I was not interested in to this. And I was just so into Chris country thing I started doing my fist country flights and my husband was working ten impacted. So you gots. Yeah. These stick to to polka on the time. And yeah, I I made my my rounds around the law having this uh suspicion experiences v the denial. I dunno. If you if you flown the Greenville day, you think you see a terminal the trees moving, and then then you get they just and recognized at their monkeys such experience. That adverts very well decree. It such nice move 'em terms, and it's perfect landing because Nipah this almost no wind fillet in the air. But also landing and takeoff. It's perfect foil for beginners Chris countries pilot. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's why beers gotten so popular what's amazing fly find these deep melons, and there's no way. Where we were refreshingly deal with a lot of wind in the Rockies. And it's the first time I went there is with. Eddie, and John and Jim the the himalayans skies Faris guys from the UK and in following following John semester around was like we're going to go in there. There wouldn't be any win. It was just amazing it Nepal. Similar yet. The lack of land. It's chest a bit more. It's it's more easy customs not that big that big. And it's more open every mend also lending PS. Great. But I really felt like small going into the fictive mountains. Also, it it's working as say this no end then determines there? It's confederates. You feel like really small in disfigurement in. How did you get into? How did you get into competing if we're skipping some big aspect take me there? But when did you start competing, and how did that all happen in two thousand twelve Nipah actually friends Tessie case Sabella, and so then they can go Chamie messenger. They actually took us to Nipah to lift their and you know, them from true mini because in Sherman v used to lift the same some of site. They took us to Nipah, and then leave yellow spent their couple of months me training, my exceed and then devils disruption open Russian open enough. The Nipah opened. Yeah, coming you can do that China's I had at that time. Yeah. Seek lighter. I just got you. And that's how I started to compete. You know, they showed me everything. And it was just a great experience all offense they're on. And it was fun. It was huge fun learning learning under the the guidance of Jamie messenger. That's that's pretty valuable. That guy's a Jeddah. I. Amazing. Great Bislett fantastic. And so and you liked it enjoyed competing. Okay. Let's fun. And you not. Could learn so much and in choice them mentioned together and having a good time. And after we've been back to get it to chairman, the there, the next competitions. We can come fission 's competitions. Yeah.

00:25:01 - 00:30:04

So all of a sudden competition, you're you said you're in near Garmisch. So as Vonk your your main the main site, actually. Yes, Bank, especially in spring and autumn and then host of fitness coat, yet aside Soviet dynasty in Garmisch living there, you know, from the exam. Yeah. So quite a couple of takeoffs on that line between Ashley how and and they're Moose's on believable this so spectacular. It's just amazing there you just you're in like such a such a you're in a part of the Alps where there's lots of people, you know, in in Garmisch Ashi how and Kim Kimsey in that whole area. And then you get into those mounds, and you feel like you're in the end of the world. Yes, there's not much in there, and it's really difficult to fly their top. It is really neat though. Beautiful this this huge area. It's cut Kevin. It's really special. It's it's a protected area. That's why also, you know, it's it's a beautiful protected area in the middle of the the Alps. The crate for month, biking, hiking. Sure, it's gorgeous area. I'd love to talk to you guys at some point about, you know, there seemed to be some pretty interesting convergence lines that set up through there too. And with the Bavarian winds coming in and then pending on the time of the day. But I have often had a lot of trouble with that transition between the the there's a big mid Minter Tump Minter something so just east of Garmisch. There's a little town at the base of those big raw, you know, those big mountains and from there to Zouk spits often had a really hard time with that transition and his nails and every. We've been watching Kriege from crown and he's stunned some sites lines. Nobody else has done before. They're you know, Christopher because they remember at the last on the. Yeah. Dunno which accepts fits been for USA. Go a more. It's been lot. Lots of west wind that much restaurant that we usually wouldn't take off and seeing cleaver coming into gum chomping from back. Devs no landings from the anti and then just being at the right spot. That derived time there at the end of the day this little bit of sun hitting the the rocks and then managing to trust flyer on this sucrets massive. So it's been crazy. And it's really gets really not e c m this part because you can take. Take the self 'em Iraq's just to the south of Garmisch veteran but end to you have to 'em to flyer on the or go around Suk spits on the often site, and then in between this coveted I told and the Gummidge and an rocks and mountains this like a part of alley that is not easy to connect. Because it's really y you've seen the Vanko the veterans. It's not easy to take the riots route and most pilots have been walking. Plenty of walking in there. End vet is also tricky, Dicky. Together. Good day. Yeah. Really tricky area. But man, it's beautiful. That's a nice part of the world to train them. Sure. To fly also toss live cluelessly start competing you. You're enjoying that. You're doing league back in in in Germany. Let's wait for this truck to go by when does UP come into the equation? And and is that years down the road here? You know? Just take me through some more of your progression. Actually coming back from Nippon in two thousand twelve when Bechtel some place in in fishing at that time, and I've been doing many different works for a couple of years off to university. I've been working the tour operators in South America, helping. Yeah. With the translations organization, I've been working in the climbing area lick climbing park have been working in the flanks clue. My husband was working Ted. And then pilot I've been working as a waitress after many different things just to to get money into keep on traveling. But coming back from Nipah tests such a point that I didn't want to anymore.

00:30:04 - 00:35:05

I had chop that is. Really hard niche has decided to quit. I Ray trysted was my main income and chest decided to quit and researching something new it was not not really am easy because the vich village not so much of her from professional. So I fought going into hotels or whatever keep on the flank school cetera. And then my chance coming back from Nipah. I wanted to change my CLYDE her, and I got the Pango UP Tango. And I really fell in love this disclosure and to afford it. I asked the company healthy can do if it can pay in parts of whatever I really liked doing I wanted. But then I just quit my Emma chop and by chance they told me I you PS searching from professional. And I thought oh that sounds nice. Maybe you wanna have my documents. And they send the my documents to UP and and a couple of days later, I will starting working there. So and then we moved to. Is is UPN Garmisch UPS the headquarters and gums so in two thousand. I started working with them since now. Cool. And then are you involved in the development side at all? Or what what what no need for them? I I'm doing marketing initiative saints. Okay. So right now, I'm looking this. I'm working part time of diet, the baby I quit for Weiland came in just came back in September last year two thousand eighteen and yeah, I've been doing a bit of everything, but most of the office, of course, I met miniaturizing. The team pilots trimmed speaking team pilots doing the marketing thing, I'm the contact person. For the Megason sense. I'm have developed page social media century visitor and in content of all the UP dealer. Cement imports us who advised me. Sounds sounds fun. If it's interesting to see from that side of the fence in night's been like my tree work. Yeah. Guiding since I started tag leading life was trust moving spinning a good flow for sure this been difficult. Times as always, but it's been in the total paragliding direction. I would say, and I love my woke was your has your travel all these years with our Nesto. And now your baby is it all been is it all pretty much oriented around flying. Is it always flying trips? You guys we're going to do or it sounds like more. It's not really so much trips. It's more living you go to place for awhile. Yeah. It's been always around parrot letting the first we've eventful longtime to Nepal to an assailant for the whole winter. Then as I started to to a few p it became a bit less or shorter times. But still always paragliding, and we start to fly World Cups. So we went to India prosciutto Mexico full World Cup. So it's been competition combined the flying for a couple of years in between. I would say to food into seventeen it's been World Cup's most. And now we come in back for longer times to pass interest in Columbia. And is there ever been? You'll like a maybe a difference in the passion between you and her Nesto, and there have been times where maybe he's not as excited about it. Or you're not as excited about it. How does it work quite well with you guys all the time? Or is it are there times where it's like now it's been booking time. Great. It's is stopped competition. Thank two years ago. I did my less competition in Colombian two thousand seventeen and then with all baby. Actually, we kept on traveling a lot in Europe. The ventures. And now I'm joining him to the competition and you stop competing got pregnant. Yeah. Okay. And then do you see yourself getting back into it? Actually. I'm not sure. Yeah. Know, I'm not sure I'm really swank flying Finn flying. All this time off to my baby was born. I started to fly and six weeks after thought identity Lua Lobi CLYDE for why.

00:35:05 - 00:40:03

Because it's just been more UC lightweight equipment, eight kilos. It's perfect. So I I wasn't thinking about competition playing and chest gut beg on my Tongo 'em in Columbia now two weeks ago. And I fell in love. I I was a bit scared. Oh, yeah. There was curious how it would be to get back, and I was just happy. But I feel this life is now so busy all this family thing. I'm the baby. And I'm not really thinking competition to honest. It's I'm not missing it. Push through. I can imagine. Coming bet Beck. But I don't know when I see in cuts in vote cups. I've seen many women that have already krone up kits. Women men that. Yeah. Much older than me or that are already in the fifty sixty. So I think that's no hurry to come back. If I didn't Choi I can come back after nine whatever. Discredit you can enjoy all your life. You know that you need to become and the honest to yourself and and keep it safe. So you have a little boy sixteen months old. Do you? Do you see what's his name? Lucas lucas. Do you see him becoming a pilot? Might be. He he's already climbing allowed and interested into the sky that yeah, I'm not sure it's it's difficult to see that two days ago. We went out to of the to the buccaneer of our party in in Neo. And he BA fi could see he already saw a clatter lending in the stadium, and he said Pepe fast. So I really recognizing it already and he's been at the landings the host some of spend with the bicycle going to the lending home and his been seeing and watching died assaulted time. So the the as a mom the the risk side of it. You feel like that could be managed, and this is really on my mind right now because there's been so many accidents this year, and it just seems like seems like every year. But it's I the reason I ask. I have a eighteen month old little girl. So very similar was she was with us invited the last couple of weeks. I was up there for a couple of cops and same thing. She just she spots. Paragliders Burs like. She didn't say Perry liar. But she's definitely cut figured it out his enthralled by the whole thing and wonder it is I think it's the kind of thing if she shows interest in and of course, I will support, but I wouldn't be too. But like mom's not interested in all taking her on a couple of tandems, and she's just like whatever Zoe's for mealy. Great perfect. The risk thing. Okay thing before he would start pay adding would plus many use that there is thing for me flying for sure it is there in my mind all the time, and I'm really thinking about. To be honest. I've been enjoying every single flight I've been doing since evil sport. And it was good for me. Also, mentally. Yeah. I don't know I feel happy after flying. But I really feel that any to be super full and super Catholic also main motions and the all the surroundings. Yeah. To get sure. About fisa fall conditions because. Okay, the clip -ment defendant is check the equipment is good. That's not the problem. I think that the conditions are the the the thing the conditions is what is. Yeah. I need to be most careful about like malefic flight here free days ago. It was really strong really strong. And I heard about a couple of. Yeah. Incidents and for me in this fights in the mountains. I I really could not ensure that much I was thinking out what to do in the people kept on going in the money's and that trust left to the valley loan because I said, you know, I'm I'm not needing to make exceed pouring so compete. I need chest to enjoy this tonight. And that's what I'm. In the air floor in the left for the flat summit also beautiful flights in Fettes. Unless really tricky conditions really short cycles.

00:40:04 - 00:45:01

Inversion and got the beautiful low side safe in the middle of the valley while it was too was I'm crazy. It's yeah. No worry, stick huge, Lennox pouts everywhere. If I careful I can lend everywhere if I'm aware about that the lending. Getting the most important part from me now to think about the good lending, and but I found out. However, my baby is fine this putter and his grandmother back home. So if it would take me to walk out, two hours. It's no big deal. I can manage and. Yeah, a chest can lend Bor run at just need to be really am sure. By the Goodland. What what do you mean by being careful with your emotions in O M after having a baby you get in my case had really emotional about everything more than before, you know, and paragliding strong emotion in all directions. Sure. Negative, positive and. It's strong emotion. And also I need to I think any to be careful because you can get so easily so addicted to paramedic. So I tried to come this Don and to not go too far. So I decided from US F the first Chris country fled. I make I make I went to LeBron and back and then the next one I made the bigger route to Victoria sellin Vic, and I decided to to keep it going slowly to become a two to fly more slowly because offensive asking you have I didn't to go on sighing kept on flying with us and dad's no need I need to get used again any to elaborate systems for flying. I haven't been doing big Chris country floods for years, and so I really want to get into slowly. And not because I'm so emotional Hepi 'em by. Turning create terminates to test keep on going the route taken care about my energy level. You know, that's what I mean about taking care about my emotions excess three elected as shrieked take it. Slowly, you mentioned you spend a lot of time with Jessica love and Isabel messenger. Is you've spent all this time in Nepal of love them so much when I think of Isabel, Jessica, I think of the big strong personalities. Do you think that that's the the question? I wanna ask is why are there? So few women in the sport. And do you think that you know, what they it the people like you that are strong, and and independent and. What kind of woman is attracted to paragliding? Well, that's the difficult Christian. I think I think many women could be attracted it's chest. So important that you have a good start into the into the sport that you can feel you can manage and am. Yeah. It's important to lots of practice at the beginning. That's brick to send that you feel. You can you can do it enough. It's. It's a lot about you talk. And think about the sport of the risks. You know, many the arts trying it just it's dangerous in all. And that's why they won't try it. But I think. There's so many 'em business men out there on business or whatever. So they could be more of them in running the trading paradigm. It's not that loon could couldn't do that that maybe they don't know that can live. So suggestion from me really difficult to answer what kind of Food Lion. Do do you think that you you and not by just you? I mean, you and Isabel, and Jessica and other women that are that are good in the sport and have had long careers in it and really enjoy it. Do you think you have a different kind of risk? Tolerance than than most women than other women, or do you think it's more just that for whatever reason you guys got into it with great partners? Maybe and that helped the in not partner that shows you that you can do it. And that gives you the confidence very important actually for me.

00:45:03 - 00:50:01

Yeah. To know you can do it. Maybe maybe problem also could be. Still having so many men around in the sports. Can be for Felman intimidating because we had taking another your thinking maybe differently about flying risk. Yeah. Not that competitive. Devon, Devon competing, really low. Sure. But the out all of this after fled all this talking about flying. It's also deficient Futterman. The feelings, you know. Very emotional. And and it's not so much m talking about who's better betting each of at. It's about the experiences there. That's interesting. You say that I follow Isabel on Instagram. And it's it really is. It seems to be more about the experience in the the I dunno. It's more of a holistic view. I think that women have of it rather than the competition in the distance and ex contest. And the, you know, the the the goals in the marks and the. You know what? I mean. It's men are very competitive more. I guess. Yeah. Feminine day, create them out that culture thing, you know, last year of kind in Columbia has been to women in top ten, let's suppose, so awesome. Also, we can compete, and we can be crit pilots and they're on top. Maybe it's just a different way to get into too. Yeah. Having having Lucas has it changed your desire for the sport, your passion for the sport. As it. What? Whether you talk about it, you talked about it making definitely you're assessing risk more conservatively. But if they're another changes. For sure I'm not so crazy about flying anymore to honest. I feel like a need to get into the every one in the wild. Because it makes me. Yeah. I relax. I could free my mind. A after lending, I'm happy. I'm fhu charged again. But I'm not like a I'm not like a knee to say. By all the time. I don't have to feeling I I have a feeling of when everything comes together. And the situation is perfect. I've got a babysitter. Oh, and this to some Macron or. Yeah. The condition perfect days. Good, and I have energy. I'm waking up getting into the Dave of an cheat. And I feel like okay now, I will fight. But I don't have this feeling anymore of any two to five more, you know, but I'm enjoying everything you said, it's really important for women to get into it the right way. What does that mean? How do you? How do you get into the sport the right way? And slowly. And this all incidents in all end with confidence and think the most important is to do. But in my experience, I did lots of transcending to. And I think this is still important because what Shing the flying sites been living. Triveni Garmisch and those fitness. So tricky takeoffs, I think if I would have done the classical Korean the school flying school. It might have been not enough for me. Because after a couple of days said the training head getting up to dis mountains and take off by myself. I think I wouldn't have that may, you know, because I think many women pilots chess starch, and then crit because they can't get the confidence in case, I was really lucky because I had hours of tenants lying of cross country flying of content stole my I m altitude flights I made it becua-. And I felt so confident about me handing declare that. I didn't think about oh, I am not flying from. A high mon- canal. But if I think I would have done it to Cup little hours. Hill then followed launching into the first time into nothing.

00:50:02 - 00:55:04

I think I would have scared. No, this is foundation. Yeah. I sent this court is you can have a good. You can manage declined the well, let's about technique and practice. For sure the tradition and. Cluele teaching is you get on the mountain quite quick. And then a no how would be the feeling to to take off. Then having the CLYDE. Control. What would you say to to pilot? You know, pretty new pilot that that's maybe thinking about getting into competitions. What would you say just in general about competitions? What to be excited about what to be maybe a little more nervous about what to be careful about. Maybe a little bit of thoughts on a quick -ment. Fishwick ministry, very important having the right lighter you can like competition on a beat later on C clara-. So it's not important the the machine and Testa rides equipment for you'll skill harnesses, very important to the derides combination of harness and and. And lighter and for sure. Rescue 'em. Instruments. Everything radio is important. I think for new competition pilots important to know, what he she wants of this competition flying fingers a crate way to learn to improve exceeds skills. The most important thing is not to want to win, you know, by starting competition. That's not the thing. It's need to learn and so much to learn about an competition to to be an efficient. That's, but I like most about competition dying disputing of efficient flying, you know, climbing. Well, then knowing where to climb went to climb when to leave a climb taking the right line to fly fishing. That's how you fly faster. So and you learn the spy, yeah. By competing by what ching by Chinese you'd need to be very m. Attentive. No watching around it's very important to be Catholic Beden, many pilots around and to be relaxed. That's the most important thing. If you can relax terminating the so many pilots, y'all right? If you feel nervous still by terminating the so many puzzles, maybe to just breakfast more terminating and flying fed venues that comfortable flying terminaling with many pilots who can be in the competition. And then trust. Yeah. Am slowly learn slowly as always this some much time you have full flying. So slowly. And then the first goal is to improve your flying. So it's not important to come into the most important as solace. As I said before now is safe lending after a safe start slow and income petition flying you can easily get into this racing moat and forget about the landing that you need to be careful about the lending spots. Yeah. I I had this very interesting wasn't really realization, it just something, you know. But I to see visually every day invi, Josh Kohn, who's, you know, an amazing competition violet and has been winning forever in his usually the one who's going to win Vihear the Minorca. And he's he's he's always at the top this year. They they had a little baby. A few months ago, and he was flying the omega XL, you know. So most of the, you know, the top end compile it's were on the Enzo. And I'm flying the evokes now. But you know, most of the the top twenty of course, top thirty we're on CCC, gliders and Joshua's on a, you know, a pretty reasonable D And three liner. And we we really had a hard time shaken him, you know, I mean that regard you'd pull away and then he'd be there again because he's picking better lines. And he's a better climber. And it made me a lot more conscious of you know, what I see that has been frustrating me in the last couple of years is is people that are coming up in getting better and going to comps, you know, they they get frustrated by the glide difference.

00:55:05 - 01:00:01

You know, if they're on a C or they're on a low and D, And and they wanna move up too fast. And they they see that and they go I gotta get an end. Oh, you know. And I gotta get a better glider to keep up with you guys. And I think that such a huge mistake because they don't have the hours. They don't have the time. And if you if they had an end zone, they're still not gonna win you know there. They've got a better tool. You know, they've got a they've got a, you know, a better glider in terms of speed and glide, but they're still they're not gonna win. They don't have the experience in. How you get the experiences is like you said is getting the hours and the time on on lower glider getting really good, you know, becoming Josh Kohn on another glider being able to keep up, and then you've got the time and the and the, you know, the sl experienced the whole thing, you're you're more complete pilot. And I it's frustrating to me to see so many people coming up so quickly, you know, to to a hotter. Glider that they're really not ready for not also couple of Sierra class competition on to China. Oh, you could think about the flying sites because there's some things sites that it's not so important the the the lider in oh. Yeah. But usually. Onto be there for sure it's it's not too nice. Always bumping out. You know, more. Oh, it's frustrating say not the same speed and CLYDE. But I remember my first Trump here in Columbia in two thousand fifteen it was like that. I felt like okay. I'm on my trying go I didn't know anything about flatland flying because I'm used to the alpine flying. And it was just like, okay. I'm I'm here. Bumming out many times, I don't understand I keep them flying. And then the last Trump I've been doing in two thousand seven teen here. It was the best of my life. I still had my Tango. No I had. I chased from x rays from XY free to express bitch pligr, but still still Tango. And. It's been to use in but didn't inbetween discounts and chest leftist competition, and I had much more skills than I could keep off keep on eaten. The Sinoe set that time I came into goal ten minutes after an was so happy because doing the flight could keep up quite well, the stem, then vented Vosta strong day. Good conditions, and and then chest on the on the final part. So in between this two years of experiences experience of competition flying the first year in Colombia bombing all all the time. And then to use after keeping up the scene amid time good was. Yeah. Difference. And that's why it's Burfoot keep on going. You know? Yeah. That that there's a lot of reward that feeling like I'm doing better. Learning all the time. And yes, you never stop learning. And that's the the Pudi of about the spot as fell. When you look back at your flying career, if you could go back to your fifty ourself, you know, see rewind that first year just learning, and you're very new if you could change anything, what would you change? I think. The most important is to know win. You'll getting tired. Tweaks -periences one in the sl and run coming into goal in the competitions. Then I realized I will suggest so. To know when to lend into know when to stop today, you know, after five seven flights of you just might be too tired to to keep on. To keep on flying. So they've been this experiences. I had that I'm would say calm down. And just. Yeah. Against slowly. Take these sea. And if you are exhausted tired stop for the day. In all your travels, you guys wandering around the world. These last ten years twelve years.

01:00:02 - 01:05:10

What's what's the place? You get most excited to fly. If you could go anywhere right now. I know you're in Columbia, which is one of your favorites. Where would you go? I would go to India again via. Special days. It's then. Yeah, it's been crate also Procedo, bro civic into Castello that again, it depends on the experience you have in the conditions. He gets at the time. You are you into Castilla in this year? I think two thousand sixteen and it's been perfect. It's been the other best Trump of my life. I kept have kept up the two Linus quite wells 'em because we had the best tick conditions Puta food place in custody battle fled lens again and with this crazy hilts chests. We'll see pictures it's crazy it's beautiful and all the lifestyle people food. It's crate when you when you look back at your flying. Was there a moment or time you can really identify that? You know, you kinda made a leap likes like something clicked. Something like, oh, I'm I figured this out. Was there was it a strategy change. Was it a thermal ING technique was finding sniffing out. Better lines was was there something that you know, like an auto moment in your in your comp career. Yeah. The light thinks that's most important. I think benefits the line flying in love and wine lines. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. But means flying. That's what everybody's talking about. Yeah. To use to accelerate a rights to to have efficient crossing valley crossings on line flying. Because it's quite easy to become a good. Turmoil. Flyer to be creek in climbing and on top of the stack and to be good positions. But then the champ to become a good and navigation pilot to navigate the sky. This has been quite a lie to get this feeling 'em under the CLYDE her to how to how to fly out the lines, especially Hyun, the Fettes folks, Tom full too. Because if you also in the few make big m valley crossing chest pushing the ball like Tracy those in all your Hiatt. No, it's not Burger King you need to to take the vest line to to make the best crossing compared to the other pilot. This is something that I've never had a guest really be able or are ticky late. How to do is there? Can you explain how to do that? Or is it just feel? It's. It's feel for sure it's for sure different on a two liner. I never through two liner 'em. So all my competition of thing did on a three liner. But I did it because I enjoyed Fisher. There could have been the time then to change, but then they became a baby. But on the free Linus to it's it's a feel you need to relax today back in your harness, and and feel and take the CO be rises. And then that the CLYDE a goal, you know that the goal and feel it and watch the clouds the birds the other pilots around. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I've I've just feel like I've had a kind of a personal breakthrough in the last year with with with lines. And it was for me. It was backing off not hammering speed so much space. I mean, especially in cops, you know, in the acts out it's all about staying in the air. You know, you just have to stay up. But a of learn more in the cops now to to back off a little bit on the on the lines because easier to feel when you're not using as much speed. And it's easier to let the glider do its thing that that has really helped. But I think that when you when you see the pilots that really find good lines. It's it's it's almost like magic. That's really out there. Exactly my husband. Actually, I've been calling him a lot and thinking hell can he do how how is he doing savy Bonet? Many. Vesey's here. Yeah. The following him quite a bit. I'm sure. He's amazing. He's as ING. Any last bit of advice for for specifically females either getting into the sport or kind of the learning stage, you know, any last bit of.

01:05:11 - 01:09:15

You know, maybe something to avoid or something to look out for or you know, like you talked about in Isabel actually talked about that on the podcast. We did with her the intimidation factor on launch is there are there any kind of head space things that you can that have helped you. Do your thing and become student new candlelit? You don't have to show anybody and practice a lot practice a lot on your CLYDE, her skills crown handling this, and I will always speed moments comments that can frustrate you intimidated vets. Don't take 'em. Don't don't too much in. If you are not. If you're not sure about something esque data's than many women around ask them how they of feeling. How did we ING keep in contact make your? Yeah. Y-y'all flying croup, and and and keep it's slowly again. And and think about Singapore about what you'll really want and enjoy and the honest to yourself in this moment, you don't didn't Choi Finco how you can improve the situation. I think that's a perfect place to end in Linda think you so much. I can't wait to compete with your husband next week. Are are you going to do the com-? No on the crown. Ground support. Go-to take a fun Dave with my baby. Awesome. I've issue Craig 'co-. Thank you very much. Well, appreciate it. Thanks for your time and the coffee in your shoes. Yeah. We'll see on launch. Thank you envy. Tation? The hope you enjoyed that. Always sit down with these great pilots in different parts of the world super inspiring. As always always ask for bucket show. If you're getting something out of the cloud base, mayhem there, many ways you can support it either financially through pay pal and soon to be destroyed through our website. We'll have details of that pretty soon. But if you can't support us, financially, we totally understand this mean free as long as we can do it that you can support it in many other ways, you can give us on a rating on itunes or Stitcher, or however, you listen to your podcast that really goes a long ways, I can blog about it on your own blog post about it on social media share with your friends talk about it on the way to launch and many many of your doing that. I really appreciate it and another way through our store. We just got a whole new load of awesome, Patagonia, t shirts for men and women and a whole new box of superstar. The trucker hats by recaps H. One is totally unique got a whole bunch more colors that. Seem to be more in favor. So go to cloud base may dot com. Click on the store link and get some cool Shwak. That's another great way to sports show. But yet give behind us. We're doing this directly just through you that sponsors because I just can't stand having that whole sponsor thing at the top of the show. And I want you to know that it's a authentic conversation. It's just opinions and they're not being skewed by advertising dollars, which I think is a pretty toxic thing. That's happening going on right now globally with all stuff going on, Facebook, and and other. So anyway, we'd like to do direct. We appreciate your sport. And we'll see on the next one. Cheers. ?