Episode 85- Mark Watts and letting your subconscious do the work

Mark Watts in Sussex just after breaking the UK out and return record (120K) with Hugh Miller. Photo Hugh Miller

Mark Watts is one of only a very few UK pilots to have won the British Championships, a PWC, the UK X-Contest League, AND held the open distance record (at 275 km, which held until 2017). He has been on the British team many times, currently shares the out and back record in the UK with Hugh Miller and has been competing for over 25 years. Relentlessly fast, tactical, and consistent whenever Mark shows up at a comp you’ve got a formidable opponent. Mark has been one of the most-requested guests we’ve had because he avoids the spotlight, so while his flying resume speaks for itself not much is known about what makes him tick. In this episode we rewind the clock to learn about his father, another UK legend and the rather unique steps he laid for his son to take up flying; how he got into comps and how he views them now; the personal costs of pursuing flying; suggestions for finding the headspace required for winning; being honest about the risks; and some rather sobering advice from someone who’s never really been hurt but has seen an awful lot and how we can do a better job at playing the long game. I felt honored to have been able to have this conversation, it really made me think and…you’re going to dig it!


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Show Notes:

  • Mark recounts how his Dad got into flying and some rather remarkable incidents he and Mark had in the early days
  • Learning flying from building top end paper airplanes
  • Learning, teaching, and flying in the early days
  • The comps start and mentors
  • Sponsorship and learning from the legends
  • Keeping the passion alive…at what expense?
  • Chelan
  • Sun Valley
  • Crushing comps- the headspace to seek and why not caring about the result helps achievement
  • Flying tactics- Joe Jitsu strategies for every pilot. Hold everything- stay in the air!
  • Equipment- what Mark uses and why
  • Looking back- the moments you’ll never forget
  • Bucket list/ must hit spots to fly in the world
  • Rewind the clock- what would you do differently?
  • Advice to lower hour pilots and playing the long game. Let’s be honest about the risks.
  • It’s going to happen to you. Don’t be fooled. 
  • “We’re flying around in the sky looking for patches of turbulence. How is that being careful?”
  • Is it worth the risks?


Mentioned in this episode:

Guy Anderson, Lucho Jimenez, Air Nomads, Koni- XCTracer, Rogallo, Nate Scales, John Pendry, Robbie Whittall, Bruce Goldsmith, Fly Sussex, Gin, Ozone, Brad Gunnuscio, Bill Belcourt, Russ Ogden, Adam Hill, Seb Ospina, Gradient, Hugh Miller, Godfrey Wenness, Matt Dadam, Matt Henzi, Nick Greece, Craig Morgan, Fly Sussex


Mark Watts. Photo Hugh Miller



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Episode 85- Mark Watts and letting your subconscious do the work

00:00:00 - 00:05:00

? The hi there. Everybody. Welcome to another episode of the cloud base mayhem. I am recording this opener yet again in the Bogota airport had a great week of racing in the British Open, those guy air, nomads Lucho and his team put on an awesome comp proper World Cup speed lots and lots of really good violets. It was super fun. This talk is with Mark watts legend met him back in two thousand twelve when he came to Sun Valley for the World Cup and won it. And we've told other stories about that race guy Anderson disappeared who's also did he got second or third in this comp he disappeared for couple days, but the scare and all of us, and he came out of that one. Okay. If you haven't listened to that show, go back and check it out. Awesome stories, but we've had a lottery quest for Mark watts. He's been racing for more than twenty five years legend. L some great stories. We had really fun talk. As with the previous show. It was alive show is down there Columbia in my backyard. There was lots and lots of sound miles worked as magic as he always does. And but especially later in the talk as the sun started going down, we had some very interesting birds coming out. So but miles has done is best with that still definitely worth listening to. I don't think it'd be too bad. But before we get into the talk with Mark, we get we talk about competitions risk and all kinds of stuff going to dig it. Lots of good stories, but before we get into that one two things of housekeeping. One is wanted to put a shout out to Coney next tracer? I've seen a law more of these especially with the complicates the tiniest little unit. You've probably seen the ad and cross country magazine. They aren't sponsor the show. I just wanted to put out shout for them for Coney. 'cause they're just amazing. Little vary. Owes solar power. Pretty much never need to charge them. The little the new mini which I don't even have yet. It's barely bigger than a quarter and weighs about the same. It's just almost nothing. So I'm pretty excited us that in the x album. So if you're looking for lightweight gear and just a terrific terrific audio vario that connects bluetooth your phone there is tremendous. But it said when most of the complex. I'm seeing are using now terrific little unit uses accelerometer. So it's instant up and down, and you can do all kinds of customization which I've done to make it kinda match, you know, your typical fly Tekere fly master. So get the dampening the averaging and find it really good for fine cores and climbing. So the second bit housekeeping. This is actually the most exciting story. But I threw my reserve the first day in Columbia. So I've been down in by for a couple of weeks and vice typically pretty rowdy wasn't overly rowdy this time. But we did have some very blue high pressure days the first few days and by that there were kind of by. And and I've always thought rolled in Neo is really soft and mellow and people always talk about the cloud flying. I haven't been down here few years. It's been a few years. But the first day I got there next to the first few days. I was there. It was super blue. I guess it's been really dry El Nino has been very kind to roll the Neal. And and it was actually really rowdies the first day on the air. I think I was quite kind of passive about the whole thing. I was just taking pictures Erzen around and getting some hours, and as twenty K out from launch up above the ridge, those of you the phone there, you kinda know there's in the mountains there. There's a there's a shelf up on top. That's. Not too too steep and lots of grass and stuff. And I was just leaving. Leaving climb wasn't super high was pretty low day at that point. But I was just leaving a climb and had a big blow out, and you didn't really think too much of it. But got a really bad cravat on the left side, like pretty huge and very sticky, and I should've stalled it right away. But I thought I could fish it out, and I could barely fly the wing with a lot of lean in quite a bit of break. But really to go straight almost it was it was used so much break that almost all the right side. So I kinda did the best I could fly straight and did the whole fish with the mouth, and there's the slide the lines are so slack. And if I reached over with my other hand, it would start to dial wind up so I was trying to kind of like do it like grab hold much line. Put in my mouth, grab a whole bunch more line and almost successful doing that.

00:05:00 - 00:10:01

But I couldn't quite get it. So then I tried any SP which I'd never done. But I heard about it from Matt be sharing. He didn't Sierras. It's in his talk on the second or third episode. And so that's where you spend the non flying sides grabbed all that stuff just ganked because of course, the break was doing anything. And but I didn't do it really aggressively probably needed to do a little bit harder. But at that point, I was little bit worried about height over the ground. Then took a quick second to reassess thought man, maybe I can if I can fly straight. Maybe I can fly down off the edge of this thing and get through the trees, I briefly thought about trying to land it up on top because there was some grasp, but there was much power lines. And and really think that I had enough control over the wing to put it in definitely had. No right turn whatsoever. And it was really quite unstable. And I was almost impera shoot. All very owes sink alarms going off the whole time was sinking pretty fast. I didn't look at how fast, but the you know that thousand feet I haven't I started disappeared really quickly. So anyway, started flying straight towards the valley and was kind of thing I can. Maybe get over the trees. But that was there was no chance and very luckily there is a little tiny feel a little farmer's field. It was incredibly steep just little grass field in this kind of see jungle. So yeah, there was just a little bit of wind wasn't really wind. It was just antibiotic flow coming up from the valley. And so I just got Winward of that and decided to throw my regard, which is on the right side flab to reserves my race kit and thinking that I could get that out real quick and hopefully students little field, and, you know, call today, but as soon as I threw it open super fast and soon as I threw the the flying part of my wing downplayed really fast and seem like I was going down pretty quick. I only flew I only through with about four hundred feet at Berg. That's all I had once I got to win were to the field. And so I- by the time. I got I disabled my wing and reminder to wear gloves. I didn't have any gloves on disabling wing on gloves. Leave some nice loose can assure but. Disabled the wing and soon as I got that in I was pretty much down. I didn't have any time to even get to talk to quick look for them. And couldn't even see him. I was going to twist it up so landed very softly and just off the edge of the field. Actually almost hit worse going in pretty funny. And then just stepped out of my gear went looked for the bag. I could find the bag when I went and did that I realized that it was really really steep terrain and walking out of there have been pretty tough. And then I kinda reassess and looked at the field dot holy cow. Fly out of here. You know, it was it was a little bit shallow. And there was a lot of trees. But it was going to be boaty for sure. Nothing like typical excerpts launch. So nobody deal side just act up the reserve in the bag and reset mcgeer launched and flew home about twenty K back to roll Neo. So landed back my house the next day. I guess Gordon ex test to sure I believe this. But they said that I broke the FA triangle record there. So that was pretty neat. It held for twenty four hours get beat at the next day. But I point eight in which is pretty cool. But yeah, anyway, the flag was fantastic. Then we got into the British Open. And that was terrific. But a lot of people asked me to tell the story about the reserve dos. And that was it was certainly very very tame kind of think you're never going to have a reserve toss after all these years, but done. A few Nacro but never done it in that situation. So, you know, certainly, there was some adrenalin pumping. But testament reserves and good idea to have to those snow is often ice is that allowed me to fly home morsels pretty nice better than I'm very very hot walk through the jungle. So that's it for housekeeping. Let's get into the show with Mark watts. God he racist vast. He so fun fly with and tell some pretty good stories in the this. So enjoy the stock. Mark watts. Mark. Thanks so much for coming on the ma'am, mid cop. I know this always kind of tricky to fit in the time stuff, but you are a legend in the sport. And so I appreciate you coming on the show, and you had lottery quest for you. I thought where we'd start is kind of what we're talking about the other day with your dad and stained your dad's kind of a pioneer. He got star. We just did this hang gliding show pretty recently. And he sounds like he got started from the same National Geographic article that came out in the early seventies. Maybe start with him.

00:10:01 - 00:15:00

And and how he maybe eventually led you to flight. So am Doug went to went to the dentist and picked up this National Geographic magazine, and it was an article in there about people flying. The guy was apparently an offshoot of NASA research bringing in the pulse from out to space, and yeah were with lying these rebels. So. He wrote off to the states for instructions on how to build one. The instructions came back. So yeah, it was thousand gauge. Like building polythene Adams, scaffold gbs ninety degrees. Nose angle with whatever you needed to live material round the leading edge. And he I end it together, shiny magazine and on the two based plastic together. And as we stuck it. Yeah. Not bringing no batons. I think he's at the instructions were pushed to go up and pull to come down. So I think he's sitting there you got your ready to go. Yeah. He's he's supposed fly a thinking. It was from musher of his first one was from Plumpton, but he's fly from reach Plumpton or the ditching rage, and he sort of got near the bottom. I want to be at the top and push the bar out and came down from high then he thought and he's at the Soviets feet were black for about a week. Yeah. So that was not to push out too, much and. Yeah. I soaring flight was in a full seven guile and the show or seven the G. Gyn out and it couldn't stay up. So just get guy strong wind and eventually one guy that was taking took the nose wise gropes at times not on show court. Sort of moved towards the front of the hill, and that's lifted off the ground. This guy's lifted off the ground. And so you let go, and that's what went out backwards and landed and that was it soaring. Top landing. Got a dial. But it also experienced the leftwing dive. Quite soon off to hang gliders as they worked out. They needed batons and taught rigging to sail in the wrong way up and they would dive into the ground. Don't do the pot. It's good. But that broke his ankle in offing dive on the the black polythene bat. And. Yeah, after that, the next hang glider was high made I think that probably had taught reading that was sow cloth and a bit more advanced. Yeah. Only went from there. He's a broad local farmers pundits mushrooms. He will eat the welcome a mushroom foam used to bribe them with pundits mushrooms to allow them to flies hills. The hills it it so this is kinda early seventies. Yes. Be. Be three years old. So previous seventy two seventy seventy three seventy four. And was it his kind of passion for flight that carry on? Then I guess he kept lying still flying. Yeah. He's still flying. Yeah. CD's just ten seventeen our think. Wow. In any other close calls has always class cruise. Implies coz. Yeah. Had a a nasty accident with a think would a quick sale vote, which is a a a wing with top line. That was at full. Yeah. That sort of going to dive and hit halo. I believe later on. They they lift the tailplane about eighteen choose to stop it going into a dive make make the nose up but night Burke's tie and causing some show show to blade mashed up a lot of internals in hospital for a long time. Ooh. And if it was full month so mobile was quite time in about win. Was that a what an I auditing about I spies, maybe ten okay fears after he learned. Yeah. And then you you had kind of scary incident in one of his trikes or something. Yeah. She'll rule is now is this was a thing might by company area. I believe sa- three thirty twin food you rubbing engine with a with a track Anglada. Who's magic full one seven seven magical hang-glider on a strike, and I suppose have been about fifteen years of age. We were down down in the failed the back of the foam, we lived, and that's go with the trike. Yes. Sounds good. So he's down the failed before you do is about him getting the power and early because if it's small comeback round and come up the failed.

00:15:00 - 00:20:02

He said when you get to refu air. I am push the bar out pull it back in again get to about ten feet off the gas and just did a little help in the failed. Fair enough. Sounds sounds reasonable. So I didn't have enough speed to get stuck. So I said try the gas earlier in the Ben so second attempt gain. No, no success. Third attempt. Going down the failed come trundling failed and pushed the bar out. But must have gone up to about twenty eight and. I remember sort of looking at the end of the failed Mizra trees at the end of the failed. And I thought find that the gas now gonna stop before the trees apparently with hindsight I would have done, but so trundling along the failed it sort of twenty eight of watching he was he doing day. And so long edge of the failed got to where the trees are debare out up over the trees yet. No problem that does a big three sixty comes come big sack Beckett. About me to the failed comes in and lands that what day so yet? No problem left, turning and full circle. The time is probably. Climate seven eight under a minute quite that quick. But anyway with combat round into into the boatmen to the failed can see Medac jumping up and down in the field. And he's about the size of an end. Yeah. You're tall. And he put this strange thing to you could get the trike to point in different position to the hang glider. Which makes things hang out his weight shift. You think you're going way your feet, but you know, the baseball pointed if what I mean, so he did that to deal with like young favorable launching conditions or feel crosswinds. Yeah. Feels her bit small with a crosswind say it stocked off with hang glider pointing into wind on as it went up the runway them whether coke into win because his delta-shaped untie takeoff. But when you flying it might a it strange you had to know about it. So my hat with it was when it come background to where I wanted to be going look fate. A mimic feet were going roughly where I wanted to be being put in a in a ton at try and straighten up, obviously still in the turn the baseball still pointing left so to speak, mafia pointing right? And the hang guys the vice boss pointing from Iran or any circles, it wouldn't stop turning. Is dad getting further and further away or you getting lower. I mean, there was I time to remember the fine at the house, but I do remember being sort of half ailing the failed and nose down with that the hang glider. Try pointing nose down thinking not gonna get in him is just too small. It's not gonna not gonna work. Anita have a bit of speed on before guy pushing the bar or could stone on your that reflects washout white shift a Spade various bits and bobs so give it some guests in the the phone buildings rather quick. But let me start. The bar and. I'm. Kona forest conifer wood round the back of the field. Not do remember failing twang as the the whiskey hit the bottom of the trite once or twice. And. Was. I was up there for a while. And. Yeah. I think that evening somebody find my dad often complained actum because it been buzzing the house for twenty minutes going around and around. It was me. So you apologized humbly and said it would have to gain. Softer about how long it was. You might have been twenty minutes in long God. And I but starting to think it could run have feel an if started to fill up for quite a long time may know Aban it felt like it. I think you're going to need to get down reasonably saying and south is another failed over there. So I thought I'll try and get it in there. Coming down, and all of a sudden, it sort of Woosh and Ogden quite a what? But of ended up landing hundred eighty degrees. The other way the I intended in in in a failed next to the one unintended today. But on the way sort of rocket coming get one out of three things right at least. Coming to the coming to the failed slightly crosswind with try so bright one of the plastic wheels. And that was about it. Really? So yeah, there I'm the teen fourteen year old kids sit in a failed with a microlight when the foam lives foam is house was just over the roads, he's come across.

00:20:02 - 00:25:01

And so there I'm stood in the field. That's come running running over brothers come running up behind with that from so two away. And that's what a smooth I with the foam. And and carried on lessons. I said to me. Thinking concerned about hitting the trees at the end of the failed. Have you wouldn't have done? Anyways, we had to chat about it. And he said. Bent thing. We should tell you mother about this. So now, we didn't tell them well to make sure she doesn't listen to the podcast. He was mentioned to be the is thinking about the newspaper headlines irresponsible for the kill sunny, micro. They always say in back injury ski before you drop in. I always think about what the accident reports gonna read. Dumb ass stupid line. So yeah, that was an interesting moment in was, but that wasn't really your intro to find eight sounds like you you. 'cause you said you you understood washing imbalance and leaning and had you been fine. Other stuff we used to play with paper planes. Okay mic. We used to make these. Yeah. Polystyrene meat trays fun at San down, cover them. We paper and reflects washout on them and various bits and bobs sort of undestood abate about it. Did you get into the RC thing to say, the the the the remote control, Wayne's ni-? Now, we didn't any of that. These these things that go quite long distance. They went you normal. So the paper airplane. Yeah, they caught on way. Yeah. So yeah, we used to play with those. I knew about that stuff. But it kind of put me off trying really. That incident. What had a attend flight with Modesto Plumpton on a. Highways think the super school super scorpion Donahue made it, but we did a top to bottom of Plumpton on that one one day and say on a aim gala made a hang glider Khuda sigma. And I tend to fly on that night and or playschool mountain insta-. So I've been a couple of times on the hang glider. We father think the congress that was before off to the the microlight thing. Remember, but not really finds hang gliding off today sort of put me off a bit. So really stop flying until. About twenty s we twenty one I think was staying with the friend who's do tool paragliding for for the green dragons and told me flying. What's the green dragons? There's a paragliding school. They were based in Essex. I think that somewhere Katryn now somewhere voting him. But yeah, they on the on the south downs and of staying with him. We did the mornings ground handling with a look NET. I think it was code sales. This is a football about nine sale. It's mornings ground handling with that that top to bottom of the hill at Beechy heads in about fifteen on our wind was on logic Lyda white about twelve Levinstein to fifteen minutes to top to bottom. That was pretty good. And then. Gone some Holly code some so Holly intimated paraglider uninstall ident- sore by pay that was that off. I went so those years between like thirteen in in twenty three was your dad's still right into flying? And just wasn't really interesting to you. Well, I mash leopard disagreement with my stepmother and had sort of not live my father anymore after that silent went to live with my mother. So is a period of time with just so my dad on the occasion on a think, I think he'd got into Microsoft acting. We had to go into micro lighting. So he wasn't really flying hills much. It was sort of Dan. He's Mark collecting when he wanted to that that the birth of year paragliding really wasn't involved with and it was more the because you're with this friend. Yes. Yes. I mean sort of. Yeah. With his friend lend to Seoul, father just had a an accident with a marker light. And I think I think I'd just go friend, and he just the the the X Y full stepmother, I didn't go home with we live in a trailer. We living in a trailer trash. Dos.

00:25:02 - 00:30:11

Can you about? Yeah. Soaring them laying and they sort of stuff. And he was giving me this as best. He could they kind of got him back into it. Yeah. So these flying magic, I would we paraglider cool. And is he got into paragliding? Yeah. Yeah. E? Accom other him Mesa jested about it. But yeah, you go into paragliding told him a bit of stuff. I mean, typical hang glider pod at coming across the paragliders. I just don't like it much. They haven't got anything really that physical to hold onto. And with hang glider. They wanna turn that when a shop Ariza with the paraglider it's in a delayed response. But we go over that and told him some paragliding we went to Scotland one occasion we were there for a wedding. I think and we this huge mountain in the awesome thing we sort of walked up their father wasn't very good at two launching. So tell you what what would relate a paraglider out on the ground three late glider on the ground late him on the ground say he's like it's just like he's flat on his back with a to behind him. And when you ready let me give me give me an held the bright lines. Let the right lines. Grab the front rises and pulled them quite nice bit of wind unapproved the front rise is an upcoming glide lifts him up enough. He is. Unique way to get somebody in the air. It was a nice nice bit slow. Yeah. If he'd been slightly reverse launching oversleep and in twelve fourteen on our way, and it would have been off the slight twice messy and all the rest of it. Well, that's the way we do with it know feel fe- went. That's great. Yeah. He's I paragliders a Voda food one which was really sweet piece of kit sharing the proceed problems. But in time, it was very nice handling well behaved paraglider that competed with the the best of the other seem to compete with the best of the other is around so to if you get. A tabu something intermediate is gonna outgrow because you'll experience with hang gliding. So we need to something reasonable performance. So we got him a voodoo offi went. He was supposed to take easy and stop in a flying things of it which slowly, but that's his style. Someone's to to grab you feet and pull him down the other day K, bud. That. Sounds like quite a character. Yeah. Yeah. He's he's definitely quiet character. Yeah. Yeah. And then so you get into it and kind of the early twenties. How did you take me through your? I kinda like first few years getting into comps and just like the the resume version, how did it all kind of progress? Sort of three three the green dragons ended. Some teaching Fulham? I think Holly free spirit was the first thing I really flew, which was I think it was a copy of fellow Kathleen pretty sort of basic they had to I think the cascades up one leaving lines would go up in two to four. So you you you had your eyes, and you and you as I think they wouldn't they wouldn't do things that big as if I remember eilly, but yeah. Flu around on the free spirit for law. And then Andy green ninja from him. I was paraglider bun bed ninja with the wire is and the weight shifts and all the rest of it which sort of gum by the by now. But yeah, just out flying time never Aveiro or down to cheat out tomatoes to start with. I think it was skydive is out to cheat. Dow thing the fest instrument I had I think the first three years of best high game was about eleven hundred feet. Cover that was above sea level about the hill. Come. But used to just fly around being bloody hooligan tearing of lace probably tightened people to. Yeah. And where you just kinda hooked from the beginning from those first lessons, you're into it. Yeah. Tell you the ninja was the first glider. It was. All right. You know, probably as dangerous as many of the others. But yeah. Clutter from there. Well, that's right. I remember Rishi coffee Jiang, some sort of an interview and saying something about size is important. I think he was referring to other things. But anyway, so they went and got an Dell said x racer, which is I think it was thirty two square meters to eleven Stein, a time it went out nicely planning wing went out.

00:30:11 - 00:35:02

Really? Well, and soon as I got that things changed just like say all the time. No, particularly far, but yet flying time guy next. And yeah, it was just beautiful low wing loading tiny circles getting up on on anything. Good. Then one of Jakarta's full race for rice Katina's, we go within that he square meters of it had nine eight lines on each side, it is basis and dis. Just one says eighteen lines bayliner lines eighteen kilos of the. I mean, it was. I used to use the whistle lines. When you lie about on. Yeah. One of those used to fly around a lot with Gandhi, David Nunes, who's very still he's flying fry good at family. Have we went to see I'd never let him get quite far enough away. Couldn't get there. If I needed to. I'm in your sights. Definitely but early days, it was was actually might millwood as well mainly really was around. But the very beginning of going then in this is all in the UK or traveling to . Probably traveling a bit but mostly in the UK. Yeah. Yeah. Mostly in the U K. But so yeah. Demont millages Gandhian. I always flying about. He was always was testing each other seeing who could win the local club league. That was good fun in this is all kind of self taught time. Correct. I mean when when it talked to guys that started at that time. I Nate Tate tells a story where he goes into a ski shop and somebody says skies like as we wanna go paragliding. I take your paragliding. Yeah. I'll any takes down the hill, and and chose Mike three things and Huq's them off. And he flies down and lands. And he goes, well, there you go, you know, everything I know it now. It wasn't quite that bad. But it was it was pretty on. Yeah. I mean, you know. Nothing. We've probably got some inflammation Milt might millwood. But he's a man of very few words. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I I case on a UP. What was that one EP Catania Catania? They went off to that. Comma, what his cool now Kenda Kindy say, okay? So yeah. At Kindy say spoke by sky systems for a while. With the IT attics. So yeah, that was good. Like, oh me go to strike because I never had any money. Yeah. It was a guy flying just a work to subsist, really. And who is your crew back, then the guy's reply with as well. Yeah. Just to sort of Gandhi, David Nunes, myself was about it, really. People come and go, but this kind of before. Pendry and. They were totally differently. I mean, yeah, I'm Roby a couple of times it's pretty championships. Bruce and jump Andrea. I mean pen in the. I mean, I never really had much talk to him about but a German, but we are method Ville and so British champs. And we climbed up a bit new Pendry. He started off to a Corey just North America. I think he's not there anymore, but too big Corey we'd lighting I'm the be nice. What he's saying beginning really really low, and it's like we getting really loud clydes into this quarry and had some some Ray rice thing that was make our aspect ratios, just, you know, it's just played got into this quarry, and he sort of he stocks to pay and he pulls a break in the thing. Why? It doesn't it looks. Now looks like a hang glider paraglider bent, ninety degrees in the middle. What would around to paying? Some of that. Thank you. Yeah. But no, they would I didn't. Yeah. It wasn't really in that in that in that league. They sort of came when Bruce has been around for a while. But they came and went before I for I sort of got into it and Russell came along. He started teaching for the local coastal fly Sussex spun Somme sorry about that. Plug gave you can't cut out. Sorry. All right. We'll leave it at the moment. But to various people this once been brilliant that down the road gradient date with the Brad Nickless. Yeah. So it's been good all the time. Jane a couple of times you ks books.

00:35:02 - 00:40:05

So so been good stuff. And so when did when did you kinda get hot and heavy in the comp scene? Used to have to qualify to get in the in the British championship. She couldn't just own open used to used to have to qualify through the through the the exceed so on year in qualified in XY league. And then go into the into the British championships that would have been ninety four. Okay. Ninety three ninety four ninety five flying the Kenai say ninety six ninety seven was over expert theme Crosby Nova sponsored me for a few years. That was great. They expect is in on Zana more piece of kit. That was when it came out dangerous. I suppose I mean paragliding is dangerous. It was like we need one of those leap leap in performance. Was was ridiculous. If you had his own you ago, nobody asked you anyone? So. Yeah. Ninety forced by I pretty championships. So twenty five years of flying. Yeah. I haven't been doing so much that I was years. But yeah. And is there is a reason you're not doing as much last year's. You can't keep doing it for twenty five years and at Hungary. Kenya? Is it just lack of passion for it? Yeah. Fashions won't if a bit. Yeah. Things to do as well. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, he's been consuming. I mean, you know, Malcolm, Peter and Anne as well. I mean, they've they've will have put it suffered at at the my selfishness in the what's what what am I looking for? But you know, what? I mean, I all consuming. Affliction affliction addiction affliction probably about the same. Yeah. But now the two boys interested in flying to not at all. No. I mean, in some ways, I don't mind quite nice because I've them right? But they they don't really like the pirate leading much took me away. Too much. My pans out for that one. So we always right. Great. Sure course will be also forbid with that. All those years, scary incident or to imagine stories. Probably quite a few of them. But. Yeah. This one wanting Chilean. Yeah. That was giving ask you about that perfect. Go for it your legend in the US for that one. Okay. Chalan is you take sham t fly across the Columbia River, which Massey great goal that DP days. But it's must be Cup two thousand feet deep space to present. And then you can you sometimes you can fly the something you have to fly the goal is before you can get over into the flatlands daily. You wanna guys drain the flats? But remember one occasion, I was sowing the goal which face and a good a little bit weak climbers. I'd a maitre second or something and second to the left left is best. He will forget this. Right. Business left goes up that one hundred percent. Yes. Absolutely. I'm lefty ASO's died circling to the left and one circle to soco's. Nope. Raff or anything? And then all of a sudden a up seventy five percent of the inside of the wing collapse slot. Whoa. And then the next thing, I know it's going to I think the French. Could it will tyrod Taishin? So get sat kind of basically a set exciting around the cut apps two-thirds. Yep. And so he's going to the left wing in hard. Yeah. So hand on the right, right? And I've actually pulled the right, right? And it's slowing the sat down I retire feeling. I mean, I'm going backwards is going full woods. It sleight of done some stats, and that's exactly what it felt like. Not high, but anyways going around with a couple of times slide it down what right reserved. So I put my hat right hand up to get rid of the bright handle. And it's really done that much food man back again. And what we times right reserves to lifers now, and what they say to me when impact is imminent flare. Like, beep, beep beep. Spout now than to just flat, really hard. Just the one side by whatever you just down beneath about. And a sort of seeing I rate is is sort of land to them aback and get dragged over backwards glide to pose behind Jaso pulls you back with some trick in the neck.

00:40:06 - 00:45:01

Yeah. Crick in the neck. Oh, okay. Nothing particularly hoods. That's good topic. It k- desma Steph down yet. Nothing's broken coup. Right. Okay. Look about and their abode is dotted around the size of cows. Ooh. That was lucky. So other than sort of, you know, put together a bit gloves often. Yep. Bunch much yourself yet. Yeah. Just glider up. In the meantime, break initia- soaring about and he said of flying past something along the lines of awesome. Bob tightly read, dude. You're right man, something that quite remember. But gave him the wave and he's like I guys and well, I'm sorta stood down. I looked down his. Two thousand feet fifteen hundred feet to the valley floor five hundred feet woke up to the top. What you walking down? To get back on it, and you know, fly down so. Remember, quite what happened by some reason MC loves which is knowing. Anyway, so go fan of spotting took off and sewing this life again. I thought well. Well, you know have a bit of a fly around so flu around a bit. Feeding quite still quite shook up. Yeah. So a week climbing site climbing up and up and over up onto the plateau and next thing on twelve thousand eight he will be people that go and. So so much flight to go so athlete to the go easy way to get home. Isn't it? Shoot me off of that one. Did you did you find did you deal with it like, so, you know, the first day you heard it on here through my reserve? And and you know, and I just relaunched I was in this perfect place and stuff. My reserve had another reserve. So I. Relaunched in flew home. And it was really nice. But then that night, I was kind of like, whoa. That was interesting. Yeah. He was hit me later. I'm not sure I mean, shallan is an awesome place that particular glider, I had the situation at least two other times. Right. Did the similar thing would collapse in going to serious tire rotation? The way getting out was thinking on to stool this. It's to get it out by putting the brakes lots and lots of pressure in the brakes prop out it would come. But a didn't they me an awful lot? Good. Actually, I was quite shaken up by had occurred on a few occasions. Yeah. By ten. But no couldn't. Yeah. Probably do good at having a chat with the. Some guys really well respected like diamond sailor. Bill quirk chat, we bail and. Yeah. Very good. Good stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Yo we call him. Yeah. But Chalan place in amazing. Never been was been to places in the states, and well three places one way it rained a lot Aspen. Aspen. Pretty hidden us about type of wash out. But yeah, if you fading good about you flying guy to shallan issuing feeling really good about you flying. Go to somebody. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You you want some valley? That's where we met that was that was that was pretty full on. It was unfortunate. We didn't get more task is that was that was pretty interesting league. But Chalan is just flatland flying across the gorge dusty dusty lot talcum powder dust soil. You know, when you take off you look across not. C six dust is going to be a good thing. Yeah. And what we're getting we're getting about thirteen thousand feet above sea level. That's a pretty tall day. She'll is it. Good. Yeah. So what's that about the ground six or seven? Yeah. It'd be that plateau. There's almost it's forty five or so so, yeah, you're you're you're getting you're getting up there. You're getting you can see a long ways. Yes. Good special special part of the world here. We do. I think you say at we stay without him hill. And Russell we're gonna try to in in wool mart and wool mart. Proper redneck and. So I remember in the early days Russell coming on learning paragliding.

00:45:01 - 00:50:00

He wasn't very good to start with. But I do remember most gimme addity wing overs. We have the women's turned. Yeah. He he's a long way. Yeah. We like Ross. Yeah. Guy would amazing pilot. And so when when did it kind of did it start clicking for you right away? Yeah. Just. Probably. Think as good as quick as a lot of people. It was always always good funds. Sometimes it'd be really bad. Sometimes you'd be okay. I mean, you know, been to competitions went to the first day games humil- on that comb fifth Tokyo into British champs to a long time before when the British championships while each time the competition, it's a retired. Anyway. Russell was there. A Morgan Craig Mogam wasn't there. I think Bruce wasn't there. So yeah. I mean, I did a one of two. Yeah. But it. The big guys went. But anyway, what do you what do you think it is about? So there's you know in a sense you for me in back home is somebody like Bill bell cord or or Josh Kohn. You know, these guys these guys that, you know, have have like you've been competing along time and flying for a long time, and you know, life is just. Life and other interests have not so much gotten in the way. But you know, they're not flying nearly as much, but they can rock up at a comp like you have here and really crush it. And really do really. Well. The obvious answers just while yet. Yeah. Okay. You guys have been doing a long time. But are there are there things that you can pass on the audience that are people that are just getting into comps or that have much less complex -perience that are kinda your go-to like when you came to this comp are there things you're thinking about beforehand, or are there mental places you're trying to get into or is it just visit just a matter of you know, history. I'm not sure since I've been doing less competitions. I've been getting it would pay. I've been getting better at them. Oughta redound to stand that it might be because I'm not too fussed about it. Yeah. I mean, obviously, it's lovely to do. Well, he win it. Come. You know, you feel like it a bit. But being that beat-up about it. I mean, I remember the first British Trump so into I think I'll go best newcomer something like thirteen th place in the British championships. And remember the night before the loss. Tosca the loss day not being able to sleep properly. I mean was about. But so say really caring about it. I mean, I like to I'd like to win by winning like to win by Agra. Like winning by not losing winning by by you know. Doing it. But that isn't the way to win. But you know, if you if you don't care about it doesn't matter. I mean, it was a toss cave free four years ago. I was going home mid competition. So I really don't care about it. I went racing into ause how into the end to speed section with a couple of hundred foot ground clearance. Ause L giggling to myself what she canoe Shijo said Asan, whoever just peeling off the side because I don't get care. Hey, fly guy. Tamara guys plowing into the Indus Bates action. Okay, Anita climb to get to go brilliant. You know? So what if I go down? Yeah. It's the way that that seems to have really helped me so just being really relaxed about it caring about the result. In were you able to take you know, from that experience three or four years ago is that just kind of the approach now. Like, hey, I haven't been flying that much. I'm not, you know, I'm probably not as tuned up, whatever. I'll just go have fun. Yeah. Yeah. I think so I'm mean overseas really nice to test yourself as dre two years ago comb for a long time. And although so don't die scares me. Because he's pretty strong. You know, he seems to suit me and. Yeah, went to the competition just thinking or finish in the top ten ABI. Really? Yeah. It'd be nice. Then I five will be great into get on the podium. It'd be must it. One the meek, it's not me. I didn't really expect that I told you done any comes to threes. And yeah, it's just don't caring spos-. And they're when you were not in that frame of mind before like, maybe when you were more serious about it and worrying about worlds and being on the British team.

00:50:00 - 00:55:00

And that kind of thing were. How did you approach training? I guess if you will they how did you approach? How did you identify? What you were good at bad at weight needed help with. A lot of people think about stuff try not to think about it. Or like to think, I don't think about it. You know, you hear people on the bus to king about competition tactics. And this that and the other, and blah, blah, blah, blah, and I think really. Ain't that complicated. You go paragliding around around in this strong base straighten of in the Sankey Bates, you know, if you high. I mean, there's a few quite off. I think they made even been a pen if you will walk through the woods long enough with your is shot, you bump into a tray. Same with them glide for long enough. You will hit them. Eventually you'll hit one. So if you'll make a high oceans, so yeah, when you high crackown move on off way down start winding Nick in when you low you just gotta take anything. And if you could our code a Joe jitsu moment was child's cartoon thing where Joe jitsu it'd be chucked off a high-rise building to be screaming to the ground. And he he's Ambala Hoed everything with his umbrella, and and then come down under his umbrella. So Joe jitsu moment followed everything really have to stay out. Now five or ten minutes can just off the ground for five or ten minutes. Something will present itself. And that's what I think about, you know, getting that's good. So you're not I think often what gets people when they're low as the they'll start to get something. And they'll think about all that a gaggle comment. I'm getting over phone or I'm just taking too much time. And then they move I used to get. Excuse anguish. Yep. Hang on a minute to you might you. You can't what to I need to climb any. Oh is he? Different. Yeah. Yeah. Let your subconscious go back to work do that. If you're thinking too much minds in spasm, you need to stop that. Stay off the ground something. Oh, come up. Yeah. Survive to survive. But yeah, I mean, especially in the early days of flying to to patriots to that. You know, we're going around in a in a one b two second climb. This is, you know, come on guys this off, and they just let me go and more often than with quite often. Go down. So yeah, I was too impatient. Too young to to patriots perhaps. Whereas now, actually we don't very high on a need these guys wind to in. The time patient fly with the other people. I know we're flying in the guy around or any crap. But there isn't any better craft around. There's no better better options. I have to suck this out. Yeah. What would gear? Do you use them? Why in all of it instruments and everything? Oh. The Bruin ago competition, I IQ which is United. Unites a vario in announced may have used that for years, greedy, quite the tone on it. Try to other things like vary on the count really get on with that. When I got you. Hi, it is just almost to configure -able and people that know meal that I'm not to take nuclear minded just gave me write-in ways. Now, it's actually brilliant bit of kit for competitions. I think it is easy to program to toss in does does the job quite well. On the latest thing is sexy track on the phone. Wow. Isn't that? Good amazing. And just the kiosk gonna. He get the task programmed. It right. But. Program on yet. But yeah, so. Yeah. Competition I q vario alike brought the the and now exceed track and the exc- trace of the various that goes on your shoulder execution struggling with a little bit kinda do like, it's. At programmed to be nice enthusiastic. So yet. So you know, you get a climates about full Mehta's five mazes. A screens in your ear yet. Which is quite nice. But I think need to do some more stuff with it. It's damp down you need that configuration settings. Yeah. I messed around with that a bit. And then I got I can't remember who it was. But a P C pilot. That was a lot more technical than than I am. You know, he he basically has made it to match the flight tech sixty thirty which is still. Yeah. I still love that instrument even though it's quite old now. But it's you just have to dampen them I found it really hard to core before I did that too Zing ups down.

00:55:01 - 01:00:06

Hang on too much. You know average is giving me to off meet Neo telling me, I'm going up and down. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I'm to enough meat is quite respectable is like in sync business. Yeah. I once I did that at it. I I really enjoy non tall us now. Sound wise I've gone away from the fly Tex used to filling it works. Pretty well. And what about weighing harness? Breese recently. I mean. Few used to have the the UP stare upon Comey. The code it. Now, UP fussed. Okay. How do you foster and foster to like sitting on teeth ri-? Waiting joy those break. Good maneuverability used to identify Google. You know, if you wing of his row reverse who's and stuff, but the kids these days doesn't really allow it just doesn't wanna change direction quick enough and. W d much anymore but used to quite a bit of that with those. Yeah. With the UP fos holidays that was good in the gradient aspects. I see all rice and the hours a really enjoyed those gliders, and yeah, you should. But a hooliganism on those. Then the impress Ray was quite nice. Moved on from the interest infrastructure to the full as the as full as a quite light a white stuff. Just recently gone onto the. What is the talian one Cortel? No, these desma check. Woody. Okay. The extra seven. Yes. Headaches six for while. But did something Emily Loma back. Didn't we it was some strap digging back but Exocet which is really comfortable? But the thing for the reserve sets go it does more eighty. Every day. They really missed the Mark on now. And it would be really helpful. If that suck the whatever they called it carrying out the back. If you zip often zip a new one on the honest, right, but yeah. Excess each on the heavy side, isn't it yet? I'm dead. I me in the back of their southern does other people. But yes, I've got to valley Hanis. Very interesting critters coming out tonight. That might be check out that sounds. What you need. Been. As an sort of helped me out with some is in the last couple of years. I one was our eleven I don't know. I had a bad rep. But did me Brady proud of for eighteen months, and I had one thirty percent cut apps on one side once in flying in Sussex, and I thought oh here we go, and it just came out. Sweet. Is you like Nevada any trouble with two to actually go? Which is I think whereas back you've got a little dicey. Yeah. But while I love that bit of kit, and then the Inza on it was used to leap around. But the sweetness of the handling for a week climbs trying to scratch out from low down in on the south downs somewhere sweet forgetting up like this. This to somebody with as well, the ends one. Yeah. Yep. Yeah. Yeah. Nick never liked that one. It was it was. Yeah. I think it was based on the all ten and it was a bit bit spicy. You know, sort of what blow around above you hate choir. And sometimes big collapses, which they quite cravat, but they would pin against the lines. Yep. It wasn't sort of tucked in just squashed against the rest of the lines. That was quite stubborn to get that out. Right. But just. Yeah. Sweet conditions. It was you know. Any up and down with the inside break and. Yeah. Reading ice. And then. Yeah, the ends I that was good. The record two hundred seventy five case I was going to I wasn't gonna go. That curious at the northern boys coming down. So we had to go out yet. But it was a good day. And now, the three lovely thing that seems to be trouble to with it. Yeah. A couple of big cut up come out straightaway, really confidence inspiring. Yeah. So when you think back on your would you look back on your flying years? All these all these copiers and years before that you have like a is there a flight that stands out Zahra? Is there man on never forget that one? There's so many. Wonderful flights that I've had didn't really traveled outside of Sussex much for for quite a long time.

01:00:06 - 01:05:09

And then humility to come on the flying is don't especially we need to start traveling. And you know, he's been brilliant instigating getting in the car and getting up whatever time in the morning and driving to the right place. And. Yeah. It's been been brilliant reading ice one. We did was flight from place with the the lowly, which is sort of nature as braids mid wiles down to Dorchester does. I think it's about two hundred K's thereabouts flags across across the seven. And then of course, the full sort of Ivankov comb racetrack down Longleat safari park down and land on the beach. That was I that that was classic flying over the Cango homes in Scotland for one of the no, south cups. I remember sort of moving on cracking on cracking on and then looking down off eight to base and looking down who. Where's that cool? Trevor meter of climb gone. I don't want to be going down there. I'll stick to anything right now waiting. So maybe one manakin that was quite stunning. We said another flight from. Glencoe? I think it was. Flu from there down to Malik, which is one of the peninsula's where you go to the sky. I think that was about sixty or a hundred K's will in its particularly mak- distance. But some lovely scenery down decling co valley. There's something called the buckle and various bits some bulbs. That was quite stunning. Yeah. I mean hundred hundred K of the of the south downs. That was brilliant say, yeah. Flying from from the river seven across the sort of Swindon, Kim give it. Yeah. Dan, may tasks and then back to ring the live. So yeah, there's been some really always flights in the in the UK. I really enjoy flying. The K isn't that a cycle shop, and which is is tiny hill takes any city wind being any city. Wendy's Konta quite quite Trumpy. Takes away engine. You can fly from there down into Devon co move think gyn custody of done a big one huge done a couple of big ones from their done a couple of a couple of hundreds. But guys going be further. So yeah, that's quite nice. Are you are you pretty good weather now? Huge just to be what time MS net. Great. That was. Bruce's is that for me and the house stuff, and he's yeah. He's really digs into that stuff. While I was gonna ask you kinda how you guys identify these good days. And and you know, what's the process there yet, no Hughes? She's just a legit to call Hume. He's Brady on today's Tom tomorrow. We gotta go. So I sort of got the the estate KARN and any she's partner, she's drives force if she's not work, and we pay to drive force. So we jumped in the 'cause a few of us get in the car. And if we go he says yet, we need to go here and doing declared Toscan give me your instrument. These you going and. Oh that reminds me of one one task. I did sever the UK acce- league. There's a multiply for declared goals set one from think it was frost the foster sales -ly to place with high Nova hill down in Sussex and is about one hundred eighty as well somethings get to my get too high. And I just get to the Salem dare guys. The guys maybe toss started. So that was one of my reasons for liking to begin with. But now it's gonna learn how to drive the thing. Right. It's it's Oprah to era rather than instrument. Really? Right. Yeah. Say. Yes. Hugh, basically organizes. This got Raji gets in the car the moment. Luke's Luke's been getting in the car and coming with us as well. But yeah, so Aren t as is is is wearing off a bit for this unites like getting up at five six o'clock driving to a site the no eleven flying. And then getting Heim really lights. Yeah. Big days and we've done quite a lot of them. So TV has getting a little less for that. But but yeah, he works out the weather. What about when you think about places like bucket list, you mentioned earlier before we started recording? What are those? There's a few places that are being which are really incredible forgoing flying Australia, go free when Essy's place in Manila the town is spock's.

01:05:10 - 01:10:04

And it's it's is it you're in the Bush. You know, if you go there for anything, but flying really, but yeah, if you can go to. Manila. That's great. So yeah, Manila Australia, is is is is incredible to calm must have been a world. I suppose been to quite a few comes. But yeah, it was minute. Good here. Few times. Really good Valadares is pretty good Columbia is exceptional say this place. You know, roll the Neo and P J. Yeah. My favorite. I would say religiously. Yeah. If you failing them. Feeding good about you flying and confident about yourself shallan. And and somebody I mean we flew, right? Sun Valley is sort of cool of mountains, you sort of get amount to Rangers on no fifth forty as across the land. That's forty ks across mountain range. Yeah. Just keep going into Montana. So one of them is quite close to somebody's king mountain yet the signal. Senator about seventy miles out. We gliding in that these huge rocks, and I might have been a practice, but we would go on boron back nine Borys. I mean, every we get to the end, and and Henze and datum we're hugging those big wing overs. And it was it was a proper big day. We were getting told that day. Yeah. I mean, visibility was because that's fine. Outweighing visit was less than forty five degrees, but nine meat is a second to eighteen thousand feet. Made. Bragged. His dad you guys raw like holy shit. Yeah. So somebody strong. Would you want to be feeding confidently? Yeah. You want your hours don't wanna come in there in the spring and after a long winter. Start up there. Grace saying to me, oh, he said we're gonna come to Europe. I fly around Europe for lot. He's got back. I'm. Maga? Oh them. Gettman? I'm Mitri second thousand eight okay. Nick. So yeah, somebody's good. His good. Yes. I mean, it's been exceptional. Really pretty championships in Pedro Bernardo, which is the south side of the great upside of Asia that was reading ice Piatra heat is good Pedro. But not linked him. Yeah. Peter eat is very good. Yeah. As places you must go Australia. The US. Columbia preps GV as well. Governed divided Ariz. Yeah. Exceptional places. His most year paragliding traveled in for comps travelling going to places to fly in vogue doesn't interest me. Really? Exercise our had physical jobs in jumped now Sammy physical than exercise. Stay fit, then you're obviously pretty fit. I'm not really fair. I mean. Yeah. Not fair until Rayleigh, but must be, gene. He's talked about your dad being able to take some pretty hard hits little wombats. But yeah, physical work. He's been doing that guy vote bathing. Thank you Lovie. Maybe but of OB, so I mean, yeah, I mean. Why don't place and go to a competition organised? So so light on for you is is a lot of reasonably like minded people there. Lift to take off sorted. Yeah. Brilliant competitions. I mean, can you mention going to Manila guy? No exit Manila on your own. You'd have to employ a drive because if you land in the bushy might be out overnight. I just hot. On your. It's like. Guy somewhere component. I say. Yeah. If you if you rewind the clock at your kind of fifty ourself, what would you do differently with your with your flying? You could go back to that time and go. Hey, Mark, listen to this. I guess good advice for you. Stop paragliding. We get that get a life still paragliding. Fuck. Guys for everybody. Still fucking with everybody else's lives and be reasonable with them.

01:10:07 - 01:15:02

Actually that has to stay in my girlfriend will totally understand that one. But yeah, get rid of the obsession and being passan sensible person. As an interesting one. I was very. Didn't quite wasn't council house and vicious, but was quite small town, very small town before flying, and is visiting countries travelled around makes go with with cauda Tina for a while. He told me some very basic Spanish still pretty basic Spanish now. But in a great to talk Spanish to what little. Yeah. The well to really is a duly with the different people. You may, you know, the the on if they know more human beings, but. Weird lottery. It's good. Isn't it the it? I typed this right? Yeah. You know, a foam labor son Inara rubbing show with with wine buff guy. Yeah. It's good any. Any advice to the more lower? Ours pilots about just paragliding general. K here's you know, if you wanna get into it. Here's here's what I would recommend is it would it be going to comps? Would it be? I'm more like the progression side of things in one one of the themes of the show always is trying to eliminate or reduce the actions that we who still see all the time. I'd say if you can get out of paragliding get out of it. I mean sincerity. Yeah. Bucks. Yeah. He's he's sort of hypocritical for me to say this. But try not to progress quickly. I mean, my first pirate letter it was bad ninja. And I was flying about being a hooligan. I mean, I was young I was lucky to get away with it was the bound. So I haven't really particularly bad the flying of being very lucky, but they've been some some some people have come up and they've progressed too quickly. Oh, some of them haven't even progressed to you quickly. So suppose, I I in this interview, I've spoken to of at least spoken to you about to at least two or three occasions where I should have not been walking away from it, really. And I know this as well. And that's in twenty years twenty seven years of flying. So is a dangerous sport. You all gonna have incidence. Other thing is anybody has been flying twenty-seven years that hasn't had. A semi serious incident. Or eating areas because you are a time broken. Yeah. A really long time broken does the risk. Play more of a factor for you now than it did ten years ago twenty years ago thinking about a lot more because you like you mentioned that Feinstein Andrey kind of scares you. And I'm finding that more of the just the the more incidences I see the more risk, obviously, the X outscores makes me think about it. But it's. I mean, you think about it more. I think most among your own a lot of people. Guiding paragliding I'm wondering about in the world trying and all the rest of thinking. Yes. These incidents happen. But it probably won't happen to me. They do. Yeah. They happen to people. Let's look at will move it heavy and about over there, but you know, several people on here anymore that I know I've known and as people though seriously fucked up. Dinah dying. If it's. Yeah. I mean, I don't know what to say about it. But it's just wave Detroit to get smashed know, do you have to to make sure you dine? If you if you got some of your own kind of Mark watts ground rules for that. And you get in any casino comps can get you into some country, he places in that kind of thing. And if you take it too seriously, you can really you can do some stuff you probably shouldn't do is. Not just comes is it. I mean, yes. Yes. The the numbers of that same to have a high right than than than other things. So yeah, you know, there's not deny that. But, but you know, two years ago drives behind the coupe seem to be a lot of wind up going in there. And you know, I can see the trees thrashing about thinking. I know what's coming in a minute. It was as big collapsing global about and a runaway. And it was okay. But my. My guy back and get some more come back for another guy. So hang on a minute tried it twice last may done.

01:15:02 - 01:20:02

You know, could go small high many ova, but it's not none is S best on now. But, you know, seal enough to go there twice was not, you know, it's quite know what to say just try and be careful drawn semi sensible. And and be reasonably careful, but you know, we're talkin about racing paragon around full speed. How's that careful? Air flying around in the sky looking patches of turbulence to go up in but became fooled. I have been recently the lawsuit of year or so I've not been flying quite so much so preps failing quiz on as I have been in. The post will say when I was young guards fit and strong. You know, trees edgy and the rest of it. And you, you know, you feel invincible, but you feel strong tough and fifty the body starting to hut now. And I'm don't feel quite as invincible. Toughest, I used to think I and the fact that things are bit more. These will add up sort of playing on your mind when you when you're young you're young dumb and full comma is not invincible enough. I didn't think about the consequences particularly resonated as you get out. Realizing hill you'll mortality so recently, I have been struggling with the the risk ruled. Yeah. You got flying to be nice flight, and you come back and land. Well. Well, that was side. I if I hadn't done it. It wouldn't have been if you know, wouldn't I'm sitting here thinking that was really good saying, you think he will hadn't done that wouldn't be missing it. And I had I at she had a crash while doing that, we require anger myself. Great. So. Yeah. Finding different path little bit sense. Yeah. I've thought about that a lot recently is that you know, he obviously can't do the X and that kind of stuff forever, and I'm getting older. Well, and I think it's a psychologists say that, you know, with with people that are really serious about sport. Or maybe a professional athlete back in my ski racing days and stuff a lot of the guys that I used to ski race with their their trajectory was either booze and drugs or they keep pushing so hard that they don't eventually don't that cliff. Doesn't more out, you know. And it's all you gotta find some way to kind of wind this down and find other things are enjoyable. View interviewing or you into. Someone put me up to that to hit you with that one. Perfect. Virginity will come up sitting here. Perfect time this. Oh, no. Sorry. I gotta think Craig for that. Well, maybe just you know, paragliding. It is wonderful. You'll meet lots of very interesting people some you'll like some you generally very out there. People is a brilliant thing. He gets to go to places that you would never go. Visit normally it's great just try not to crash on them done. I think the control choses s IV's. However, you want to whatever you want to cool them of become much better. Now, we really learning oral people have learnt how to use the paraglider, for example, Stolz still familiar annot guy. Bump day Stolz should be doing them that be you'll training, really. And the way they used to be told. It was correct now they seem to be being told in a fashion that as a useful towed. So I think contro- choses. Yeah. Delighted to them, you know, if you can be at one wave controlling your piece of equipment, you'll mind the condemn be freed up to do other stuff like looking at an actually gig of ram. Most of Mike Rams used up paragliding using flying the told and all the rest of it saved me. Did you see that guy over there fishing in Ponant what punt let's go fishing in it? All the stuff that you say because the how big of ram is used up doing what I'm doing. Right. You know, Hughes Hughes, plenty to spay. And he's flying around sending takes, you know. So yeah them if you can if you can learn if you can use your piece of kit without having to think about it, you can observe and take in the information, you go to is the best things the best asset when it comes to flying. Looking around noticing little things in the distance is that as a buzz. Okay. Is it so cling? Yes.

01:20:02 - 01:22:38

As brilliant. I'll have some. You know, I seem to notice things on the on the horizon moving around perhaps more than most people. That's that's definitely very helpful. And if any feel like that's because you're you're comfortable with your kit. You're coming within you have more awareness of of you're letting your subconscious to more in the work when it comes to competition. No. I don't see these things as much as perhaps I should because I'm concentrating on this trying to out climb next to me crashing into the back next to me, blah, blah. I'm sort of right here right now. And like taking that information around me a bit more, my I might be getting better doing that as go to bed ODA. But yeah, taking that information unused to your own you, use your eyes observations is is a key thing. I think for one in flying, Mark. Thanks, man. I really appreciate it was a great our and something out here in. Oh, yeah. Much. Excellent. Interviewing. Yeah. No. I appreciate it. Thanks so much that was blast. And we got one more day in this comp. Good luck. We'll see at the next one. So you've painted. Enjoyed that. We've had many many many requests hope all of you wanted to hear Mark watts on the show enjoyed that. As always all we ask for is bucket show. Don't send a buck way to you listen to twenty or thirty or something, and then send accordingly if you can if you can't support us financially, really appreciate it. Think of it like a magazine subscription or something you really value something if you're if you're get something out of it. You can do that you can find the links to support us either through pay pal one off or regularly monthly or you can do it through patriot dot com for slash cloud-based, ma'am. But you can find the links for all that on the website, cloud base may dot com. If you can't support us, financially, totally totally cool. Another way you can do it. It's just give us a rating on I tunes or Stitcher or however, you listen to your podcast, you can share it with your friends. You can talk about it on the way to launch. What's a lot of people seem to be doing? You can share it on social media, all those things go very very long way. What this is all about. It's just spread the word making a safer and hopefully making us why better and flying farther so see on the next show. Thank you for your sport. Really? Appreciate it. We really appreciate it. Talk to soon. Cheers.