Episode 87- Paul Guschlbauer and the Ultimate Adventure


Paul and his SuperCub bush plane that he flew from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina

Paul Guschlbauer and his wife Magdalena have just completed a proper awesome adventure- flying his supercub two-seater bush plane from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, across thirteen countries. The journey took six months and took them slowly and usually at very low altitudes over the mountain ranges of north and south America all the way to Patagonia. “Project Overland” was the ultimate flying adventure – in search of mountaineering, paragliding and wild traveling experiences along the way. Paul’s plane, a 1956 Piper Supercub, was built to land and take off almost anywhere –  mountaintops, valleys, beaches and jungles. Come along for one of the most inspiring journeys that has ever happened.

See more of Paul’s amazing videos, photos and stories from the expedition at the Overland Expedition website

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Show Notes:

  • The genesis of the project. Why a Supercub? What did he have to learn in advance, what were the main difficulties
  • The list- what needs to happen to make it happen?
  • The major stresses and challenges
  • What was the scariest experience?
  • The most memorable experiences
  • How did the paragliding go?
  • The crossover to paragliding
  • How did it shift and change their lives?
  • What’s next?
  • A look at Paul’s 5th Red Bull X-Alps


Oh the places you will land!


Mentioned in this episode:

Jake Soplanda, Ken MacDonald, Jody MacDonald, Magdalena, Hugh Miller, Ed Ewing, Salewa, Red Bull, Andy Hediger, Red Bull X-Alps, Piper Cub, Cross Country Magazine


Paul finds some interesting places to fly along the way…

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Episode 87- Paul Guschlbauer and the Ultimate Adventure

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Uh-huh. ? To another cloud base, mayhem high thought that music a little classical version of the pixies, whereas my mind, those of you who enjoyed fight clubs. I thought that was pretty applicable today because your mind is going to be blown after hearing the story by Paul Kuchuberia about his overland expedition fine Bush plane with his wife from the northern tip of Alaska. The southern tip of South America that all started. I don't take any credit for this whatsoever. But I tell you a little back story so back in two thousand nine or ten can't remember ten thousand ten was sailing for Mozambique down South Africa down the east coast around Cape. Good Hope with the buddy, Jake who's Bush pilot up in Alaska was just to us that part of the world is even more famous than keep horn for shipwrecks. You get this super strong northerly current coming out of the Mozambique channel. And the southwest busters that come up from Hartika and huge seas very very commonly get more than eighty foot seas their Matsen, lots of shipwrecks because there's not a lot of places to hide. Durban east London few ports. But anyway, pretty harrowing trip a big big sees lot of wind and Jake was sicker than a dog. He was really suffering Bushrod up in Alaska, and I really mirror, and but he's an awesome co-pilot. They're great crew member. And then we spent some time in Cape down, and then continued on up to Cape Berties night with me for that whole time. And we talked a lot about big plans big adventures and dreams on that trip. As we had a lot of weeks together decisely on a sailboat, and and he talked about flying Bush plane from Alaska down to South America. And I kept encouraging dude you gotta do that. That just sounds amazing. Oh my God. What a sick trip and then fast forward whole bunch years and Paul and I got to know each other in the twenty fifteen x apps, and then when I started thinking about the Alaska project I'd been thinking about it at that point. Many years, but looking for a partner some of you've heard this story, but really wanting to do it with Paul, and we weren't able to do that. Because red bull in a weird way. That's another story. But that winner he started telling me about that. He was getting his small pilot's license. And Austria, why would you know, you can't do it there, man? You got to do it Alaska. Anyway, you guys have heard this story introduced him to Ken who was my kinda fix her the Bush powder main support for the Alaska project, and he was the guy that was flying around the crew the film crew and Paul did a lot of flying. But he just basically just gotten his sign off right before that project started by the end of the project had more than three hundred hours and this whole dream of Jake's wife from northern tip of Alaska down in southern tip of South America, really took hold Paul. And then he got married, and let him tell you the rest of the story. But your mind is going to be blown one mazing adventure. Adventure journey and that they flew through thirteen countries. But a let him tell you all that so prepare to be wowed. This is not much of a paragliding story. But certainly ties into paragliding and ties into just freedom and bitch and adventure super cool. Very very very inspiring pretty envious on the Lascaux a mentioned a little bit of housekeeping here for bit on the Lascaux. I mentioned that we are leaving patriot. That is happening. I appreciate all your feedback. Everybody was pretty psyched about that. And everybody said they'd switch over that. I heard from. So haven't had time to do that. We just did a big mission out Santa Barbara on your for month to train so kind of busy dealing with snow at home, we've had massive February. And then getting the family out here Santa Barbara to train for. So I haven't had time to switch over and have the whole subscription service on the website and everything but that will happen shortly. Those of your on patriots. Stick with for a bit. And we'll get that switched over. So all announce that's all happening in in a future podcast the other bit of news. I forgot about last time when I was down in Colombia spent quite a bit of time with humider done quite of their stuff over the years of cross country magazine, and at Ewing, and they're pretty psyched to be the publisher of the book we've been talking about doing this for a while.

00:05:14 - 00:10:01

Once we get two hundred episodes of the podcast, we're going to kind of tools titans book about the podcast. So each each chapter, we broken down and certain categories like risk and safety. And all the things we talked about on the show and kind of have whoever's really tap that topic the best probably multiple perch after. But try to put together a really organized way. So it'd be you know, very good instructional book kind of the best of the best from the podcast. So once we get two hundred up which will be by my math, right after the exile or perfect on some time to. Unplug and just rest and recover. So that'll be about when I'm writing that. And hopefully, we'll get it out in early twenty twenty so site the cross country's taken that on were kind of all dialed in for that. And you know, they're obviously really good publishing. So we'll hand that off to them. But so stay tuned. Oh, reminder too, many the ask about the music on the show the that like that wears my mind that opened this one you can find the Spotify playlist for all music. We have on here on just do a search cloud-based, ma'am. Or go on the website class cloud base may dot com, and you'll find that Spotify link that is it for housekeeping psyched out here in Santa Barbara. Let me take a couple of shows live over the next few weeks here with people that are flying around this part of the world. I've got a whole bunch of great stuff lined up with Maxine Bellman who just wrote that great book performance flying. Other great guest coming up. So keep your ears tuned to future podcasts and enjoy this amazing talk with Paul Yushu Bauer about the his overland expedition, Magdalena's wife and Lou bit at the end about the X apps. Little teaser enjoy. Paul. I am super stoked to have you on the show to talk about this thing. I was falling. You, of course, on Instagram hallway down there, and I've actually kind of felt like add a little bit invested in this design. You know, your friend Jake, and I spent a lot of time on my boat years ago sailing from South Africa from Cape Town up to the Cape varied as in this was kind of his dream. And then you guys, you know, than this all came together a few years later for you. And so just must be totally thrilling I thought where we might start that make sense is just describe for those that didn't watch you. I can't imagine everybody did. But for those that didn't see what you've just completed give us the kind of resume version of of what you did. And then we'll go from there. Okay. I given I'm happy to talk to you to tell you a little bit about that project in the it's already my second time on that on your show, which is great. I'm happy to see how availab- switchable. It's good for everybody leads that you're doing this to opposing beg to the project. Well. It was a little bit different different kind of idea. And that was to use my little by pursue backup, which is a Bush plan, and which is Bilden designed in the forties thirties forties of the last century. And so his very old plan. Mary slow plan and fled from the most northern of Oscar down to the Goania all the length of north South America. Following the mounds, of course, like there's lots of mountains enough guy. And then there's the rock as in than the Andes started some Lonzo, it's it's very mountainous project as well mountain flying. And of course. Broads to paragliders with me a little bit of mountaineering mountain running stuff, and my motivation was to inches discover cool basis on the way, and were you, you know, I know the answer to this. But you were with Magdalena for the whole thing just part of it or how how how did you work that out because it's and also describe the plane a little bit more. I think people need to understand why you chose the super cub. And what you can bring in. It is I've spent a lot of time to super cub. They're pretty small. Yeah. The two questions and the answers the actually real answer.

00:10:01 - 00:15:02

I think about it is for both questions to same. It's it's what I had and it could afford to print long list. Perfect. Magdalena? Yeah. Yeah. There's a lot of of reigniting that Azer. But also a lot of truth. It's very very hard to understand for people to hear a plane flying from north to South America is not like you is not the same understanding that you have because you have been able think of plant the minimum they dismissed think of is. Sna? There is not nothing smaller than that. So, but what the us think of is like a little jets. Just look out the clouds, and then you land on a nice run away and after a four hour because it plan I. Oh, are you going to stop anywhere on the ways still before? Pro yet. So funny. I remember being with Ken up in Alaska one time. And he was like, you know, these these Bush pilots are cruising around like five thousand feet what the fuck are. They doing up there all the stuff. Everything is down on the ground. You know, you never want. You never wanna be one hundred more than one hundred feet off the ground. You know? And I I've ever fly with him. Just getting a whole new appreciation like you're you flying on the ground all the time. That's where you see stuff. Why would you go any higher than that? He always talks the always makes fun of all those guys up there. What what the fuck doing up there? I'm really wanted wanted to do that in as much as good, of course, some regulations some things I couldn't do. But so the above is the plane that I bought two years ago in Dhaka, and it's a it's an Alaskan last can bushman it's small, but it's very robust can go to places the canoe camping off that plane could land because it has big tires strong gear. But yeah. On the other hand, it flies very slow because if something flies slow in the land stored usually and it's for for inside. It doesn't it carries quite a lot of ways. But on the other hand, it's not a lot of weight can carry. It's it's is again me and Melena my wife who was talk about in a second. And then we could bring if we had full main fuel tanks. Besides that we were allowed legally to bring around twenty to thirty kilograms, which is like a hundred pounds extra with so. Besides that we can the always only when the main tanks foles we had I had another double said of the same tanks again. And if we feel all those up we were, of course way over the maximum winds from the beginning on without even putting anyway in its was always a big big tenants of of of Wade's and. Yeah. Thought of Wade's makes also a Blaine not fly at good anymore. But that didn't matter. Sometimes I was not always pushing the limits, but the other the other thing, that's even more important. I think is that yet it with Anna, my wife we. It was tweeted that we did together. Many people saying how you going baked bagel manager doing this in a small how to hang out with your wife on the time. I think we just saw. As a real a project like of work, and it was a long project. Six months is was only time that we really traveling two months of reparations before and think in the end if I would have done that in any different way relationship when maybe not even exist anymore and like this. It's even it's even better than it was before and it was really challenging for both of us. But yet it was it was the perfect birth way too. Because we would go we'll get to that point. That's money was a big issue as a payer yet petted to to fly a plane onto his off America is not something you would easily think about but. Connected doing his with my wife.

00:15:02 - 00:20:04

Of course that saved a little money to the Indiana west. Talk about some of the challenges. And then I'm trying not to ask questions at the time. But I keep doing it. How much did it cost for the whole project? If you could shed some light on that. Because I'd be fascinating. I know you burn is. What is it? Fifty five five gallons an hour. How much fuel you burn? So how much fuel did you earn on the whole project, and what does that cost? Well, this is very sensible sensitive point, the whole the whole fuel spending money spending thing I've learned that on the whiz. Well, especially with para getting pilots, and he specially with US, hang hang. Because this is navy are more used to trucks and stuff like this. But there is also a big group of people out there thing that is very uneconomic flood on old Aplin around, especially as a pair gadding pilot who likes to without any wasting any energy and waste end. Putting out a lot of. How do you say gases? And at Masirah. But so yet to come to we spend around seven gallons power. And if you do a little bit of Nath behind it comes down to the same pretty much the same amount of fuel that I use for of per mile on the fuel. How decided in English mileage valid like normal car. So looking at it like, this, it wasn't that bad of an impact we all travel. And if we traveled with big CHAD'S wave on Bigalow bursts thing to the environment, but acted a numbers. I spend in the end arounds. I guess it was around twelve to fourteen thousand dollars on fuelled on the trip while way less than I thought it would be. Yeah. It was not it wasn't that bad. But there's one being that that always that is very important like anybody who is listening to that. Should find the he has a actual toddy all the listening in a list globally. Mad at you. Have looks like a globe. Yep. He should take that. And just have a look at what we did on that. Goes because that is the only way I figured that. You can really see how big this is like it's incredible far. If you're looking at the whole world, so yeah. That looking at it like this wasn't that bad on expands. Of course, I had to do by plane at some point ahead to feel it's like rebuild things the right instruments in to be able to sign for all those airspaces and have the we meant to be saved on trip. Like this Paul what what was the total distance you flew because it wasn't just you know, you didn't just start at the northern tip and go to the southern tip and a straight line. You know, you you had a really really good adventure. And you know, you came here and some valley, and we paraglider for a week. And then you went to burning man, and you know, you you hopped around and really tried to see a lot of places in that six months. What was the distance? What was the do? You have all that. Do you have those statistics? I have an estimate in my in my head right now. But I wouldn't say, okay. That's the exact number of the direct line that start from there from barrow Oscars will show, I know Tina is eighteen thousand kilometers so that probably be redeemed for Jin, thousands miles or something like that. We all nosed followed that basic line would say, I mean course, it was a little bit of like going back and forth with with the only real like not going out going out of the of the straight land was basically going to Colarado to tiny rides and then going back out to cutting -fornia. And Maya Reno was the only. This this kind of otherwise, we're went straight down.

00:20:04 - 00:25:00

And then what we did. We went. Like a bird of South America, Bank up to park land park the plane at on the eighty goes. The Lamport in Lacrima home. Joe's to Clova. So I would say it wasn't total of twenty four twenty five thousand kilometers. Wow. Wow. Six months need, my calculator. So what about about about what distance? Would you do every day? Yeah. We we tried to like if we went flying. Again, we did like. Four two in South America, along with four to six our leads. So dad's Than's up to eight hundred kilometers fife, hundreds miles. I would say average five more. This is what we what we try to do a foia wants to get going the next place, and it is it is kind of a challenge to do. No, okay. When if you wanted to really get down there, you have to go at some point because so many places are so them thing to to stay and enjoy and get in Hebrew into the country get to know people better in and you find perfect slayings, the go Fleischer all day long. I mean, it's it's a compromise. It's always a compromise. If you if you look at all those places that are on the way for all north and South America, you could spend the lifetime stacking them out. You know, it from sailing around the so many times. You could do that forever as well. I guess you could just like, okay. This cold as you. I will really wanna get to know why I'm gonna stay here for two months than than long or something like this. So yeah. It's a balance between I wanna really wanna get this done. I want to reach my goal and not to get lost in in like just the adventure on certain places. Now that you're you're done. We're going way off my plant route here with questions, but that's just fascinating to me. Because I I think of it as a lot like sailing, you know, it's what I learned sailing was that, you know, the the only speed that it was reasonable to do it at was very very slowly. When I hear people say, okay, I'm gonna circumnavigate in two years. I say God, you're gonna miss everything that no that's that. That's that's not nearly enough time in retrospect now after you and Magdalena home and you've parked the plane. Do you wish you would have taken more time? Or was it really? I mean, I know a big part of that was just the economics. Ben economics was a big part of it. But I think this trip I would not take more timing was just right because on right now, I'm kind of like again, even Jose. I mean, you it take five years or you do it in your think like. Ways to do it. Now in bag, and I I had we focused on getting to the goal. I mean, this was a project was for me to make this happen. You know, and and this is what I used and. I didn't want to travel. It wasn't just only a travel and enjoy protect was really really also wanted to tell myself, and I really on every aspect. I went to the to my personal nyc maximum performance that I could do I mean, many people told me, well, how was the holidays for six months, you know, and okay. That they don't know you. I'm I'm kind of happy that big up this impression because it seems that I made good photos. Away. But mean personality it was really challenging. I mean, only one are can gave him many samples, but one is also that combination of of trying to fly paraglider wherever I go on a. Higher level than just flagged on a mountain. And and then on the next day lying to completely unknown plays. That have never heard of before they have to prepare really the focus on on the rawal on on another wetter. Like, everything is really is telling you know, the Mon example is definitely when we have had your plays in Idaho.

00:25:02 - 00:30:01

You wrote that message to this is the day of the cross country day of the year. And we give leads wanted kilometer triangle the next day. Like, I I'm life landed little planned for the food high mounds of the backcountry. When it was super hauled every day. And it was a lot of things for me to learn like, you know, with that plan you when super hall, you don't get you on easily fly over. Six seven eight thousand feet and that was a big engine. The next day. I arrived there, and you're you're at six or seven in the morning your. Three foot across country. Trag a you. You have to be ready, and I had no. What's going on his five thousand meters? Whatever it was that. That was the big challenge of they was a lot a lot of things in in a half a year. Sure. I so we're I'm an eminent ask you about some of those scary moments in the biggest challenges and stuff. But if we if we and that was that was an amazing day here. You know that was the best day of the year. We had. That's why I was so excited that morning. We gotta go, man. We gotta go that was really incredible. What a day. But when you think, you know, when when you came up and supported David I on the Alaska project, you know, that spring you were really just getting into flying as I understand, you know, you're just really learning that was twenty sixteen and then you just bit off something that I think most Bush pilots would you know, maybe dream of. But you know, most obviously will will never do it. You know, what was before you and Magdalena set off from kens house last June. What were the big? Fears. You know, what were the biggest kind of like trepidation about the whole thing? Was it mechanical was it personal as it? Just the unknown of like, I think of all the things that I just don't have a clue about like, I mean, I do from boat standpoint. I I don't know how they change with the boat with a plane, but like borders, and, you know, the drug problems in Mexico, whatever what what what was it that was kind of like, I don't know. Yeah. There was so much like free actually pretty much executive for a half years ago. I got my it's lessons, my private pilots lessons. And then I I I wanted to get into a robotic. So I do that our bags lessons right away. But then I figured that. I I I have to learn basic flying fly a lot of hours of looking for the perfect place and beds, y because of you you have allowed the head. I got to know Ken and flew there with you. And and this was I really like lots of hours that I could collect flying head. No Eddie about Bush at all. But can obviously teach me a log on a lot of things like it wasn't credible. But. The big challenges. Of course, just after basically was ride after arriving in in the sky already had idea of doing this swim. Boy, which the idea founded with would take and because he also he always talked about that in somehow like, okay, why let's do it let's together in and then he never dated all the other people that wanted to do it with me that we did ended up doing it. But I didn't matter it was. But like, you think of idea like this, and obviously with a as a pilot who just flew a little bit in Austria have just got his private lessons and flew in announcer. Where you don't even need a transponder or anything or talk on the radio like nothing, basically, you can do whatever you want to really focus on flying. If you if then you come up with that idea. Okay. Have fourteen. Countries to cross the they're like to like twelve of them or twelve of them are furred world countries. Basically. And so so only that that idea of crossing all those borders, and the of they all these only Spanish from Mexico on and holiday get fuel held. You can make I tried to make listen the beginning endless, which is like particularly. And so I figured out at some point cadets not the way to go. This is not gonna work that I'm gonna check all those points and be ready for everything that comes along.

00:30:01 - 00:35:03

Like this the only way that I could do that is like the trust. Draws myself in general like and little bit of just get it down to. I think it was four points or five points and those four or five points when we when I tell you all those blinds, I will. Exactly where but. That's. That rolled in on a piece of paper. I still have here. And I felt okay. If I can take all those plans. I can just go into it will not be a problem. That sounds exciting. Exciting list. And it was exciting. But on the other end was not it wasn't very very, obviously, you know, first of all it was above me myself. I wanted to to know that I'm ready for this. Which men's okay, I need the right licenses. Win man that I need to to have a full US lessons. So because I only had a European lessons had based on mechanize, which would which was very complicated. So I wanted to have a full US lessons. So I did a commercial pilot's license. And I knew from other stories that read that it's very good to have instrument rating. So as it, okay. One point gets the rides get all those ratings. The second point was my aunt plan had to be ready. Okay. So I put all those plan needs all the writing Wittman and furred point was leg before it's more than half the way like starting from Mexico on for for Storting, hundreds only Spanish speaking. So I I knew that had to be sure that I can ended Spanish radio communication VA shin related. So that was that was one. I I can't I learned Spanish before wasn't big problem. But I want to make sure that I'm I'm done with that. I'm sure that I can do. And and the fourth point was. Credit card with enough money to get going. So I. That was actually. The one. But. So you just a list of four points for UC can easily you can easily prepare for points. But getting the licenses meant for me that I had to go to went to San Diego for almost five months before Blake starting in January. No sorry. Very two dozen aging. I went to San Diego, I did superfast instrument and commercial ratings than I went to south. Gotta I worked every day for a month on the plan together with can get the plane ready and besides dead. Of course, I tried to find sponsors and. Convinced them that this is a cool project. Nobody could of course, we mentioned holid- project to look like, and what could be the outcome for sponsor laid super hard to sell something like this because he's on Blake's. It's not a super simple story like a usually protein again gonna go to this clan. But route this special rules in I'm gonna fly on super simple. But this is getting includes. Fifty simple projects in one big project. That is already not simply something like this. It was hard to sound for sure. And then. And then the other thing I did I went to in January two dozen eighteen I went to Argentina to meet end. The for the first time, we also I also decided that this would be the definable goal to read his airport after reaching. And also flew there in one of his Blands and just realized okay? My Spanish is good enough to be able to fly there. So. Yeah, phil. Bye. Bye. Exactly. I think was the twentieth of tune and the plan was to eat on the twenty first. I was no it was the twenty second because we left on the twenty second. I was ready. We've those points. Pretty tight timing. So what was the I I think people have a perception of what would be know.

00:35:03 - 00:40:06

Like, what was the thing that made you bang your head against the wall? What was either the scariest or the just the toughest part of the whole trip looking at it afterwards? Now, if I see the whole project, it definitely was this the idea of doing this as a project, which is which means to me that I'm I'm selling the content, and I'm I don't have the money to the I never had to the getting ballots. And this was definitely debate the chance to somehow make it happen. You know, like due to realize this dream without having any. Mommy, don't superstar. But. I had two points on the trip where I I really had been no money anymore. The one was at boarded Canada already. And then the second time was in the halfway down cheetah and slow times. I knew that. Okay. I'm a gold so far and anew to head to get going head to get that far to convince possible sponsors to trust in the project lead me get keep going, you know. It was really really stressful thinking of this league just just doing the whole trip without that stress in the back of my head. I think it would have been a different experience berry and probably easier. But on the other hand, you never know how how you would have done it. If he would have thought it without this pressure to the pushes. Did you have any? Yeah. I mean, I think we could make a whole show out of just that side of it that that's that's tough. And maybe at the end here. We'll talk about how how that's turned out. Or maybe how it might turn out. But did you have any? You know, truly scary experiences. Either mechanically with the plane or with any officials or landing in a place that you shouldn't have any kind of like God, the this could be this could be the end. I have to have this strange tendency to always forget those hunts. If you ask me except area was scary time in the four times. I already did it. I would not was never anything scary. Which is not true. In that still probably it's a little bit the same. But but thinking of it, I was super nervous. He wasn't dangerous at all, but extremely of before crossing the border to Mexico because some like all everybody always like ninety nine percent of the people talk to in the US says a cage you fled to Mexico. It's gonna be the end, you know, the Mexicans are really strange burned on your plane. Possible to Mexico, and you know. And actually, I went to Mexico was the best part of the trip. Like, I love Mexico is Mexican awesome. My favorite country was before. But but in that time, I really got in just been no one's going on. I pushed back the the day of finally crossing the border a lot of times, but mandated was all goods we flew also passed all of these area where there's a lot of drug problem like drug traffic going on was also with weird relented at one airport. That was strange big like Mercedeses with Dr William window, then laws of police cars following it like the dead wind in all of. We were just they are parked with little plan the birth. Monthly playing playing probably. Weird just stopped for getting view. And then voter voter down on one time that comes to my mind. I have I have a map in front of me, which is good. And of we went to Guatemala, the the democracies pretty high the part pretty high thing it said six seven thousand feet or something and I wanted to go directly to Costa Rica to avoid. Countries as and he cut Agua because they are not super safe right over those countries.

00:40:07 - 00:45:04

And the combination of having a super heavy at with lots of fuel on and the high altitudes aboard, and the the high temperature we took off on this huge spill leg airport, which yeah, if seven four seven lands there is like the main of with democracy, and we go not not dollars deceive towers mountains because was the only way to win came from and took off and flew flew. And it didn't time but all God reaches timing. And then there's the big big resing buildings immodesty. In the front of the import to the ride in. We're basically just flying. Thing. And it's. Somebody the guy at a person on the controller the can out now you really time. And yeah. I'm slowly. The ended was good. Two. It was a it was very different than plans because we wanted to take off at six in the morning, and because of fog and and officials. Wanted us to change flung letter letter on. On the on the daybreak we almost until nine we on the week leased airport, so temperatures higher winds changed. So yes, things like that. That was a little scary. But I got better at these things and was just one of those experiences. Moving on from there. We we cross the. Ecuador infernal. This is an area where it is a lot of humidity Central America. Lots of low clouds, sometimes we had to fly like thinking of the lag Naga this story when we landed on the Atlantic side only one time there was in Panama, and then we had to cross the Panama City crossing the Pacific side again and the the clouds, look, the wet it. Okay. When we took off. In it goes lower and lower. We were basically like almost skimming the whiz on the on the ocean already because the clouds in the rain will solo and then add some blinds ahead to cross the other side of the mountains in big pretty big MSA from zero. I just climb straight up to more than ten thousand feet, which is pretty high playing to climb over the mounds inches, flew slalom for the food the gloom bliscoll and then back down on the his so, but that was a I little taste of what was to come with clouds and mountain flying. Around. But then was also very impressive flight. Then of course, flying over the Panama Canal and landing in bennema CD was pretty impressive. That's amazing part of the world going through the Panama Canal was one of the highlights of going around the world that is that's an press feature. Incredible. The howler. Plan. We'll supply along the Panama Canal from that's why I went to Atlantic said and the flag down the coast and then follow the Panama Canal to the Pacific again. But because of that wetter, I can do it. But he added somehow that canal has some thumping. Interesting to it. I don't know. It's it's not what you imagine either. I mean, it's really wild. Even know there's this huge canal in big ships going through there. And you're an and yet you're in you're in the middle of the jungle. It's it's it's it's an interesting part of the world. What about getting through the Darien gap? Is that not that big a deal with the Bush plan, you just fly across because that was always one of these things that I always wanted to do by foot, you know? But it's you know, there's been some pretty interesting stories back in through that part of the world. They've never connected that highway because of the drug trafficking, and so it's pretty wild through there. Yeah. It was planning ways about the flights. It was definitely the most challenging on and exciting. Will we get a with lying donning the on? This was the most exciting part because we were we were looking at the weather for two weeks constantly every day in the big on the storms has moved.

00:45:04 - 00:50:01

From the west used over that section. And so I had to find that one little moment that when when into golf in the morning when it take off in the morning. The cloud test moves away far enough into the into the land into Colombia. So I can fly through that one. The next one that is already in your and then make it down to Columbia and dead in combination with knowing that there is just nothing except the the Tunggul on the new was like you said very exciting. Very exciting. That is a six hour land in. Small plane from Panama City to Cali Colombia on which made it even more exciting. Yeah. You gotta make it. Definitely gonna make it youth. You can't around do you can land anywhere, you the mounds are super high. They even when we when be arresting in Cali super super exciting cool photo of me standing next to the next little plane, and I'm surrounded by a group of ten people from migration military police customs. They're already waiting for us because they they made something called a Cody go as. So like a star hold or something. They did put on us because we were gone from Rada and radio contact for more than four hours flying along the coast of Columbia. Shutdown weird. Because of course, I couldn't fly high enough to be overdose high mounds because they're pretty high in the wetter also was super strange in was super Saudi and rainy. And so they really got worried that we are really bad people. But we lead into like. Yeah. Cool that you're coming out. We don't have to go in and see each other. We everybody. See all those. They came to see us. Probably probably not something you'd get away with in Afghanistan. That's that's amazing. I sure looked like bad people. If you're if I was sitting in an office and track kind of tracking you because he couldn't really track. He'd be like, okay. These guys are ups up to no good. Yes. But he's all the how. You you mental how you approach the situation in all that you didn't do anything wrong. You just know it's going to take forever to arrive. Okay. That's going to be fine. Which is an easy. Things are gonna work out. You know, they can't they can't really do anything to you. I mean. Yeah. And what what feeling on what if stay say, okay. To take away plan your of your plan. My plan will then it's part of the story. And I can't again do anything against the the key was tuned to stay calm and just like not not Gad's. That is that like. Of course, they can do anything Tokes view. But. Like, you have to take it easy on just let them do their Oregon. Yeah. Did and how much how much did you? I mean, his like when you came here. You know, you got out of the plane, and we went for a huge flight. And you know, you had all your gear. I know that was part of the mission was to do quite a bit of paragliding to how much fine. Did you get in? Well, in the end a little bit less than I expected on Asli because the the flying with way more exciting. The flying of the plane was way more challenging than if but I flew in a lot of Kobe's. And I mean. In every country absolu- all those famous places for sure. I can't then you the hours. But of course, if you fall somebody followed, and this was also one point if somebody followed that trivia link probably like Kate he'd his plan. You know, that's all he did on. That's not true. But if you wanna make all these distance just fingle making this in a car, you also have to spend a lot of time in the car to get to the places where you play paraglider. So this is what what I keep saying? But I do in Kika in Argentina Lou.

00:50:02 - 00:55:11

You'll plays in Mexico in couple of diseases in in Costa Rica in in Guatemala, Acland volcanoes. It was full full of full of cool period. Adding moments are not nearing. How do you think the assault post recently, if you training in Austria, and you were talking about that you feel like the that six month expedition has also really helped you prepare for the next X helps how how do you quite the the two is? I I always tell everybody the story about that time when you came out, and you did a food drop for us. When when Dave and I were stuck at at heart mountain, and you came out with one it kens friends, and he's like at six grand, and you're fourteen grand. And he calls you on the radio and he's like ball. What the hell how how did you? How are you up there? And you're like, I'm third alling. You know, come on. You know, like your experience with the paraglider, obviously has really benefited you as a as an airplane pilot. But how is it reversed? Because it sounds like it's also you've also learned a lot about paragliding from find your airplane. Yeah. Definitely own. Let's start with bad like, for example, in in in by the Goni was a lot of win the flu Fru really high mountains. And I think if without my knowledge of flying in the mountain, but Burgener, I we probably would have crashed somewhere down there because it was just incredible infected legs in the worst wins situation that you couldn't remember with the paraglider. It's fairly expected to we're flying. I dunno strides in front of us is there is a little rich feeling. It's just you get to the rage in. We can make it all the rich. You know? Okay. I can I can do anything I can only turn around and gets edited again like in a paraglider and try again. So I go back goes up like crazy relate in the room. Mm-hmm. Wave kind of phenomenon on their shoots back up to eleven twelve thousand feet and then turn rawal today. Same little ridge just like super small now in front of me and on the ten as in front of me, and I can't make it again. You can't mansion how Lau family of going. There is nothing around for hours of flying. And you you play around belittle rates tank. Make it over. It was crazy. And I think without that experience of that knowledge of okay? There's always a way that you can use the wind to get somewhere. I would have never made that flight down there because that is one thing that is people are nuts. Flying a small plane themselves that the power of the plane legged is very limited. I I think it's the same. I think that the comparison still league valid between paraglider that plane because the only difference that that engine is just constant Hoekstra like glides brazier that you have, you know, an inquiry in calm air, you can sign, but as soon as there's a lot of saying you will sink even with an engine or not and. Also with that kind of plan. You don't take off at an at an airport inches flags. Droids next distant Asian in van the always if there are mountains you have to choose your line. You you have to find almost had byu be more economic on the way, or at least as how I always tried to fly like you said in medic sample before. So in internal overall would say this exceeded experienced those almost three hundred dollars. I spend flying that plane for the mountains was we'll have me or helps me Glen paragliders well like vice versa. It's the same thing hours in the air except for maybe Jetstar at twenty thousand for thousand feet in the mountains are experienced for for everything. Did you did you find like, especially in Patagonia, where the terrain is big and complicated? And just big huge Patagonia, d did you find that your? I don't even know if it's something you were able to. Realize at the time or maybe now that you've been home. But did you find your kind of global understanding of the weather really increased like your mountain like reading the mountain weather really was was really benefited by by those experiences.

00:55:11 - 01:00:01

And if so can you articulate how? The cool thing the cool thing about that that engine that is there like I said before it's just that constant staying the pose a little bit little bit. Is it has one big advantage? She again, like normal mountain conditions on on thermal bay. I can try beings. You know, I can go to places that I can't go with the at it. Because if I go there, I'm probably if it doesn't work I'm just gonna land, and that's it men than I have no chance with the plane. Just go there and see. Okay. Well, there is a big news. But it's pretty quiet in directly, and there's even a little bit of lift cooled Edwards because I feel it in the plant and engaged in work. I would just turn around. They. Okay. Well that about the other along roads. So playing around like this in the mountains this is super goal like in. It helps law into a way to to learn a lot of things I think so it sounds like it has impacted how you fi paraglider. I think so I mean. Wherever I went in in big like a Kika when across country flying and then then also with on the mum ice Lewin failed like better than before. But. I didn't be like, okay. Well, I didn't fly for a month. I probably stunned flight at good anymore. It definitely failed the other way around felt like, okay. This is super people from me now. So so I I am. I'm sure benefited from playing the plan on there. That's really cool. The this next question is one that I always hated answering. So I'm gonna change it a little bit. But people always ask me, what was the favorite? You know, what was your favorite thing of sailing around the world? And I was like hide, you know, I can't there isn't one thing. But what was Magdalena's favorite? If you if you, you know, without asking her if you could just guess, or maybe she's already told you. But what do you think her her best experience of that six months was the super tough question? The other question Neil. I know I hate that other question. You're just like, I don't know. It's like it was all good. Good that I had to find an answer. Like asking. I would've been prepared. But. F- for her. It was the whole the whole thing that is that is possible to do something like this together partner and like go Huda downs in best. Just the overall thing that I think that that stuck will to her like this. That's what she says with nodded to was super tiring for her. But also like doing something like this something the in stressful in everyday challenging is what was for her. And she's very like dead. She she thinks a lot about things. Very quiet a little bit above things like this. So I think that was that was that thing that that was really the coolest thing for her. But looking at places what she was the best. I could I could just open the door and ask her. But she is in the room. He doesn't I would have to scream. I think a thing one one thing that was really. Very cool. Like, you said there this leg. No, basically, there's so many things that happen. So some I'm starting to think in okay this. This is what I'm gonna what am I gonna say now, but we we both together tried to climb. A concoct will the has not enough north and South America. And this was also a very very cool experience footed to us, Dan. I think also for her because I remember that moment when we I had I had to obviously hide a slow as ever. But different pace. Yeah. We had a little different days as but that wasn't the the goal decline that numb fast. It was just the goal to climb. The on didn't matter. How much time we take between the the the the camps. But I remember we clammed up to a five thousand meters to matter. And and he's like they are surrounded by all these is walls in beautiful beautiful area. And he's like, wow.

01:00:01 - 01:05:07

That's just the the most impressive beautiful saving over seen end for me. Who is somebody who lost smells, and I really wanna share with her for me. It was incredibly lucky moments to hear her saying that she's like wall, this is analogous, Dan. What people go to the moans more. You know? So maybe that was the good best moment. I mean, I don't know. Liked that one Paul when you an it's maybe too early to ask this question because I know you guys are still, you know, you'll be processing this for a long time. But was there any like has there been any real shift in who you and Magdalena are as people as a result of the trip? You know, like, it has it may be when you think back to before you started in Alaska, and now how has it changed both of you? It has changed a lot of things, and I'm happy that you're asking this because I want to say something in general still I think it is be even an answer to your question. No. One one thing that I really saw or maybe it's not that the birth dancer, but it is it is a very important thing for me, an insured changed me. We've Lou all the way from up there to the bottom of South America. Very low elect basically never hired free. Doesn't feet above the ground that would say so. And then we also flew all only when when the weather was good. So we could always see the ground underneath us. And we were flying in the speed of hundred fifty or hundred forty kilometer dollars eighty five miles around eighty five miles all the time. And then you have a lot of time to see the world's moving by below. You bury slow, and you can see every detail, and you can see Hollywood changes all the time slowly, and you get a very very good impression of how everything is connected and hell in the end that have decided health mall that world is because we flew really on the trade land, basically half way around the world. And I can tell you. I know exactly how every part of the than waited we did Luke's leg from from. And it's a small its military big. And that the world is very small, and we are. So so many people running around on dead and everybody is in his small little world. And then he he has no money. He gets to the Ted in flies to know from Europe to Thailand, and he gets out of the Ted. And he thinks he's in another world, you know, like completely other world is you get on a on a big jet. And then you the only thing you wanna. Do is lakes sleep or whatever. And makes the time go pass as fast as possible. So you're in that outta wove? And then you have you you never have to chance to realize that there is a connection between those places, and it's not super far is just like. Not another world. And that's really really is a very important fog. I think that everybody should should think. And understand that soup is super small will that we have. And we have to care about it as we take care about the own house or own place. We we don't miss it up. We mess around with with so many things in the world because his think okay, well, dad's stats pinata roles. That's over. There has nothing to do with me. But it's not like that. And this is this is for sure something that changed. My mindset about many things. And also, of course. People might say, okay. Well, you did this with with with an airplane with an engine? Okay. This is not the point for me. You know, of course, says Benz a drive a car. I I don't know. I take the Big Apple in his will. I'm not super environmental friendly with brand is not perfect. But, but it says important to understand how how everything is connected in that we're not we don't have endless balls only because we Tom into attendance led to another world. Those borders mean nothing don't they you know, you went thirteen different countries that are all separated by these borders, but they're not they don't separate us. They don't separate the people the nature, the the anything, it's all we're all part of one that one world.

01:05:08 - 01:10:03

Yeah. Exactly. It is very busy something that that changed both of us. Sure. We we have. I mean, we can say, okay, I'm doing something very different now. But once you change, your mindset, you also changing doing so. Yeah. Back to your question. We we'd. That's nice that. I gotta ask this one. It's an easy one. But I imagine it's not such an easy answer. You know, it what next. You're you're planes down at Andy's. You know for me. There was a real delineation like at the end of the sailing. It was like I'm done. I'm done with that. I mean, I still love the ocean. I love sailing, but it was time to move on. Is it time to move on? Or you got other big Bush plane projects. To me starting to fly planes was. Was something that I needed as a big big foreign business role to to also be multiplied for execs in for example, just needed some light. When it first part in the exurbs two dozen eleven in after that. I was like, okay. Well, that's done for me. You know that led to Bart in this. This is what I wanted and needed something that motivates me motivates me to work on for the future part of that way to that big big goals for some point in the future. I can't even tell you when I want to reach it. And also what exactly is the funny thing about him? But anyway, read believes all those times depart than than taking part is par that way. Also this project was was part of that development and. Is just it was just one step by have no like expects. I can't do you. Now. Exactly. What's my next Bush plane project just noted that I will not stop flight plans in the flank Paraguay only because I did one thing. One thing that I'm doing right now is I found the place in Alaska in the wrangles national park. Did I wanna buy or that? I'm already part hard ONA owner of it. And I wanna be love something like like a cool based base camp for people who are interested in inflation Bush plans in getting to know Alaska, you know, go paragliding go explore more in the this is something that motivates me also for the future to like show sold that place to more people like shared experience. If that's if that's in Macau. Carthy? Can we privately have talk about that? Taping. If. Leads from five minutes floods from Carthy, but you can also take away an hour in you in the center of mccarthian in Sasha coil. Incredible. I show you that's a neat part of the world. Cool. Well, we'll may have we have much to discuss their. That's neat. So so the so the the the short term future is the plane will come back to Alaska. Yeah. Took me one to decide on that. I wanted to sell it for so on today's on that they were lied beg. But now I'm have decided that I'm just gonna bring it back into it out because it's allows can push plan, and I like Alaska, and I'm gonna have a lot of fun there with this plan. So I'm gonna send it back. I recently posted a video on my Facebook channel flying canyon launching to water amazing. And it got more than a million views thread now. Totally buyer legs. Incredible. But the problem is like people like for for Bush pads for all those it's super nominal. But then commands on Ed media legged, gut Bairo side injuries people that had no idea this. They got super scared. He's gonna die tomorrow. This is gonna be as law flied. He has like it's gonna be what if what if he has a traffic coming for the. Few relate. What is there is a what if there's a downturn? What if what if what if like? I can't even I can't even look at it anymore at the commenced because he's making me so crazy like there.

01:10:03 - 01:15:08

So people can be. So so weird. This is not a Suber dangers that on. I mean, it looks crazy, and there are always risks. They're also is apply across Alaska on my own though. You know? That was close Jones taking the media the on again. But I mean, it's a why should I that media? Don't do anything anything bad nothing. Like there's personal round. I'm not harming anybody. I'm just doing the same thing that at did hundred them's in Alaska everyday at it'd like Kansas. Why would you fly anything hired? Only feathers. A can. Okay. Made it a little bit for scary. But like, yeah. So I get why should I care about it? But it has almost two thousand command. So don't wanna on a dark gnocchi any. No, no, no. That's just a waste of time. Well, that's that's exciting. I was cool. Video of pretty exciting Paul last last question. We can't can't let you go without asking about the X apps. This is your fifth one. Change in anything. I mean, other than you've just had this big, you know, six month extradition in the Bush plan. And that was obviously a lot of training, but any different approach because we talked about this bit on the last show, but you know, your your little bit older, you're little more mature you've got four behind you out. Our you approaching the next four months any differently than you have in the past yet, it is is actually different so far. I didn't for dams like his as I was referred free times that was sometimes fighting in the even more informed than the furred lays, Indiana was furred. So and I'm not going to do this forever exurbs. I'm not gonna say right now that is going to be the last long, but might be too less long than doing the only thing. I put a mindset that that changes is that. The only thing I really wanted to win it. So because I was already a couple of times. If I'm if I'm worse than that. It's also K but the goal should be to really be in front. End him preparing red nose. Well, limp. Just trying to think of all the. All the experiences today had of all experienced how I can use it and train berry professionally just be really ready for the days. I mean, you know, yourself you never know how it's going to go, but you can do very best to prepare them that mindsets Fisher helps to do a job right now. The next months. Paul. Thank you. That was a super tree. I just I was fascinated following it. You guys did a really good job documenting it. I'm sure they'll be you know, a longer version of that some point, but we'll have all the links to that in the show notes for those of you who are listening. Go check out the footage, and the pictures just unbelievable. But I congratulations on completing such an epic project and see here in a little bags of the X apps, and and and good luck. I I look forward to to race with you again, that'd be the year to hear those words from you. Because feedback is very different. You know, it was it was very controversial project dump line. So me as well. Forty outside world feedback from the outside for me. My sound was green. Sale so called enough to say, but it's going to here. It's just going to feedback ends. I'm happy people. Check it all I'm gonna finish my YouTube series about it's pretty soon. I did so far it's online until Mexico, which has already wet exciting. But I didn't get the time to do all that to finish all up. But that's the way to really get a good impression of how we traveled on. How we Howie adventured? The last half year channel coal well, have other links to that in the show nuts. He that debt. I I do have to ask you one more question then because I just think of it. He did these amazing logs for the last exile, we do that again. And do you feel like that doesn't really get in the way of of your performance? No, I'm not gonna do it. Again. It was he was great for the last time it even to some pressure off me. Us time was like, okay, I'm at least gonna do my work where well besides the performance of during the exams last year both wins pretty good this year.

01:15:08 - 01:19:11

I'm not gonna do it. I'm also thinking that maybe many pilots are thinking about it. So many out of people are maybe doing it. I'm sure not gonna disappoint my followers and those who are expecting. To hear what I'm experiencing doing the raise. But it's not gonna be in the in the way of log like last time. Well, okay. Yes. They were great. I just I I really enjoyed doing those that you know, when you came here and gave that talk. It was it was fun digging back through those and putting together that talk that we did for you with you. And that was that was really fun. I think it's. I think it's a race that you know, when you when you're following on live tracking and everything it really mitt, which is great and they do a fantastic job of that. But that misses so much, and you know, that MRs kind of the meat and potatoes of the whole race in what's going on behind the scenes, and that was really nice to see with the blog of often just wondered on the one hand. I can see your point that it helps in that. It it kind of takes your mind off being serious. And that's what we need to do to fly. Well, and that you know, that's good. It's it's probably a nice distraction and at the same time. It's also something you've got to do. So I wanted to see what you thought about about that. Because I you know, I know it's a lot of work. But yeah, it was a lot of work in a head one person that was with me on the ending those Leo's resides that I constantly had defeating about the con- taking the camera with me explaining all them what I'm doing. Yes. So I decided for myself not to do it in bed way. But there's gonna be the almost the same kind of information for people who were following me. I'm just gonna have a little bit different way to do it proprosal appall. I've taken up plenty of your time. I again, super appreciate it. Thank you so much and pretty shortly in Salzburg. Yeah. When are you coming may twentieth? Perfect together. Thanks for having me on your show. Again. See you soon. ? Enjoyed that. Always fun to sit down with these great pilots in different parts of the world super inspiring. As always always ask for a buck show. If you're getting something out of the cloud base may him. There are many ways you can support it either financially through pay pal and soon to be destroyed through our website. We'll have details of that up pretty soon. But if you can't swear financially totally understand this main free as long as we can do it, but you can support it in many other ways, you can give us on a rating on itunes or Stitcher. However, you listen to your podcast that really goes a long ways, you can blog about it on your own blog. You can post about it on social media share with your friends talk about it on the way to launch many many of you doing that. I really appreciate it. And another way you can sports through our store. We just got a whole new load of awesome, Patagonia t shirts for men and women and a whole new box of superstar trucker hats by recaps H. One is totally unique got a whole bunch more colors that seem to be. Be more in favor. So go to cloud base may dot com. Click on the store link and get some cool swag. That's another great way to sports show. But yeah, get behind us. We're doing this directly just through you instead of sponsors because I just can't stand having that whole sponsored thing the top the show, and I want you to know that it's a authentic conversations just opinions and they're not being skewed by advertising dollars, which I think is a pretty toxic thing. That's happening going on right now, globally, all stuff going on, Facebook, and and other. So anyway, we'd like do a direct. We appreciate your sport. And cheers.