Episode 87- Paul Guschlbauer and the Ultimate Adventure


Paul and his SuperCub bush plane that he flew from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina

Paul Guschlbauer and his wife Magdalena have just completed a proper awesome adventure- flying his supercub two-seater bush plane from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Argentina, across thirteen countries. The journey took six months and took them slowly and usually at very low altitudes over the mountain ranges of north and south America all the way to Patagonia. “Project Overland” was the ultimate flying adventure – in search of mountaineering, paragliding and wild traveling experiences along the way. Paul’s plane, a 1956 Piper Supercub, was built to land and take off almost anywhere –  mountaintops, valleys, beaches and jungles. Come along for one of the most inspiring journeys that has ever happened.

See more of Paul’s amazing videos, photos and stories from the expedition at the Overland Expedition website

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Show Notes: 

  • The genesis of the project. Why a Supercub? What did he have to learn in advance, what were the main difficulties
  • The list- what needs to happen to make it happen?
  • The major stresses and challenges
  • What was the scariest experience?
  • The most memorable experiences
  • How did the paragliding go?
  • The crossover to paragliding
  • How did it shift and change their lives?
  • What’s next?
  • A look at Paul’s 5th Red Bull X-Alps


Oh the places you will land!


Mentioned in this episode:

Jake Soplanda, Ken MacDonald, Jody MacDonald, Magdalena, Hugh Miller, Ed Ewing, Salewa, Red Bull, Andy Hediger, Red Bull X-Alps, Piper Cub, Cross Country Magazine


Paul finds some interesting places to fly along the way…

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