Episode 77- Comp Tactics and Strategies

The gaggle at the PWC in Australia, Feb 2017. Photo Jimmy Huang

We’re bringing you a live show from the road this week at the Argentina Nationals. I sat down with veteran comp pilots JP Robert Vandenbegine (Canada and Belgium), Chin Chien Huang (aka Jimmy from the US), and Francisco Mantaras (Argentina) to discuss the A to Z of comps. These guys collectively have decades of competition experience and we dove into pre-race strategies, how to get a good start, gaggle flying, finding good lines and gliding, safety and cautionary tales, tactics for winning a task vs winning the comp, instrument use, speed bar use, hand position and using the B’s, how to get into comps and why and a whole lot more. We’ve been getting a lot of questions from listeners on comps- this should answer a ton of questions. Enjoy!!


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Show Notes:

  • Gavin takes us around the world to the best places to fly month by month
  • The crew discusses strategies before the race starts and their race background
  • Fitness and flying
  • How to get a good start
  • Gaggle flying
  • Gliding and finding good lines
  • Flying with the B’s
  • Speed bar use, instrument use, tactics
  • Comp strategy for the day vs for the week

Mentioned in this episode:

Miguel Gutierrez, Alas Del Hombre, Bill Belcourt, Chris Galli, Cody Mittanck, Francisco Mantaras, Chin Chien Huang, JP Vandenbegine, Gareth Carter, Andre Rainsford, Chrigel Maurer, Yassen Savoy, Luc Armont, Russ Ogden


On Glide. Photo by Robert Vandenbegine




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