Episode 76- The Ask Me Anything show! And a fun little story of a Big day:)

running fast at 17,000 on my way to the North American foot launch record- July 15, 2013

This show is broken up into two different parts. The first recounts a story that many listeners have been asking for- the North American foot launch record I set back on July 15th, 2013. As we head into fall it’s likely the record will hold another year, which is pretty amazing given the talent and dedication of so many pilots in this part of the world who have been pushing really hard. It was a remarkable week- nearly 1,000 km in three flights, all of them one personal best after another. But the big one is a pretty wild story in pretty extreme conditions in huge terrain on a very marginal day at best, and one that probably should never be repeated. Top speeds of 115-120 km / hr in the flats is one thing, but flying over 6 major mountain ranges from Idaho deep into Montana at that speed is certainly living on the edge! The second part of the show is dedicated to your questions for the “Ask Me Anything” show. We discuss how to assess new sites, the advantages and disadvantages of pod harnesses, safety compromises with light-weight gear when it comes to harnesses and reserves, listening to your gut, shaking off the rust after not flying, reserve best-practices and what might be coming in wing technology, front mount reserve best-practices, how to keep your hands warm on cold days, keeping your legs from getting tired when pressing speed bar and a lot more. Please let me know if you find these non-interview format shows valuable!


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Show Notes:

  • Gavin shares his experience at Garmin HQ at the athlete summit and some of the new cool products
  • Gavin recounts the record foot-launch record set back in 2013 from Sun Valley 240 miles to Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana
  • Gavin takes your questions!


To see the Skywalk pod tests:  http://www.paraglidingforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=53367

To see Nick Neynens front mount reserve throw we discuss in the show:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwvpDy1m4hI&feature=youtu.be

And to see a GREAT blog post about reserve throwing best practices: https://flybubble.com/blog/how-to-deploy-your-reserve-parachute

Mentioned in this episode:

Garmin, Virb, InReach, Brody Leven, 360 camera, North American Foot launch record, Steven Kotler, Reavis Sutphin-Gray, Nate Scales, Matt Beechinor, Mike Pfau, Mitch Riley, Niviuk, Nik Hawks, Chris Santacroce, Jeffrey Ferrell, Superfly, Ben Abruzzo, Bruce Marks, Daniel Kahneman, Honza Rejmanik, UP, Triple 7, Flow, Russ Ogden, Rodrigo Cidad, Nick Greece, Eagle paragliding, Jocky Sanderson, Rob Sporrer, Passion Paragliding, Tim Ferriss, Stilian Blagoev, Matt Henzi, Nick Neynens, FlyBubble Paragliding, Daniel Schmid, Marko Hrga Hrgetic, Fabian Perez, Tom De Dorlodot, Karel Koudelka, Tom Sliepen.


Flying King Mountain in the Big Lost. Photo Jody MacDonald



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