Episode 28- Max Marien and the ACRO pursuit



Max Marien broke the Infinity Tumbling record after jumping out of a helicopter in 2012, going right up and over his wing an incredible 374 times. The record didn’t stand long and has since been eclipsed by Horacio Laurens going 568 times, but still- it was a remarkable achievement. Max started flying at the tender age of 12 and makes his living flying tandems at the Torrey Pines Glider port. He’s been frequently requested on the show and this talk is awesome. Whether you are pursuing acro or not, there’s a lot of great knowledge and advice here, including how risk changes after you have kids; how to get into acro; the most common cause of accidents; the most dangerous maneuver (you might be surprised); the scariest maneuver; a ton of info on reserves and their use; safe ways to progress and a lot more. Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Risk and having kids- does it change?
  • Best place to train acro?
  • How to safely get into acro and how to progress
  • Acro competitions
  • How to stay motivated doing the same thing over and over
  • Getting REALLY comfortable with your reserve, and the best reserves to use
  • The hardest trick and how to overcome fear
  • How to get into the sport
  • The most dangerous maneuver and why
  • The most common accidents and why
  • Do tandems hurt your personal flying?
  • Mentioned in this episode: Torrey Pines Glider port, Theo Le Blic, Pal Takats, Cody Mittanck, X-Alps, Ondrej Prochazca, Raul Rodriguez, Jocky Sanderson, Will Gadd, Russ Ogden, Michael Segal.


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