Episode 27- Cedar Wright and Intermediate Syndrome


World-famous climber turned paragliding addict Cedar Wright returns to the Mayhem to describe…well a bit of mayhem! A year ago I sat down with Cedar on the podcast, who was 6 months into his sky addiction and as we’re both in Banff for the film festival we thought it would be fun to find out how this past year has gone. He and his learning partner Matt Segal flew off the highest mountain in Mexico, Pico De Orizaba, which is the centerpiece of Cedar’s new film “The Fledglings”, in partnership with the North Face and Niviuk. If you haven’t seen it the short version is available for free here, and the long version is currently touring with the 5 Point Film Festival, and will be in many others like Telluride and Banff. But he didn’t stop there. Cedar has been chasing it hard, and it hasn’t all been roses as you can imagine. We dig into some of the lessons, mistakes, a REALLY scary flight that involves high tension power lines, take-aways and more in this high-energy and laugh-out-loud episode with Cedar, who admits he’s fully in “intermediate syndrome.” Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Cedar discusses some of the more memorable flights of the last year, including getting really TALL and dealing with hypoxia
  • Cedar talks about wing choice and why it’s been important for him to stay on a conservative wing
  • The importance of humility
  • The hazards of stoke
  • Do we harbor on the safety thing too much? Do we obsess on the accidents too much?
  • “You can’t retrobolt the sky.”
  • How to fast track progression. COMMIT.
  • How to get into the sport
  • The importance of setting tasks and goals for progression
  • Tactics to climb and glide better
  • Three lessons learned from a really scary flight
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Matt Henzi, Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Matt Beechinor, Matt Segal, Pete Thompson, Jocky Sanderson, Bruce Goldsmith, Tyr Goldsmith, Bill Belcourt, Eagle Paragliding, Gavin Fridlund, Mitch Riley, Reavis Gray, Kelly Farina, Antoine Girard, Ben Jordan, Mads Syndergaard, Will Gadd


The Fledglings

The Fledglings

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