Episode 94- Patrick Von Kanel and the greatest Game on Earth


Patrick Von Kanel is only 25 years old but in a few days he’ll be one of the athletes to really watch in the Red Bull X-Alps. His mentors include Michael and Chrigel Maurer, he’s a test pilot for Advance, he’s big, he’s strong, he’s of course Swiss (no non-Swiss pilot has ever won the X-Alps), he’s solid in acro and he came in second in his last two hike and fly races- to the Eagle himself, Chrigel Maurer. In this episode we learn about what he’s learned from these incredible mentors, Chrigel’s X-Alps specific academy, tips and secrets to stay safe, once again the importance of ground handling, maintaining the drive when you fly so much, tips and strategies for the race, how Patrick has been training for the race and a lot more. An intriguing conversation with an exceptional pilot and athlete. Enjoy!

By the way- I apologize for my intro saying it was 2 weeks until the race, we put up Wolfi Siess in the last episode. It’s only 4 days!


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Show Notes:

  • Patrick describes his history and being mentored by Chrigel and Michael Maurer
  • What’s the most important things to build from to stay safe
  • Training tips and strategies
  • Mental training with Thomas Theurillat
  • How to prepare for something as huge as the Red Bull X-Alps
  • What changes should we all make- not just in flying, but in life


Mentioned in this episode:

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Episode 94- Patrick Von Kanel and the greatest Game on Earth

00:00:26 - 00:05:06

There. Everybody. Welcome to another episode the cloud base mayhem, if I've got this right we are about sixteen days from the start of the red x oust. So I thought it'd be appropriate to have Patrick von kennel on. He is young guy with a lot of talent. He's test pilot for advance Kriegel is one of his mentors. He's been going to Kriegel 's X apps, kind of training academy, which I didn't even know existed. That sounds pretty scary. And yeah. He's just he started hiking fly races last year with the iron fly in the tour, and then he got invited to the big show. So we talk about training and progression and a little bit about risk. But also have an amazing mentors and Kriegel and brother Michael Mauer and talk about excess. So I thought that'd be appropriate given the given the time of the year and given the big show is happening here in a couple. Weeks. So that's about all I got I don't have much housekeeping, we are all transitioned over to our new subscription service on the website, got lots of bonus content up there for subscribers and more and more coming all the time. So go check that out. Cloud-based mayhem dot com. If you're having any trouble logging in or you should have an account regardless of, whether you support us financially, or not, I do not want finances to be something that keeps you from getting all the content of the mayhem, just ask the subscriber or newsletter. But if you bought swag, or any or supported us in the past, you should have a lifetime subscription. So that's not working for you. Let me know. In the meantime, please joy this various stink talk. Very interesting. And very kind person Patrick on kennel. Cheers. Patrick. So good to have you on the show. I'm really excited to sit down and talk with you. I love to do this live in a few weeks when I get over to Europe. But I know things are going to be crazy and busy for, for both of us. So I thought it'd be be good to just get this one in and release it before, before the, the gun goes off and Salzburg, but thank you so much for coming on the show, we've had a lottery quest, especially from our Swiss listeners to the talk to you. So welcome. Thank you. I have to say thank you for that. I can comb in sight, something from my side. It's maybe that people that don't know me got good. I have to say my English is not the best. I try my best and hopefully you rely on the stand old. What say while that mean your English is great? We had a few minutes to chat here before we started recording the think you'll, you'll get through no problem Patrick. Let's, let's start with your history a little bit. I watched you compete last summer and in the iron fly that was that was kind of my first time getting really familiar with your name, but what is your history, you know, you're kind of resume history, your brief history, with paragliding? When did you start flying and? Take us up to now. Yeah. I grew up in fruit again. It's in the Swiss mountains close to intellect, and I grew up with the park lighting because my parents, they started quite early. My father is mountaineer and was because of that a lot in the mountain, and he starts at the no but in the in beginning of the nineties, he start to flying and off to my mother, as well. So I grow up with that. And then for me, it's was it's was no question. It's normal that I want to fly as well. But that way until sixteen. This is the, the age that you have to start part lightning in Switzerland. So I earned some money to start park lighting or the summer in summer chop. And then when I get six teen. Was able to make this my dreams through to, to start paragliding and. Yeah. Was normalize in school as and. After I made the I don't know how to say that, but I worked in the forest I was cutting the trees there. And I might that and on the day off site went to to flying.

00:05:07 - 00:10:02

It's like that. And what were you were you kind of instantly involved in in cross country or what, what were those early years when he turned sixteen what it does look like? Was we had a quite a nice cool or we have a nice cool here. And this is good together with with the club. And there was many pilots, flew county. So I went with this people. So I might my first cross country flights in the at my home in the but. Short time of the XM. I was to get with, with Michael Mara. This is the younger brother of trickle, and he was it at this time, he was made a lot of acrobat dick sewn. The weekend when the weather was not good for, for cross county, mental, Missy to Meudon is famous and spoke for paddock lighting, and I learned a lot from him, like for this acronym verse ended was good fun than sometimes critical was coming swell. So I was quite early together with this, too nice people with critical mission. And so it's amazing what his doors starting. And I, I understand I m looking at your, your bio on the on the red bull x apps site. Of course, you're competing you're in June for in your first X apps, but you've done a lot of flying in the Swiss league in a lot of competition flying. The I understand the Swiss have a pretty active juniors programs that, like, I, I know the French have that is there is there, kind of a mentorship program that they put you into when you're young and in learning. No, it's not, not like this. I mean, the Swiss lake they put the lot of energy in the look of lurk to poach the, the young pilots. But to get in it's, it's not so talked to site, it's not so easy. Because this competition flying is not so famous in Switzerland or when I started. I was just me him trickle day flu competition this time. So for me Twas yet, the, the local people, they went only them for cross county sites was hard to to go as well with Mitzi because the most people said I don't fly competition. I just want go free fine. So it's hard to, to, to go in because you have not so lot of mines say all yet, go, go Pimm for phone competition. So I think you have to beat this, this type of Pete of person to like the competition in the I'm a little bit of that. So I was trying to go with Mayfield on the first the. Competition it smart small competition. But I was. Was liking ready relevant. So I started to compete, I in national competition, and then two thousand fifteen nine was able to fly my first WC in Rossa, and Izzo was was starting slowly. You started you started slowly, but you've come on strong in the last few years, it sounds like you, you even flying what eight nine years now. Is that correct? Yeah. In all it's like nine nine years, nine years. Okay. You're twenty five and yes now I'm twenty four about in July. Five for the race. Manyara pup. Jealous. So you just go into this year. You're now. Well before before we talk about advance, you had hit some big flights down in Brazil five hundred and thirteen were you part of that whole Swiss crew this was that this fall where you guys were towing out Keiko was from Keiko, okay, and but not thousand eighteen it's two thousand seventeen it's okay I I'm I it was already one and a half year ago or.

00:10:03 - 00:15:02

What's been the most important thing in your progression? Has it been flying with, with Michael and Kriegel and just flying recreationally? Or has it been the competitions? How have you how have you progressed so quickly because I know leg now you're, you're, you're a test pilot for advance as well. Correct execute. It's a good question. I think it's, it's so many points I was so lucky on different points as I, I made the school. And after school, I made or learned a trope over the wind was trying, acrobat dick. And I think that this one of the biggest point that I went with curriculum Mayfield. So they showed me how what is possible with the park lighter and. I'm little bit the person that want to compete than trying swell to, to make this zone. I remember me back the, the grounds by for me was some. Was clearly that I won't to learn that this. Well, so I started in three months off the deck. Sam, I started this learn discounts by because meeting tickled. They might all the time is grown spy lint, and it's steps or points like that, that the sink it's am for me. It's, it's a point that I might and this progress. How much do you credit your success in the Swiss league and PBC and the competitions to acro-? How, how important is having that acro component. It's, it's a good point. I think when I started with to try the helical for me, it's like you make, maybe ten steps for because if you know very well various the point for the deep stall, you can fly shortly much more pressing and, and incite for sure. And this was, I think this is one of the import point now when I want to make a safe top landing, or when it's tore buoyant when I know I can go to the stall point I say ninety nine percent and I can wait kit. So, but I know that I I've be on the on this point. But when I don't know stole point are. So then it's, it's. Dangerous. And I think this is one of the of the pot will die learned in inaugural. If you ever if you ever had an accident in working not in flying. What about other tips that you've gotten from, from Michael and increase, I, I want to spend a good portion of our talk talking about the, the X apps. But before we get there, you know, you've had this incredible opportunity really to, to fly and train with the best in the world what, what are some of the things can you share with our audience that they have stressed to not only to cover big distances but to, to stay safe. And maybe if you could extend that to mental the mental side, too, so not just the technical side, you know, like acro- training and deep stall. But where your mind needs to be. Just to mind taught to say, I think it may be one. When I said, it's also one technical thing by the just in the beginning. When I started its was from my teacher might teachers say it's very important to feel so comfortable in ground handling and the ground handling is, is a sink. It's it's so a good basic to start park biding and redo it so often. So I think this is for my side. It's, it's also. Am a big mental are like a taped to the people onto the paragliding community that, it's they do so often this ground.

00:15:02 - 00:20:14

Handing think if you do often, this ground, ending and feel comfortable in a new venue on ground handling, so you are also stronger in the head because on the take of it's when it's little bit windy. You can remember back when he was on the ground when it was very safe in that sit. But let's say twenty k wind. You know you can control the win and then it's for you. It's more relaxed on the takeover test, twenty five win because you know on the ground, I was able to do that. In think it's it's things like that. Menu can make the, the practical thing with with the head when you can dry something in a safe area than make this in the real like let's say, thank of so it's also good for the head. Your bio here says to that because you're a test pilot for advance. You're getting about five hundred hours a year, which is a lot do do you stroll it all with motivation? Or, you know, when when you're flying that much, it's that's a lot five hundred hours a year in. There's not many people in the world that get that many. If you found there's ever lulls in your desire is it ever too much? It's funny because a click today at the nice coal with the friend, and we was talking about that. Attack. Let's it's, it's quite hard. To get motivate. When you fly solo of ours in yet, the first year it, it's, it's okay, but then the years off, they do it every year. Like that for me. It's quite hard to keep them up to Asian on the percent than have found all the time in the air. So now, especially swell for the excel eye. 'em out to say that I stay little bit relaxed through something author. I like to do quite a lot this for kite thing. So I do more kiting. So I like I stay. On the ground to have motivation when I get on the start. Highest postal. And yet, the rest, it's, it's different. It's manage looks like a good extent the or for cross country than it. It's quite easy to write because the motivation is to fly as far as postal or five the biggest distance in the in all that day. But the difficult part is when when it's looks good end-use make plan, what, what I want to fly and then I'm in the air but I see all the day. It's not so good as I expect. So then it's, it's quite hard to keep the motivation, high, and then sometimes I can't make a new goal. So I go land and make something other is your is your living is your income all. One hundred percent through paragliding now. Is it just through the being test pilot or are you still involved in trees is are there, other sources of income? No, it's too unto sent the eyeing now. Wow. That means I work eighty percent for for others. And at the moment it's, it's, it's quite the lot may be. Because to prepaying needs for the excel sneak more time. But overall it's, it's, it's good than I can live quite comfortable here in Switzerland like that. Yeah, that's that's good to be able to live governor, laid Switzerland. It's not a cheap place. But okay, well we're gonna talk. I wanna talk about training and diet and risk and a lot of things with related to the race. But just before we do last year you competed in a couple hike and flies. I watched very closely the, the iron fly recall, the weather not being so good Kriegel one that one, you got second. And then the tour I fly whatever they called it the that Michael vici was running, which I was very interested in, because he and I spent some time together in, in the twenty fifteen Raissi's, great guy, I think also Kriegel on that one in, you got second.

00:20:16 - 00:25:03

So well done for those was that was was the X Alps kind of already on your agenda. When when you did those or was it after those events that, that the excerpts kind of like maybe I should do that? Or is or is he accepts been a dream for years? Nia. Excerpts fuss, maybe at the no three or four years ago was was a dream for me, especially everytime when its own the race in when I was follow you guys when you said rising, so I was thinking all the times on that it's one thing that I want to, to do as well. But I was very scared about the REIs physically scared or or what what part was scary. Yet, yet, it's physical because of this huge distance that you have to walk or actually when you see this between Salzburg, and, Monaco, it's so big. And this was rediscovered me. And there, I was a note that when I have been scared about something than I'm not ready to do that. I was talking with crinkle many times and didn't he, he thought this excel academy took it at the rate, missile witchy Matisse mine. Sponsors with teamwork. This was yet was like a big step forward for the exits for me. Because m now we are for young pilots all the stream to compete than the south's. And this was a small step forward to to my to my dream and then. I bent on this iron flying, and we said together with my team. It was this time. It was the iron fights was signed team like now on the mend Meco today excels, we said, we make this item flight off the we see if we won't if you make the if we wanna make the excel or if it's too early to make the exempts. So that was the point from the decision were you were you deciding that by the result? You know that. Hey, let's see how we do or was it more? Hey, let's, let's do it. If we feel like we're safe, and we're having fun. And and we we operate. Well. Not for sure. Not wrestle. It's a really good test because the weather as you said that the weather was not ready rail. We walked a lot and that was really a good point for me. Because there, I sold that contend walk over to three days speak distance without problems. So that was a good point, yet this about the excel was little bit less than before, when Renai sold at I can make this big distance by Phuc. Tell me about the, the academy that Kriegel the X apps academy, I think that's going to terrify any non-swiss pilot who listens to this. Because no non-swiss has ever won the exa helps clearly clearly this whisper the, the folks to beat. And in currently, of course. Kriegel is the last five just unbelievable. But that that's amazing. What, what, what are the main things that Kriegel is, is teaching the four of you who are, you know, kind of his students when it comes to the X apps quite quite hot to say? Talked to say, well, you know, say say more if you want them all. As you know, all m creek is very how can say that he is. Sometimes he sink Honda steps forward than you. And I think it's, it's every time small pieces that he give us but we can make make big steps forward with this small, pieces that we get from crickets.

00:25:04 - 00:30:01

So hard to say that the in invert, it's poo at don't know what the say what we learned from him it so many so many things is, is, I guess, what I would say, let me ask you this. What do you because people ask me this all the time, you know, why, why is Kriegel so good? What are the things that he's doing that? The rest of us aren't doing enough is it is there, any one thing that really stands out, for example strategy or route finding or reading the weather in the air, you know, obviously everything adds up. But it's, it's all these like you said, it's all these little things that he's doing that. Make a big difference. But do you think there's in your experience with him? Are there are there? Certain. Things that stand out. I think the, the flying skills, it's to save. Now he have so big experience a fight either. No may be Pentti is now more or less, and in this twenty years, he have a lot of experience sussing. This is, of course, one point Minisini now how critical make the preparation for the excel ABS for six times it's huge test. Everything in it starts by the shoes. He have maybe twenty different choose detests every shoes in different conditions and end every cloths in, in different positions. Anything, this is one point. The muck delays in to prepare so good. And so exacly. I mean, if, if the harness, ten gram light done, it's. Zoa big different than somebody say a ten gummy. It's like it's like one t shirt more or less or I don't know in in for him. It it's it's too. And I think. Small things that make critical so strong. And he say this, as well, when in the rice over today, he it's five he might not make this to the other place. But on the end of the day, when it's when creek lists, let's say three minutes on two minutes foster every time when he packed the glider in, in these two minutes, he walks two hundred meters invented that say when he make he fold he packed his glided to our sweet time each day, and this over the whole competition, it's makes up distance and many say he can fly. Maybe five hundred mall meet through more, because he can land in a really small place this. In every second flight. So that means it's one K in every second flight. So then Benue Lok Wendy look that all on the end of their ice. It's, it's, it's quite the BIC distance and I think it's also this small pieces, but a few Lok the overview, it's quite the big big business in this race. So I think that is also points that to make him so strong. That's yeah. That's, that's a good point. I actually hadn't mentioned of all the things I always say, positively about Kriegel had I mean, I knew about his packing, and all those kind of things and I know he's such a professional. I mean this is what he does and what he lives for, but I hadn't thought about that. You're right. That all really adds up those little things a little things little things. Again, you're back to the little things well with that. With the academy and, and kind of having him as your you know, kind of like a big brother. How have you approached your training went when did it start kind of officially and and break down, your training, a little bit in the last months when did it start? And how of you, how have you approached it? Like do you have a trainer? Do you have? Have you protest the physical side as well as the things you were just talking about, you know, packing fast and shoes and all the lists excellent starred.

00:30:02 - 00:35:17

Ren, ren. I had the when you found out when you when you when you were. Yeah, exactly the night when I saw that I accept to, to make their, the south. But in this moment, I wasn't prosciutto with the together with down this pilots in gyco for distance fine. So there was quite taught to train because we was flying the whole day and tonight, AMI was driving in the car. So he was quite busy over there about. Back november. And then I we started to make draining plan to get the with the sport Clinton can burn at they are growthy are at the know how to say that. But end together with critical remade, depending plan for me as well love for critical. In. That was first the big step to make this plan because it's for me spending portent. So I, I saw a what I have to do over the week. And what was the goal and the, the months that was one thing physical? And then the second thing was the mental point to get there with Dema study the support from Craig go the first four times and this was as well at the moment also at big part because he had us allowed for strategy to, to have every time the, the good focus on the right things. Anyway, Doma was more for the mental things struck the key and in how to to. To have the motivation every time on the right place. And critical is more like Matisse experience. He, he said, on may be you can try this shoes and a train more little bit like this in this moment. And so I worked together with this two person in the same way. And that was very funny because sometimes we thumb piglet DIVY was draining together, and it's so cool to drain with this two guys because when the two together, then it's, it's so fun. They have so good ideas. And the taught to say about than it's a cool, Upmace fair and all are somewhat divided than than. On the end of the training. You have so many ideas, what you can do and, and what the next goals and the next steps and this was was them. Ray cool in. This is preparing on till now, Patrick can give me can you Thomas is kind of famous in, in the exile. And in those who have had access to him have sounds like they really get a lot out of it. Can you can you give some examples of what some of that mental training looks like or some of the some of the things he has given you that have helped? You prepare. Yeah. I will try to explain 'em no-one sing is in our team is sepanek it's the main supporter than it's my father, the second supporter, every person of two for the excels have special things to do that means set, it's more half more toxic part, the roots planning and the overview, and then my father have more the things like car driving 'em. He have to look that we have every time enough food and then after work together with 'em for the tactical things. And I that was one of the first steps together with Thomas made the overview, but we have to. To do and artists special chops and from the different person in our team, and it's very hard to explain but then we was writing this on the on the on a paper and as well than the strong parts of this each person, and it's, it's points like this.

00:35:17 - 00:40:11

And now I was thinking odd, but when we can use that when we can use that we had actually one preparing draining, yet that situation when we was not sure what to do. And then it's quite helpful US saying on now, it's was might something wrong, but we go further what we have to do now, we on the ground. So. Trich have to walk set path to see which through and my father have to look that we have enough food for all then it's was was fine. The folk was was on the right thing and was going forward. And then realize that the this thing it's, it's a very potent. So it's, it's, it's very hard to explain but. It's really a big part of our preparation, the team the team side of it, making sure everybody has delineated roles and it's all smooth listen. It doesn't take a lot of your own personal bandwidth, you know that they're they're figuring. How do you how do you pro- weather forecasting? Do you have? Do you have a separate weather guy or team, you know, like with Medio Swiss that feeds, you information or are your is your team just doing it on their own on the fly? No, actually, we have one mid guy that makes dementia for the hostess team, that means for sweet swan to three. And he make little bit the overview of the metal and then the rest remake by our south. But course we can coal like mountain shell his run of the famous. Met deal guys. That's we trust. Crystalline in, in history. M working quite well, when he make the met by his own, we trust curriculum in try to make the mitt to buy our own end. We have this, this person that makes the background is overview, something that I found really surprising in twenty fifteen Kriegel, and I were sitting next to each other at the press conference at the red bull there to hang or the really famous hanger with all the planes, and everything there Berg and before they started recording. We were just having a chat, and he, he said, the same in twenty seventeen we had dinner together one night before the prologue and he said the same thing that he doesn't scout the course in advance. And in, in this year, he said when the route was announced that may be the tone where you live, you know, through through titlists at the Engelberg way point. Saint Hilaire really Davos to, to Saint Hilaire through that whole area. He thought while this could actually be a disadvantage for me because I know it so. Well, I think he was just being nice there. But, but. Found. I found it very interesting that he doesn't, you know, there, there are some athletes in the race mostly for economic reasons or because they have job, or they don't live in the Alps that it's really impossible to come over and, and train on course line, you know for weeks before the race. But he lives right there. And he, he says he purposefully doesn't do it because, you know, in the past with the race starting in early July. He said, you know, if he goes in may or June, even or even two weeks before the course and flies some segment of it. It's totally different two weeks later when the race is happening. And he doesn't want to have any preconceived notions about how to fly through that he, he wants to. He wants to make that call on the day in for the conditions of the day and just figure. It out because he you know, he's so brilliant at that, obviously, but this is a long question. But my my, my question is, are you are you taking that same strategy or will you try to fly and see as much of the course as possible? No, that's one.

00:40:11 - 00:45:06

We used the same strategy if you are free. Or if you don't know the area, you fly more as I would say more safe from it with more comb comfort. And then I think you are freer and the Ethnos dress, you can decide you make your decision from your stomach or how or by about two yet instinct, exactly. And that's why we used to same strategic a behalf is points in on the road. Very, we have to choice, the different routes and. Yet. That's the only thing that we have, and the rest me try to, to have to keep as much as post to open in this, this route. So you your approach is stay where you are because you have, you know, your house and your support and it's easier you can just train where you are until the race. And then you go, yeah. Yeah. Maybe. What we plan to do. His to go on the top of the place to see American stock minutes have cells indoor or many eastwind something like that. I think this is the only a one of the. Smallest thing that we do make Rico next week to this board that race in our show, and there to have a loc- bit. 'em how it looks staring in osteo in the small hills. Yeah. It's like like we said before in there is totally different than, than you have to the site by your own. So you've you've competed now with Kriegel a couple times in the either fly or sorry, the iron fly and idir tour. Can you beat them? Can he beat? In the in the newspaper here in this area. This was short of the announcement of the athletes. Critical said the t- think I might good wrestled, but he's sink that they can make a better than him because I have not so big experience like him. And that is that what I full about, I think now he have. So big experienced he might it's like when we watched the rue now he no every area on two thousand thirteen I was here that was able to fly to here, and there was little bit tricky and there and. Yeah. He knows. The whole area very half through now. So good. So. It's very hard to be better than than trickled retrial or best than, than we will see. We have not a ranking goal we just want to have fun because then be be make a good work and we have found than we are all happy. Does does Thomas talk about that? You know, I've I've I've often thought about that. You know in in, in twenty fifteen. I, I had no idea really if, if I could even do it. I mean I hadn't done any big endurance races. I my my racing and professional athlete background was in ski racing, which is really short duration. You know, and I was older, and I had bad knees. And I thought, wow. I just I don't I just have no idea. I going to be embarrassed and get eliminated or if I'd be able to do it. But so are our approach was very professional. I think in terms of the preparation, but also quite relaxed. I didn't I didn't have any goal of being top three or top ten or anything it was just be safe. You know, don't get hurt and have fun. And. It went pretty well I in twenty fifteen and so in twenty seventeen I changed that.

00:45:06 - 00:50:04

And, and I really did have some goals in terms of result. And I think that was maybe too much pressure. I dunno. I in some ways, I think I wanted it to badly, and, and, you know, it was we, we made a mistake early that just really, really cost us. And we're so when you look at the two races, I made so many more in twenty fifteen because we were rookies we didn't know what we were doing. We learned on the way and in twenty seventeen we didn't really make that many mistakes. But the one we made was really bad. And, and it wasn't even really I you know, I bombed out on a day that I really shouldn't have bombed out it was. You know, one of those, you know, that just unfortunate things that happens in paragliding, and really cost because the weather was so bad that you're but anyway, the point is, is it does. Thomas talk about. That aspect like in, in, in competitions that something we hear a lot of is that, you know, if you really are serious, and you really want it bad. You're don't do very well. You know, if you're just relaxed you, if you relaxed you fly better. But I'm just wondering, you know, for something that's as big as the X apps that only comes around every couple years, it's hard to not feel that pressure. At least for me. Yeah. Yeah. For me. It's it at the moment. It's very hard to say because I'm like you in before the rice, two thousand fifteen I'm rookie, I don't know. Exactly and distance how hard will be the rays have no points that they can say or did I can compare or something like that. So it's as think it's little bit easier. Of course this statement for, for the people from the outside. They say Aw, you, you are one of the rubric, is that, that the people will show very Val. That makes not easy. There is a two said, Thomas is it's a it's a really good person that can help us that we have the focus on. On our on our strategy and that the as I said that the do that we like to and what we can do very well. So at the moment, quite relaxed all of us. No stress and be just looking forward to the start of this radio. Finally. No more training. We get to go. Have fun, absolutely. Patrick. I want to be mindful of your time. I've just got a few, I haven't done this in a while. But yesterday I was a big training day yesterday. I was near the end of the walk, and I was listening to a podcast by a guy named Sam Harris a podcast. I listened to a lot and he asked this the series of what he calls rapid fire questions was just made. You don't have to answer them fast. You can answer them long. However, you want, but just a few kind of unrelated questions. I thought we'd, we'd close on that some of these this was not for paragliding whatsoever. It was something totally different. But I thought some of these would be pretty fun. So let me just ask you a few few of these rapid fire questions. If you had one piece of advice for someone to succeed and this wasn't what he asked. But I'm throwing to succeed as a pilot, what would it be Christian think, to have a small supposed to be fun on that? What? Do you really do from from your heart do that for yourself for me? It's like this than I have. So look the fun than than I do it quite well. And I think this together with the motivation, do you want to go forward to, to, to make progress as think this is two points to go forward and to get that good. Bye. This next question doesn't doesn't work for you because you're, you're in your twenties. It was the, the question is, if you could do one thing differently in your twenties. What would it be? But you're in your twenties, so we're going to change this one. If you could if you could rewind to your fifty our self, so that would be, you know, when you're sixteen you're just learning.

00:50:04 - 00:55:06

So this is nine years ago. Is there anything about if you could go back to that Patrick when he when sixteen and say, listen, Patrick, here's what I would do differently? What would that be? Like I said, in the beginning, I was so lucky. I was everytime on the right point. In the Swiss army, I'm managed to may, I as a pilot park lighting pilots, and there had also the punitive to, to train and and fly four days in a week and other have to do this army things, and there are also many things that I was so lucky. So. I don't know what they will change venite ruby sixteen novels of that's great. Well, we hope I hope that's the same again in another ten years, which is the next question yet. Ten years from now. What do you think? You'll regret doing too much or too little of think too much is, is may be flying the way Shen goes back in back that they will be on the point that they stop defying because I was making too much, and too little, too little is to spend some time with the family or the girlfriend on. That's the game at the moment. That's a I think something that many, many pilots our struggle with or maybe regret at some point this, it's, it's very consuming. This thing we do. Okay. What is the most important nonflying thing you can do to become a better pilot? I think for me for me because I don't like to read books and study some I'm motor to that want to try something. And so I think it's not that point, but I think to, to work on my mental point there, I think I can do a lot like like now with together with Thomas. Am I think in this point I can make quite big steps forward? And that's the only thing at the moment that I think. What negative experience? So what, what bad experience in your life, one that you would not want to repeat his had the most profound positive change for the better? I think it's this accident that I that I said before when I was in forestry wasn't the first moment about on the end. It's was good for me to, to relax little bit. And I think I learned quite a lot in this time. And on the end it's, it's was also a good part. In in my life. You get a lot of perspective, don't you from from injuries? I've had many not not from flying knock on wood, but, you know, over my lifetime many, many surgeries and stuff from all kinds of Dido mountain biking, and skiing accidents. But they always suck when when they happen. But then somehow they're, they're they're very good times for growing in for perspective for learn infected. Yeah. They, they tend to be in retrospect, they tend to be very good things. Patrick, thank you for sharing all of this. I really appreciate it. I know it's difficult to, to do it and not your native language. So I really appreciate it. You did great man. Thank you. It's, it's good to meet you, even though it's not in person, but will be meeting soon enough there, and in food, and so I wish you the best of luck with the rest of your training for you and your your team. And. Really looking forward to race with you and spend the amazing days in the Alps together for the exile. So, but thank you, thanks to, and they also good luck and death. You assume in Salzburg, and things Celo banks Patrick. They. They. If you find the cloud base may have valuable, you can support it in a lot of different ways you can give us a rating on itunes or Stitcher.

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