Episode 94- Patrick Von Kanel and the greatest Game on Earth


Patrick Von Kanel is only 25 years old but in a few days he’ll be one of the athletes to really watch in the Red Bull X-Alps. His mentors include Michael and Chrigel Maurer, he’s a test pilot for Advance, he’s big, he’s strong, he’s of course Swiss (no non-Swiss pilot has ever won the X-Alps), he’s solid in acro and he came in second in his last two hike and fly races- to the Eagle himself, Chrigel Maurer. In this episode we learn about what he’s learned from these incredible mentors, Chrigel’s X-Alps specific academy, tips and secrets to stay safe, once again the importance of ground handling, maintaining the drive when you fly so much, tips and strategies for the race, how Patrick has been training for the race and a lot more. An intriguing conversation with an exceptional pilot and athlete. Enjoy!

By the way- I apologize for my intro saying it was 2 weeks until the race, we put up Wolfi Siess in the last episode. It’s only 4 days!


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Show Notes:

  • Patrick describes his history and being mentored by Chrigel and Michael Maurer
  • What’s the most important things to build from to stay safe
  • Training tips and strategies
  • Mental training with Thomas Theurillat
  • How to prepare for something as huge as the Red Bull X-Alps
  • What changes should we all make- not just in flying, but in life


Mentioned in this episode:

Chrigel Maurer, Michael Maurer, Advance Paragliders, Michael Witschi, FlywithAndy.com, Thomas Theurillat, OneDay, Martin Scheel


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