Episode 93- Wolfgang (Wolfi) Siess and the Hang Gliding obsession


Wolfi Siess has been chasing it hard for the past 19 years. He watched his Dad fly from the time he began to walk- the flying blood runs thick in this family! As soon as it was legal (and his mom gave him the ok!) Wolfi took to the skies and hasn’t looked back since. He’s big on the comp scene, flies tandems all summer, speed flies, makes films- basically does whatever he can to keep the dream alive. Four years ago Wolfi tumbled low on a perfect day in Elsinore and a delayed fear injury set in that took over three years to come back from. We discuss how to build confidence after an accident or set back and how to build the right space in your mind to find the joy of flying again. We discuss how to build the best foundation early for a lifetime of safe flying, balancing an obsession, flying in a family, overconfidence, the art of chasing it, how to attract more people to the sport, the advantages of Hang Gliding, drones and the future of free-flight and a lot more. Always fun to talk with someone who has so much love and passion for free flight. Enjoy!

Check out some of Wolfi’s videos and awesome content:

Wolfi’s YouTube Channel

Wolfi’s Instagram Channel

Masters, Misfits and Moab“- the Rhythm of Flight project

The tumble in Elsinore


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Show Notes:

  • Wolfi tumbles in California
  • Learning from Dad and chasing it
  • Accidents and recovery
  • Energy retention on Hang Gliders
  • How to attract more pilots to the sport
  • Hours, hours, hours
  • Balancing the obsession
  • Tandems
  • Speed flying and the ground effect
  • The Rhythm of Flight
  • The advice he wishes he would have gotten
  • Learning from others mistakes
  • The Dream Flight
  • Pushing too hard


Mentioned in this episode:

Evan Smith, Zac Majors, Wills Wing, Andy Jackson Flight Park, Jonas Lobitz, Bruce Weaver, Cody Mittanck, Willi Canell, Paul Guschlbauer, Maxime Bellemin, Cross Country Magazine, Berkhard Martens, Denis Pagen, Red Bull X-Alps, Manfred Ruhmer, Christian Ciech, Chrigel Maurer



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