Episode 69- Armin Harich and Sending Flatlands and Flying accident free

Flying Namibia

Armin Harich is the co-founder of Skywalk Paragliders, started flying in 1989 and has never had an accident, and is the first person to fly over 300km in Germany- and he did it on a EN B wing (the Skywalk Tequila). I was told by many people before speaking to Armin that he’s a flatlands “SkyGod” so we focused much of this show on flatlands flying techniques and how people started flying the flatlands, dealing with airspace, how to assess weather in advance of a potentially good day, how to get established early, the stupidity of frustration, why it makes sense to try early, and a lot more. But we also discuss the genesis of Skywalk, wing advancement, the X-Alps and metrics of having Chrigel on a Skywalk wing for the race, what’s possible in the future, the synergy between kites and wings, certification and how Skywalk plans for the future. There’s a ton of great take-aways in this show- enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Armin recounts the best flights of his life in a LONG career of accident-free flying
  • How Armin has never had an accident.
  • Flying the first 300km in Germany on the Skywalk Tequila
  • Dealing with Airspace
  • The genesis of Skywalk
  • Chrigel on the Skywalk for the X-Alps
  • Synergy between kitesurfing wings and paragliding wings
  • The pressure on a manufacturer to come up with the latest and greatest
  • Developing the sport
  • Thoughts on Sink and flying good lines
  • Keys to flying far in the flatlands
  • Getting established in the flats when it’s not yet “on”
  • Flying cross country is not random
  • How to studying areas you plan to fly in advance to identify tricky spots
  • Air and energy air masses
  • The stupidity of frustration
  • Try early
  • Keeping the passion
  • Where to exit a cloud on a cloudstreet day

Mentioned in this episode:

Paul Gushlbauer, Chrigel Maurer, Alex Hollwarth, Stephen Gruber, Arne Wehrlin, Till Gottbrath

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