Episode 20- Bruce Goldsmith and Passion

Bruce Goldsmith

Bruce Goldsmith

Bruce Goldsmith has quite possibly more competition flying under his belt than anyone. One of the few pilots who’s won in both Hangliding and Paragliding Bruce began flying comps in the mid 80’s and capped off over 30 years of success by winning the world championships in 2007 in Australia. He’s started or designed for most of the major brands in paragliding (Ozone, Airwave, Advance, etc.) and now heads up Bruce Goldsmith Designs. His passion for the sport and his knowledge comes through in his books 25 ways to fly better (now in digital form and expanded to 50 ways to fly better) and belong in every serious pilot’s library. Bruce is a regular contributor to Cross Country Magazine and is truly passionate about free flight. In this information-packed episode Bruce discusses how competitions have changed, the close link between design and competition, creating and perfecting a modern glider, he relates an amazing story of tumbling and hang glider in the Owens back in 93′, why accidents happen, three of the most important ways to progress, how to tackle the most critical aspects of becoming better and a lot more. Please enjoy this discussion with one of the very greats in our sport, Bruce Goldsmith.

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Show Notes:

  • How to play the gaggle and winning game in Competitions
  • Design and competitions
  • How to go from an “also-ran” to a winner
  • Three of the most important things to work on to improve
  • Bruce’s most memorable flight in Reunion
  • How to create a modern glider
  • How and why accident happen
  • How age affects flying ability.
  • How to tackle the most critical aspects of becoming a better pilot.
  • How to develop your mental game
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Nick Greece, Nate Scales, John Pendry, Robby Whittal, Stewart Midwinter

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6 thoughts on “Episode 20- Bruce Goldsmith and Passion

  1. Thanks Gavin for having BG on the podcast. I always enjoy all of the insights and experiences of your guests. And of course learn a lot. My first glider I purchased was a BG designed Airways Sport 4. I still fly it today and , for me, I consider it to be one of my safest, best handling gliders I’ve owned. I am so excited that BG has carried on in the business of designing and selling gliders… I fly “B” gliders as a weekend warrior and will most likely only fly B’s for this old guy!

  2. Hi Gavin, I’ve been devouring your fantastic interviews, they have made my commute feel a lot shorter! I was trying to donate a few beers using the link above, but I get redirected to a generic PayPal site, without any payment instructions. Am I missing something? I’m not sure how to get the money to you from that site…

    Oh, while I’m at it: is it ok with you if I make a single donation (for now, anyway…), instead of lots of small ones for each podcast?

    Cheers, and keep ’em coming!

  3. Hi Gavin, just to confirm that the problem is indeed solved, no problems making a donation just now. And always glad to make a grown man blush! 🙂

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