Episode 1- Bill Belcourt (the Yoda Podcast)

In this inaugural Cloudbase Mayhem podcast we hear from Bill Belcourt.  When we were on the set of 500 Miles to Nowhere with Nate Scales, Matt Beechinor, Nick Greece and myself we had the opportunity to stop by Black Diamond Headquarters and sit down with Bill Belcourt to discuss among other things throwing a rescue, what it takes to fly big lines, modern glider development, the history of the sport, the concept of “bringing it”, and a whole lot more.  This episode is PACKED with incredible information. Whether you are a novice pilot getting a taste for your first XC, or an expert who flies vol biv or world cups, there is a lot to be learned here.  Enjoy.

Flying Hurricane Ridge during the 500 Miles Shoot

Flying Hurricane Ridge during the 500 Miles Shoot

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12 thoughts on “Episode 1- Bill Belcourt (the Yoda Podcast)

  1. Thanks for putting this together! It was great to get things done around the house on a rainy day while it played in the background. I’d like to listen off my phone in the future. I searched for it using my podcast app but couldn’t find it. Do you anticipate making it accessible on smart phones via an app or through other podcast apps?

  2. HI Gavin.

    great podcast! I fly in Greenland and we are just a few ones that fly/paraglide. and all the info in the podcas. is really useful for me.

    Thank`S! 🙂

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