Episode 59- Christoph Weber and Behind the Veil of the Red Bull X-Alps


Christoph Weber has been the race director of the Red Bull X-Alps since 2007. This episode dives into the behind-the-scenes for our fans of the show who wanted more than what’s available on live tracking. How do athletes get chosen? How is the route decided every year? What’s the story with how the rules have changed over the years? Is it possible to beat Chrigel? How has the race changed over the years? What are the major logistics involved and what is Red Bull’s role? What happened to the live tracking in 2017 and what’s with all the over-the-top marketing? What happens if someone is killed? How has the race evolved over the years? How has it gotten so much faster every year? Why do we have to end in Monaco? What’s with the turnpoint contracts? This and a lot more. If you’re a fan of the race or on one of the teams, you’ll enjoy this chat with Christoph into the Toughest Adventure Race on Earth.


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Show Notes:

  • How Christoph became the race director and what his job entails
  • How Red Bull is involved- and how they aren’t
  • How has the race evolved over the years?
  • Why Monaco? Because Monaco SUCKS!
  • How are the athletes decided? Is it just strictly skill or is there a marketing component?
  • Are athletes who have been selected in the past protected over others for future races?
  • What’s the story with the nightpass? Why do they have to be called so early (before noon)?
  • Why is team flying allowed?
  • What will change in the 2019 episode?
  • How is safety vs the marketing juggled?


Mentioned in this episode: Cross Country Magazine, Red Bull X-Alps, Hannes Arch, Ulrich Grill, Steve Cox, Zooom, Powertraveler, Red Bull, Leatherman, Prologue, Salewa, Garmin, Gaspard Petiot, Bruce Marks, Ben Abruzzo, Jon Chambers, Aaron Durogati, Paul Gushlbauer, Nick Neynens, X-Pyr, Bornes to Fly, Borderair race



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