Episode 58- Théo De Blic and becoming a professional

Théo De Blic is one of the new generation of professional acro pilots who has been staggering audiences around the world with his incredibly difficult twisted sequences. In this episode we learn how Théo has become one of the most-winning pilots on the World Cup tour and how he’s making a living from flying and then we get into the essentials of progression, the ardors of competition, the best equipment for acro, the safest way to learn acro, the steps of throwing your rescue, why you should learn on a non Acro or Freestyle wing, how to find your reserve handle when things are going wrong, training over the water vs the ground, the problems of competing in a judged sport, the fundamentals that most cross country pilots are missing including incorrectly throwing your reserve, the importance of having full stalls dialed, WHEN to throw (ie recognizing and identifying how much time you need) and a lot more. Please share this episode with your pilot friends, it will save lives!


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Show Notes:

  • Théo talks about how he learned at age six from his dad and how becoming a professional pilot became a reality
  • Training acro over the ground vs over the water
  • Flying just for the enjoyment
  • The essential skills- including throwing your reserve!
  • A warning for Cross Country pilots- learn your stalls!
  • Learning helico and deep stall and why you should learn on a EN B glider rather than a Freestyle or Acro glider.
  • Recognizing when to throw and the mental preparation of throwing
  • Being wary of optimism and the importance of being prepared
  • Training acro in the off season and the best sites in the world to get hours
  • Get on the Tour!

Catch Théo’s instructional videos here.

Watch the “Sounds of Paragliding” video here.

Mentioned in this episode: Cross Country Magazine, Tim Alonghi, Niviuk, Ondrej Prochazka, Sup’Air, Raul Rodriguez, Pal Takats, Feliz Rodriguez, Horatio Llorens, Gradient, Jean-Baptiste Chandelier


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