Episode 55- Xandi Meschuh and building a foundation

Xandi doing his THANG

Xandi Meschuh has been in the flying game since the very beginning. He learned to fly RC planes from his father, a pilot before he was ten years old and got the paragliding bug soon afterwards. Xandi has his own flight park near Gerlitzen, Austria where he teaches new students looking for their first flight as well as seasoned professional pilots looking to nail their first Infinite loop. He has taught SIV since SIV began; has been a test pilot and designer for Icaro paragliders since 2004; operates a successful tandem business; is a skilled XC pilot; co-authored the acro bible “Acrobatics” with Mike Küng and has been witness to paragliding since it began. In this episode we dig into the most essential maneuvers pilots need to have dialed, the stumbling blocks that lie in wait for pilots at each level in their career from beginner to expert, the dangers of risking too much early and a lot more. Enjoy!

Read more about Xandi, the trips he offers, SIV courses and more here.

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Show Notes:

  • Xandi takes us back to the start in the late 80’s and how he made flying his life
  • How flying RC planes helped him understand air and paragliding
  • How wings are developed and come to market
  • Wing testing- how it works and is it fair?
  • SIV essentials and how a proper SIV course should go down- and what you should get out of it
  • The two most important maneuvers to have down pat – the full stall and wingover
  • Where beginner, intermediate and expert pilots go wrong
  • After a lifetime of flight, what would you change?
  • The danger of playing too much.
  • Safety is cool

Mentioned in this episode: Icaro Paragliders, Mike Kung, Werner Weissman, Chrigel Maurer, Acrobatics, Noco, Flymaster


2006 World acro champion

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