Episode 41- Chris Santacroce and Set Ups for Success


Chris Santacroce has been a pillar in human flight for nearly thirty years. A long time Red Bull Air Force athlete; co-owner and founder of Superfly Paragliding in Utah; founder of Project Airtime which allows the disabled to fly; total air Jedi on anything that flies- from powered trikes to wingsuits and everything in between, Chris has been one of the most requested guests on the show and now here it is! Chris and I discuss his cross country competition years; his wild flights across the Andes with Will Gadd; his transition from being a Red Bull athlete to having a family and becoming a successful businessman; how to improve flying safety and have a lifetime of safe flying; the “random factor” in flying and developing intuition; improving your ability and habit of making good decisions; how not to “con” yourself; modern SIV; the dangers of ambition; how to pick an instructor and a LOT more. This show is packed with humor, knowledge, humility, and just flat out rad advice. Have a listen, then listen again and make notes- this show is the air and water essentials of flying, you can’t live without it!


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Show Notes:

  • Chris recounts his early days and initial forays into the big leagues
  • Chris talks about starting SuperFly Inc, being asked to join the Red Bull Air Force, working with guys like Othar Lawrence and Will Gadd and how his passion became his lifeblood
  • Chris recounts how his passion and stoke has channeled into different things over the years, all related to flying, like his disabled flying missions through Project Airtime.
  • Chris talks about his Safety App, which was created to help facilitate easy feedback between pilots
  • How do we develop good intuition?
  • How to set yourself up for success and how to avoid the potentially lethal “random factor”
  • How to develop good habits, and why it’s so important to avoid the marginal days
  • How not to “con” yourself- developing the skill and patience not to fly
  • A warning about ambition
  • Modern SIV and what Chris has learned over the many years of teaching active SIV
  • How to pick an instructor and school
  • Mentioned in this episode: Blake Pelton, Greg Smith, Dave Bridges, Chris Davenport, Will Gadd, Jeff Farrell, Othar Lawrence, Superfly Paragliding, Rob Sporrer.


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