Episode 2- Matt Beechinor (the Glider Podcast)

Really excited about this second episode with one of my mentors in the big XC game, Matt Beechinor, aka “Farmer”.  When he flew 193 miles in 2012 from Mt Baldy in Sun Valley I decided my choice to move to the Wood River Valley later that summer was about the best decision I ever made.  Matt has been flying for almost 20 years, is the best tandem pilot I know, is an amazing instructor, guide, and a Jedi in the air. In this episode we hear about a couple of amazing saves, what the “alien world” is, how Matt approaches risk, how to thermal better and how he has become one of the best gliders in the business.  Enjoy!

Farmer soars the Mulanje Massif, Malawi

Farmer soars the Mulanje Massif, Malawi- photo Jody MacDonald

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Show Notes:

  • Matt discusses his history of paragliding, including some pretty hairy learning experiences in the Wood River Valley
  • Matt discusses using an “ESP” maneuver to get out of a bad cravat in the Sierras
  • Matt discusses thermalling techniques and the importance of nailing wing overs
  • Matt discusses the US team, competition, and how to glide more efficiently


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8 thoughts on “Episode 2- Matt Beechinor (the Glider Podcast)

  1. Thank you forThe high-quality podcast interview with such good advice and stories. I am a new P2 in Santa Barbara and am enjoying all of the information and stoke in the beginning stages of my learning curve.having the advice and experience of you guys who have gone before has really given me confidence and carefulness to have a long flying career.

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  3. Thanks guys so much! This is such a useful podcast/info. Keep’em coming. Thats exactly what a lot of us are missing in paragliding (Mentors like you) And good luck at the X-alps boys!

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