Episode 89- Travis Burke and believing it’s possible


Travis Burke is an athlete, professional photographer and content creator for some of the largest adventure, commercial and action-sports brands in the outdoor industry. This is a remarkable story told by a very driven and interesting guy who spends as much time as possible slacklining, dropping crazy drops skateboarding, surfing, freediving and recently paragliding who has figured out how to make a living from his hobbies and passions. What kind of leap of faith is needed to make it happen? What does total commitment look like? How do you face your fears and cut the cord? Every once in awhile here at the Mayhem we like to sit down with pilots who are just getting started to get their perspective, and this talk will give you a very different perspective on life. The best kind of talk there is! Enjoy!

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Show Notes: 

  • Finding your passion…and making it your life
  • The art of content creation and how to stand out
  • From catalyst to success
  • Wait a minute…there’s a downside here?
  • #vanlife!!!
  • The most important trip you’ll ever take
  • Hard work or talent? How to be at the right place at the right time
  • How to get the shot, and how much time is shooting vs the computer, editing, planning, etc.
  • How to stay authentic in the social media madness?
  • Flying- what to learn early, what to be aware of, how to incorporate flying into your life when you don’t have much time


Mentioned in this episode:

Grind TV and Grind Media, David Hatfield, GoPro, ClifBar, GoalZero, Michael Paul Jones, RED Camera, Jody MacDonald, Jeremy Cannon, Jimmy Chin, Black Diamond, Patagonia, Toyota, Nik Hawks


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