Episode 88- Rob Sporrer and building community, risk awareness and focus on fundamentals

Rob Sporrer and Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston

“Even the best pilots, when they have accidents, it’s usually because they’ve screwed up something fundamental.” Rob Sporrer is the owner of Eagle Paragliding, one of the largest and most respected flying schools in the world. He’s been in the game for over two decades as an instructor, comp pilot, and respected pillar in the community. This conversation covers a lot of ground- we discuss risk management; the importance of working on the fundamentals no matter where you are in your progression as a pilot; where the sport typically bites and how you can beat the odds; how you can and should develop mental checklists; how to build a thriving flying community; how to support those who support you; the difference in SIV and the real world and a ton more. Don’t miss this one!

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Show Notes: 

  • How is flying and learning different now than 20 years ago?
  • What attracts people to this sport…and why is it skycrack to some but not to most?
  • “Support those who support you”
  • Risk Management- at every level. How can you beat the odds?
  • Where do pilots get hurt? How to greatly reduce accidents.
  • How to land safely
  • How to launch safely
  • How to build a thriving community that stresses optimism, positivity, and encouragement
  • Working on the basics- EVERYONE needs to!
  • Reserve practice- you HAVE to practice!
  • Mental checklists and when you shouldn’t fly
  • Glider choice
  • Keep the fundamentals polished
  • Red Bull X-Alps


Rob Sporrer in Colombia on the Niviuk IcePeak 6

Mentioned in this episode:

Pete Thompson, Dave Hanning, Tom Truax, Cedar Wright, Dave Turner, Little John, Reavis Sutphin-Gray, Marty Devieti, Cody Tuttle, Mitch Riley, Jeff Shapiro, Aaron LaPlante, Mike Harrington, Will Gadd, Chris Santacroce, Randy Campadore, Nick Greece, Greg Babush, Kevin Bernanke, Logan Walters, Steve Kroop, Garmin, Recaps, Patagonia



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