Episode 74- Theo Warden and Winning BIG

Theo launching into the record books

Theo Warden is only 19 years old and just took home two wins that would be truly amazing in a career of competition flying, let alone from someone who’s just getting seriously into the game. Theo took home gold at the Europeans in Portugal in August, then chalked up another win immediately afterwards at the British Nationals in Krushevo, Macedonia.  Two of the toughest comps in the world, two back to back wins. How in the world did he do it? This is the emphasis of this podcast- digging into all the things that go into winning. Theo began flying the day after his 14th birthday, after the British rules reduced the minimum age from 16 to 14. He’s been part of the British juniors mentoring program that Russ Ogden, Guy Anderson and a few other top British pilots set up a few years back which is clearly having incredible results. We talk flow state, being disciplined, the importance of having fun, dealing with pressure and keeping it simple. I can’t wait to see what this young Jedi pulls off in the years to come. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Discussed in the episode:
  • Theo discusses his rather brief flying resume and how he got into it
  • The British juniors mentoring program and “boot camps”- what’s involved and how it’s turning young pilots into amazing competitors
  • The headspace for winning- HAVE FUN!
  • Flow and getting in the zone
  • The key- being relaxed and just enjoying the game
  • The importance of feedback and analysis, but not getting bogged down in the negative
  • Trimming gliders and some key points- how big a difference does it make and how often should you have your glider checked?
  • How to approach the future after so much success.
  • How Theo progressed up to the Enzo 3
  • What now?

Read more about his win here in Cross Country Magazine: http://xcmag.com/news/theo-warden-19-wins-european-paragliding-championship/

Mentioned in this episode:

Cross Country Magazine, Jocky Sanderson, Russ Ogden, Ozone paragliders, Guy Anderson, Ed Ewing, Idris Birch, Malin Lobb, Jack Pimblett, Antonio, Jack Bailey, Lawrie Noctor, Niviuk, Ari Sahlstrom, Louis Tapper, Craig Morgan, Aaron Durogati, Michael Sigel, Ari Sahlstrom, Steven Kotler, Antonio Burian, Jessica Cox



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