Episode 33- Hugh Miller and Flying Psychology, X-Alps, Chrigel Secrets and MORE

Hugh Miller flying the flats of the UK

Hugh Miller began flying at the age of 15 and has been a household name in the sport since taking over Cross Country Magazine back in the 90’s at the age of 21. He does most of the EN C and D wing testing for the magazine today and just last year won the UK League in a career that spans decades. This talk could have gone on for hours. We cover a huge range of topics that are pertinent and valuable for any pilot at any level- exposure to risk in competitions; how to improve regardless of your level; tactics for flatland flying; the importance of flying intuitively and following a “hunch”; when to move up to a higher class wing (and when not to); developing unconscious feel; developing a mental picture of the sky; the importance of preparation and goal setting; is paragliding getting bigger/ safer/ younger/ more accessible?; the power of psychology in paragliding and breaking the negative cycle; the importance of holding back to get better results; Chrigel’s magic and what the rest of us can learn; X-Alps- what’s awesome, what makes him nervous and should we be combining aviation and sport and a LOT more. Listen to this one when you aren’t distracted and listen to it more than once- there’s a lot here. Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Hugh recounts learning full stalls and spins before pilots used reserves
  • High discusses the value and the dangers of competition flying
  • Flatland tactics and strategies
  • Wing choice- 2 liner or 3 liner?
  • When you should and shouldn’t move up on a wing and why
  • Flying intuitively and unconscious decision making
  • The importance of following a hunch and how to develop unconscious flying
  • The power of adventure in the sport
  • Paragliding psychology – breaking the negative cycle
  • The importance of holding back- advice for the new and intermediate pilot
  • What we should be doing flying at trim in rough air
  • X-Alps- what separates the top guys from the rest?
  • Chrigel’s magic and what we can learn from his execution
  • The 3 modes of flying- thermalling, planning, gliding- how to stay focused
  • Mentioned in this episode: Cross Country Magazine, Niviuk, King 7, Dave Turner, Jocky Sanderson, Paul Gushlbauer, Bruce Marks, Jerome Maupoint, Barney Woodhead, Headspace, Nate Scales, Intermountain Wide Open, Guy Anderson, Kelly Farina, Matt Beechinor, Mark Watts, Chrigel Maurer, Russ Ogden, Ed Ewing, Will Gadd, Tom Payne, Honza, Jon Chambers, Kirsty Cameron, X-Contest, Nick Greece


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