Episode 31- Russ Ogden, a Masters Class in Paragliding


We’ve got a VERY special episode for you this Holiday Season. Ozone test pilot and world cup crusher Russ Ogden, one of the great living legends of paragliding and the inspiration for the Cloudbase Mayhem podcast and one of the most-mentioned pilots in the show gives us two solid hours that I am calling a Masters Class in paragliding. This is the most information dense episode to date that we’ve done and YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS! There isn’t much we don’t cover here- being a test pilot; how wings are made, what wings are more difficult to make, reserves- square or round?; the “One Class” and the CCC class, comprehensive speed to fly strategies and how important are those instruments we love so much?; how to “sniff” out good lines; how to fly efficiently; the concept of discipline; what separates the elite pilots from the rest of the field; chasing world records; how to prepare for a competition; techniques to stop a frontal; the importance of SIV, the importance of stalls; why paragliding is still dangerous; getting through the intermediate syndrome; the Ozone ZENO; eliminating mistakes; dealing with fear; pod harness efficiency; seat board vs hammock harness; and MUCH, MUCH more!

I’d really love to hear your input on the podcast- what you love, what you want more or less of, who you would like to see on the show. Let’s have it! Leave a comment below and I’ll do anything I can to improve the show. Thanks so much for your donations and Happy Holidays!

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Show Notes:

  • Russ discusses his long history in the sport and what being a test pilot for Ozone is all about.
  • How are wings created? We delve into how a wing becomes reality.
  • What wings are more difficult to produce? You might be surprised.
  • CCC class vs Serial vs Open- what does the future hold?
  • The Texas world record encampment last year
  • What Russ works on in the “off” season
  • Speed to fly- an easy rule to follow, and how to fly fast
  • Sniffing out lifty lines- gliding, thermaling and more
  • How to fly efficiently- what separates the elite from the rest
  • How to prepare for a competition and should you?
  • Frontals
  • Reserves- rounds or squares? Fly with one or two? Weight range?
  • The importance of SIV, frontals and other safety issues
  • Why paragliding remains dangerous even as wings get so much better and safer
  • How to get through the “Intermediate Syndrome”
  • Bonus section: revisit the One Class, revisit the ZENO, reserves, learning wingovers and their importance, SIV, Seatboards, the Nova Phantom, Flapping to land, top landing, aspect and performance, how weight and size matter.
  • Mentioned in this episode: Ozone, Nova, Will Gadd, Cross Country Magazine, Isabella Messenger, Larry Tudor, Nate Scales, Nick Greece, Jocky Sanderson, Joe Krushe, Luc Armont, Andre Ferrera, Honorin Hamard, Cody Mittanck, Guy Anderson, Kelly Farina, Matt Beechinor, Bill Belcourt, Charles Cazaux, Mark Watts, Seiko, Dave Turner,  Pepe, Julien Wirtz, Xevi Bonnet, Cedar Wright




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