Christmas Bonus Episode with Chrigel Maurer!

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It’s here folks! The bonus episode you’ve all been waiting for. We released this follow up episode with Chrigel Maurer a couple months ago for our Patreon supporters. Don’t miss these! Sign up to support the show through Patreon and get immediate access to bonus material like this on a regular basis. All we ask for is a buck an episode.

In this episode I rattle off all the questions that came through from our listeners about everything everyone wants to know about the greatest pilot on Earth. Not much more to be said- ENJOY!


A buck an episode, that’s all we ask.

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Show Notes:

  • Chrigel talks harnesses- seat board or not and much more
  • Instruments- what he uses and why and does he use those thermal assistants?
  • Does he use a sink alarm?
  • How to thermal more efficiently and how to make a plan on the go
  • Speed-to-fly
  • Why three liners in the X-Alps?


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