The Rockies Traverse is LIVE!

The Rockies Traverse


The Rockies Traverse is now LIVE on Red Bull TV! If you’re looking for some pretty thrilling (and at time pretty scary!) inspiration settle in for the full Red Bull Media House film, shot and edited by ReelWaterProductions. Grab it on the big screen, the imagery is stunning. Will Gadd and I were awarded the “National Geographic Adventurers of the Year” for the expedition and it remains the longest connected paragliding expedition that has ever been done.  Hope you enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “The Rockies Traverse is LIVE!

  1. such a great flight… epic. great storytelling and information. just gets me pumped to fly more and be grateful for living so close to my sb mountains to fly anytime its good. thanks gavin will and redbull for the videoing….

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