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  1. Hey Gavin, thanks heaps for your content! I’ll be rooting for you in this years X-Alps!

    I’m sure you get a lot of requests for people to be on the show, but I’ll request two anyway.

    Peter Holdy, Is a YouTuber, XC pilot, Instructor. And started by being self taught, he does not recommend it now, but still a fun story. His channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDQNgIO3Sk-P657siKu_LBw/about

    Godfrey Wenness, owner of manilla and most experienced pilot in Australia. Help a World Record – Paragliding Open Distance 335kms from, Nov 1998 – 2002. Also held the Worlds Longest Tandem Open Distance – 223kms from Jan 2000 – 2003. And was the first Australian pilot to fly over 100 miles, 200kms, 300kms, 200 miles. Maybe the most interesting, he does flying and Testing Prototypes for Advance Paraglider’s, and material testing for Advance Paraglider’s.

    Anyway, if you read this it means a lot. Catch-ya in the air.

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