Episode 21 Rafael Saladini- Chasing World Records and World Cup Tactics

Rafael Saladini chasing it

Rafael Saladini chasing it

What’s it like to break world records? How do you win tasks at World Cups? Find out how to train to truly go big from one of our sports most talented and dedicated pilots, Brazilian Rafael Saladini. Rafael has just returned from the PWC in Portugal were he was a remarkable 2nd place in two tasks and won the final task, and this just months after being a part of world history when he was part of the crew who flew 513 km last October with Frank Brown, Marcelo Prieto, and Donizete Lemos. Rafael bombed that fated day, but just weeks later flew a remarkable 500 km by himself. In this podcast Rafael takes us on a poetic, heartfelt journey from his early accident-prone days to flying farther than most people ever will. He discusses strategies and tactics at the world cup level; why the Brazilian team and his mentors are able to send such huge flights with so much style; why he left the sport for seven years and how he rediscovered the passion; how to avoid the “superman” illusion; coming back from accidents and fear; the importance of team and gaggle flying; where he thinks 600 km is possible and a LOT more. This was one of the most fascinating and fun talks we’ve had on the Mayhem, you’re in for a treat!

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Show Notes:

  • How Rafael began flying in Rio and got the nickname “the Sardine”
  • The importance of having good mentors and how to get them
  • Accidents early in his career and overcoming fear
  • Coming back to the sport after leaving for 8 years
  • Rafael discusses his world record in 2007 and chasing huge numbers in the past couple years with the best pilots in Brazil
  • Avoiding the “Superman” illusion
  • What training for a world record looks like
  • The Brazilian approach and style
  • Tactics for going big, the importance of team flying
  • The best place in the world for world record flying
  • How to find the passion again
  • How to tackle improvement for competitions
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Nick Greece, Will Gadd, Frankie Brown, Marcelo Prieto, Rodrigo Montero, Ozone, Texas Encampment, Donizete Lemos, Ben Abruzzo, Bruce Marks



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