Episode 8, Nick Greece and Progression

Nick Greece

Nick Greece

I met Nick Greece in Haiti in 2012. I was living in Morocco trying to figure out how to become a better pilot, and getting an invitation from Nick to fly around in the sky wasn’t something I could pass up. Nick has become a great friend and one of my greatest mentors. We have worked together on film projects like 500 Miles to Nowhere, and Malawi and I’m forever trying to figure out how he’s always at the top of the stack. In this episode we learn how Nick got started, how 9-11 affected his choice in careers, what brought him to Jackson Hole, his epic 204 mile flight in 2013, winning US Nationals in 2014, why the US Team hasn’t done well in the Worlds, and all his own mentors in his own journey to the top.  From his beginning at Torrey Pines flipping burgers to becoming the editor of Hangliding and Paragliding to being among the best cross pilots in the world, we cover a lot of ground, including his recent work with Karma Flights and the Cloudbase Foundation in Nepal.  Nick is sponsored by Kavu, Keen, and Eagle Creek and is doing some fantastic work with GoPro for a Cause.  Prepare to be entertained!

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Show Notes:

  • Nick talks about his beginnings at Torrey Pines and watching the plane hit Tower 1 on 9-11 and how that changed his life.
  • How does Nick stay on top of the gaggle? We talk about how he samples a lot of air and climbing strategies.
  • Nick talks about his many mentors along his journey- Jamie Messenger, Bob Drury, John Patterson, Jon Hunt, Steve Cox, Martin Orlich, Alex Hofer, Russ Ogden, Jerome Maupoint, Felix Wolk, Nate Scales, Rob Sporrer, Chris Santacroce, Chip Hildebrand, Josh Riggs, Bill Belcourt, and more
  • Nick talks about his current concern with the increase in accidents and what it could mean for US insurance
  • Reserve tosses- throwing out the laundry works, and we discuss Nick’s own experience with reserves
  • Nick talks about what’s going on with Karma Flights and the Cloudbase Foundation in Nepal
  • Nick discusses his special relationships with Kavu and Keen
  • What’s next for Nick?
Nick's guard dog in Haiti

Nick’s guard dog in Haiti


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5 thoughts on “Episode 8, Nick Greece and Progression

  1. I love your podcast. Great content and guests.

    I know it is highly uncool to complain about something that is hard work for you but free for me, but please buy a microphone. My ears literally hurt. And I don’t use literally loosely.

    • Hey PJ. I was using a microphone, but as it was on skype I agree, it was tough. Internet was pretty poor. I tried to clean it up as best I could, but apologies for the poor sound.

  2. What a difference it makes to have access to these conversations you have, It allows me to learn while at work.
    Keep on doing the good work Gavin!

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