Episode 7- Mads Syndergaard and the Art of Winning

Mads Syndergaard, Author of "Flying Rags to Glory"

Mads Syndergaard, Author of “Flying Rags to Glory”

Mads Syndergaard started paragliding in 1987 and it quickly became his life. He began competing in 1994 and hasn’t looked back since. From learning how to soar in Denmark to becoming one of the leading wing designers in the world with UP gliders, Mads has been a vocal figure in the competition scene for twenty years. In this episode Mads discusses the mental attitude necessary to win; his thoughts on the dissolution of the Open Class and how we got to the CCC class; the debacle last year with Ozone’s Enzo 2; what he calls “priming” your head to fly to win and a lot more. This is an awesome talk with a living legend and we go DEEP on topics like safety, risk, making good decisions, anarchy and a lot more.  Enjoy!


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Show Notes:

  • Mads shares his history in paragliding and how it became his life
  • We discuss the accidents in the Owens during US Nationals and possibly what contributed
  • Mads discusses how the comp scene is being dominated by one manufacturer and how it’s hurting the sport and keeping young pilots out of the game
  • Mads discusses the loss of the Open class and how it’s hurting glider advances
  • Why he’s a proponent for anarchy, but how the Ozone debacle last year was so upsetting
  • The three rules of winning
  • What “priming” your mind to win is all about
  • The value of having a coach, and the value of staying positive


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4 thoughts on “Episode 7- Mads Syndergaard and the Art of Winning

  1. Hi Gavin,

    thank you very much for another fantastic podcast. Please keep them coming. It’s really a great opportunity to be able to “meet” your guests and have an insight into their’s and your’s way of flying.

    Greeting from Prague and all the best!

  2. Hi Gav, great listening to you and Mads putting the world to rights. Just to let you know, that we have 25 or so copies of Mads’ book Flying Rags for Glory. I believe they are the last copies out there, so if anyone wants one, just get in touch with me on FB or logon to http://www.paragliding.rocktheoutdoor.com shop. Thanks for the mayhem, and looking forward to the next episode as ever. Take care now. Emma.

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