Episode 19- Jocky Sanderson and Improving your Game

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Jocky Sanderson literally wrote the book on SIV and training and is one of the most celebrated advanced instructors in the game.  Jocky was a competition pilot for 10 years (reaching 3rd in the world in 95′) and has been a major player in the world of free flight for nearly 30.  He has produced the sports’ most comprehensive instructional videos – Performance Flying, Security in Flight 1 and 2, and Speed to Fly that are a MUST in anyone’s flying library. In this comprehensive podcast we talk about it all- competitions, modern gliders and what’s changed in SIV, is SIV necessary, what’s the most important maneuver in your tool kit, what kind of pilots are most likely to get hurt, how to advance with limited time, why accidents happen, when to push and when to back off, when to move up to a higher performance wing, reserves, the importance of confidence and a LOT more. I hope you enjoy this fun and information-packed episode!

Check out Jocky’s website and amazing courses at Escape Paragliding.


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Show Notes:

  • Competitions and sponsorships
  • Why Jocky got into teaching and SIV
  • Finding balance between family and flying
  • How Jocky has developed his SIV training and what’s changed with modern gliders
  • Who SIV is right, and wrong for
  • 2 liners and dynamicism and the evolution of SIV
  • How much SIV and when to do it? Is SIV good for everyone…or even necessary?
  • The most important maneuver in your tool kit
  • Hot to get good on limited time and avoid the ground suck crowd
  • Why accidents happen, and the dark side of flying
  • When to move up to a higher performance wing…and when not to
  • The importance of confidence in flying
  • Mentioned in this episode:  John Sylvester, Matt Gerdes, Cedar Wright, Robbie Whittal, John Pendry, Barney Woodhead, Mike Calve, Chris White, David Wheeler, Hugh Miller

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