Episode 13- Veso Ovcharov and Finding Balance

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Veselin (“Veso”) Ovcharov is a cross-country and acro ace.  A long-time Red Bull athlete Veso was the first Bulgarian to nail the Infinity and has traveled the world perfecting his craft, pushing the limits of what can be done by paraglider. In this episode we travel back in time to find out how Veso got into the sport; the many hurdles he had to jump to become one of the very best (including literally spending the last few cents to his name before signing with Red Bull); how he has approached progression and safety; the difference between acro and cross country (you might be surprised!); how important it is to develop reflexes on the ground before you take to the air; how to approach risky sports like base jumping and paragliding safely and a LOT more. The long Christmas break is over, it’s time to get back to the Mayhem! Check out just one of Veso’s amazing films to get inspired and don’t miss this episode, it’s got a ton of great advice.

For more on Veso, check out FlyTheEarth.com

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Show Notes:

  • Why we keep traveling and exploring
  • Getting down to a total of zero dollars in savings the day he signed with Red Bull
  • His brothers near-death accident and how to fly safely- TRAINING!
  • How Veso is trying to stay current with younger pilots
  • How to get into Acro and what’s new in the sport
  • The importance of stalls and how to progress
  • How Veso stays motivated with Acro and travel and how pushing isn’t the answer
  • The value and importance of flying for fun
  • How using bad equipment nearly cost him his life
  • Training of the mind for learning
  • Thoughts on coaching and developing reflexes to stay safe
  • How to approach risky sports like base jumping and paragliding safely

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