Episode 18- The “Inbetween Cast”- your questions answered

The Alaska Range Expedition will cover a lot of ground just like this.

The Alaska Range Expedition will cover a lot of ground just like this.  Photo Jody MacDonald

This is a short episode of the Cloudbase Mayhem dedicated to answering questions that have been posed over the last few months by our listeners that I haven’t been able to either answer directly or get in front of our guests. Questions include how to become a “professional paraglider”, bivvy and expedition tips, how to develop flatland flying skills, the importance of acro skills and ground handling, how to handle emergency situations, how to develop with limited time, how to break through from an “also ran” to a full fledged comp pilot and much more.  Hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!

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Show Notes:

  • Cutting the cord
  • Following your passion
  • How to become a professional pilot
  • What to eat in the air and on expeditions
  • Flying faster
  • Flatlands flying
  • Strategies for improvement
  • How to get into paragliding
  • Hot to gaggle fly
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Yassen Savoy, Chrigel Maurer, Matt Beechinor, Russ Ogden, Josh Cohn, Dave Turner, Dean Stratton, Eagle Paragliding, Superfly Inc, Bruce Marks, Berkhard Martens, Nick Greece, Dennis Pagen, Cross Country Magazine, Mads Syndergaard, Ben Abruzzo, Jocky Sanderson, Antoine Laurens, Nate Scales, Cody Mittanck, Niviuk, Sup’Air, Patagonia Provisions, Adam Robinson, Tom Sliepen, Brad Sander

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2 thoughts on “Episode 18- The “Inbetween Cast”- your questions answered

  1. Gavin thank you so much for putting together this awesome podcast. One huge question that keeps getting glanced over is landing in strong valley winds. On many interviews you and other pro’s have talked about that scary experience and then just move on to the next topic. Let’s face it, even with the best planning any one of us might drop down into this situation and I would really like to hear what it was like for you and what you and the other pro’s have done to survive such a scary situation. I remember almost getting blown over an 900 ft hill with only 10 feet of clearance, I had speed bar fully down pushing up on my upper harness straps for every last bit. A tiny gap in the wind let me dive down and I have never pushed my luck like that again. Landing backwards has felt like a mitigated crash landing to me as it’s really hard to remain standing so getting dragged highly probable.

    • Hey Jesse. Thanks so much for listening, glad you like them! Strong valley winds are indeed scary. Think we’ve all been there. Almost too many techniques to go over but I’ll bring this up in a future show for sure. Thanks man!

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