Episode 96- Christian Ciech and a life of Hang Gliding

Airborne with Christian Ciech

Christian Ciech has been flying Hang Gliders for over 30 years. He remembers watching his Dad fly when he was just four years old. He has an arsenal of trophies that showcase his legendary competition skills, including 3 World Championship wins. Christian started flying for Icaro in 1991 and became a test pilot and designer for them in 2001, a position he still holds. In this episode we discuss competition strategies and the art of winning, how to read the sky and flying the conditions you find, how Manfred has dominated the sport for so long, what to study when you’re not in the air, finding order in the chaos, learning how to fly fast, the importance of physical preparation to stay in the air, instinctive versus logical flying, how certain very high level pilots should and shouldn’t change how you fly, the most important lessons learned in three decades of flight, tumbling and recovering the mind and a lot more. A fascinating talk with one of the pioneers. Please listen, please discuss with your pilot friends and then- GO FLY!

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Show Notes:

  • The passion begins and flying with Eagles
  • The Hang gliding factories disappear
  • Nearly 30 years with Icaro…
  • Dad and son take to the skies
  • How to win
  • Tactics and strategies for competition flying
  • The best place to fly, the best places to train
  • King Mountain
  • The Superfinal
  • The Rabbit vs discipline
  • What to study when you’re not in the air
  • Finding the right headspace for flying fast in competitions
  • The importance of physical training for flying
  • Lessons from 3 decades of flying
  • Hard lessons from two tumbles
  • Choosing the right days to fly
  • The approach to risk over time


Mentioned in this episode:

Manfred Ruhmer, Icaro, Red Bull X-Alps, Tobias Glossrubatscher, Gary Wirdham, Wills Wing, Russ Ogden, Wolfgang Siess, Alex Ploner 


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Episode 96- Christian Ciech and a life of Hang Gliding

00:00:22 - 00:05:04

Hi there everybody welcome to another episode cloud-based mayhem we record this show right when I got off the plane near Lago Maggiore at the factory with Christian check Manfred was there working on gliders and I've been promising we've been doing more. We will be doing more hang glider shows. This is one of them to be honest with you though that was before the X. Out several two weeks before the X. Apps and this is now according this opener post X. APPs about a week after the X. Helps. I am still pretty foggy so I don't totally remember what portion I talked about. I know we talked about comps and techniques and getting the right the head space and a lot of different very interesting things we also recorded this at the echo factory so there's quite a bit of sound in the background than people were working making gliders and telephones ringing and stuff but I thought that was kind of appropriate and cool cool but there will be some noise in the background but I don't think it'll bother you too much and yeah I know many of you want to hear more about the X. Apps and who you only get you know a certain taste of it from the stories and from the the live tracking which I understand this year was awesome. I didn't get to watch that too much obviously in the race but understand it was really great. They did an awesome job with that but I will save that for another show. I'm working on a video of some of the highlight footage from the various days took quite a bit of footage and one day I was flying toby and he had whole video crew with them and they had a drone a bunch of stuff so I'm waiting on that. I'll get that up shortly and I've got a blog post that I've been working on and the next show that you'll will release in two weeks leaks is I did this. A series of questions come same questions with a whole bunch of the team so still got a few more of those to wrap up next talking to Kriegel and Patrick today and a few others and then we'll put that together just to get their thoughts post race and I think you're going to really enjoy that. Not That's pretty fun way to get an insider's view on on how it all went down the race was epic. It was ethically hard thing I did five hundred twenty five k. on the ground eleven and some odd days when it ended so the APP rough tough race but great flying conditions for a bunch of it almost no flying conditions for the last few days with all that heat wave that hit Europe and the stability so super challenging very very fun as always the last couple of days totally crushed me which was much was when that heat. We'll just took it out of me but yeah so. It's nice to just chill here. Being Europe will be here for the next little more than a month and lining up a bunch of interviews with some great pilots over here so stay tuned for more awesomeness from the show and in the meantime please enjoy this great conversation with a real hanging legend Christian check aw Christian it so awesome to have you on the show. It's great to be able to do it here live in the factory. I don't know that I'm going to be as articulate as normal because I'm really jetlagged that lag just getting off the plane yesterday but fantastic to see you in your in your place here at the where it all happens this is. This is the spot so I thought were. Maybe we fun place to start. We'll get into your history history encompassing strategies and all kinds of things we were just talking about before we started recording but at thought it'd be fun to start with a story of flying. What's a when you think about your decades of flying? What's what's one that you dream about still dill at night something that's still you look back on and you kind of epitomizes your your passion for flight first of all? I want to say that the very surprised you you're going to be used. Stay here now. Because as I was watching you along the Alaska during the Alaskan three three was I'm using what you doing above my history. You saw it'd be more simple than yours but it was very uh-huh and to justify it was very amazing story because I was flying Norman Cross county fly and when he was a longer balloon O- in life you know the hops. I guess that you know because you're going around that.

00:05:04 - 00:10:16

So I was new balloon. I was climbing into term and the after few seconds I saw big coming much lower than me. I didn't know you was I what I just saw big bird coming into turmoil and start climbing and as soon as they got close to me I realized it was higa young equal because the white spot on the wings and is that too just the Bosman go away you stuck to stay in turmoil with me and he was flying on the right on the left on the top it was it was something really strange and then something unbelievable happens because instead to just fly away. I say you come behind a below my wing just couple of meter below my wing you come into my space because he was in into the wing. Not The hour not the outside the windy just below the wing couple of meter and he was lying to me yea when he was about one meter and I said okay what's what am I going to do is make SORTA Wingo and if law if it was really impressive as you see my hair yeah yeah yeah yeah that was near here balloonist quite far from me because I was leaving Infantino coming from eighteen twenty nine. I was flying there my home higher. It was impressive that is really impressive. The story that I like better in a while there was a time in in Alaska after after Dave left in really quite quite late in the evening I had sat up on this launch all day and it was blowing over the back and it was you know not launchable spent the day throwing rocks at my shoes and stuff and finally was able to fly and got a nice flight maybe forty gay and then landed and realized I think I can still make a little bit of distance in Alaska. It's not never gets dark until I ran up this little hill and there was quite a bit of wind going the way I was going. I launched and Kinda Ridge Sword and finally Kinda got out in flu not far ten K. and then there was a huge glacier massive in. I thought oh I really need some height to get across. This glaciers. Look okay but to land is not good you and I was just it was late and there wasn't really any thermals than I thought I don't know. I don't think I can make it. I would just kind of soaring and this eagle came out of a tree literally right where I was soaring. I hadn't seen him and he came out and it was like he was just okay. Come on I'll help you you know and just got a little tiny bit of lift and then we both flew across the glacier sure together. It was like he knew where I was going and then just as we got across his okay see you as amazing. I think they know so tell me about girl and and your history here we did this show on the history of hang gliding that was fascinating from what I understand and kind of the late seventies there were just dozens and dozens of manufacturers and now it's really you and wells and a couple of others and it's really trimmed down so I I feel very privileged to be here yet. The market is very small for lighting. Now Fort McClellan say that there are there are very few schools on writing schooler schools around the world so this is why so many factor three's are not here in Moore and he start to produce sunlight in nineteen seventy five and I are using two thousand one so Loyd's eighteen years time and it was flying echo since ninety one. Okay wow and you're loyal. I started flying eighty eight and probably start buying because my father was a pilot invited you start when you girl open the Satan startling seventy five I was four on time and since the start flying I always follow him around the Tapu. Commenting already depression come from that was he was he real instrumental in teaching you as well or was he more reserved Nye was . I stopped flying aid but my father wasn't so happy. Teach me something when I was fourteen but just some training and the wouldn't missile flying unlikely stop you say the two pilots in the family much so they make your mom nervous no really I guess he's because it was kind of the father was kindled.

00:10:16 - 00:15:02

Hunters never really learned to properly tape of Laissez also he was when he when he began to fly there was nothing suction share. Everybody embodies start by itself. who has had more experienced was teaching the others but it was not easy and my father lost the many friends because at the beginning of these three of gliding many accidents and so I guess these why stop when I thought so we are the only siblings Gimme brothers and sisters I have to say okay they don't fly okay and they had the only a couple of flight with my father and I remember one because it wasn't helped him. Flights Berries Muslim Sean and seems them. I had some problem that sating aw landing was kind of nervous manning I get something like six months apply on the time and flying them just a dream in front of me and posted lending with him. It was something really relaxed tossing and I learned something that that mean the next and did he fly competitions in that kind of thing too harshly okay. Does he still fly now. He's not he's not theon. Sorry Eh Stop Line when I stopped and that was it yeah it is made of do nervous yeah we we made buddy through flash together a couple as I said yeah okay and so. When did you get serious about it when did it was it right away? You were like fascinated in crazy about it or did it take some time. He didn't think it was it was so many years that I was waiting to fly. That was the one that they have to fly miss. My Fun was flying for thirteen years before I started and the on that time I was just waiting that my father say okay you can go and as soon as if I had the age sixteen years I stuck with the crew Sunday start flying and he was what they have to and how did it. How did the competitions in all that start going? was I just kind of the natural progression I would say yes because what's interesting cross country flights and they meharry are only few very few pilots made was may making cross country flights and so many times I the boombox somewhere by myself with nobody to compare and they say the there is no way to improve his way so I guess you have to make some competition and and his wia soccer acted and the reason to to to to improve to learn and as far as I get this approach competition seal now or Otieno is the best way kind of personal competition because you come to competition with the spirit of learning something. Normally I get the better the best results so we're gonNA talk about kind of the mental aw side of the game but how many world championships have you one now three okay Judah Redo two one s okay and one European championship so for the paragliding pilots pilots who listened to describe the difference the region being sir are the class five. I'm flying. I was flying. I control it like a hang glider standard home later but the movement instead of for sheep body just moved behind the spoil okay and so these make the wing that turning so you move your volume right and their rights spoiler open and then the right wing to ride on the flex win when you make the right movement you have your body your weight goes to the right and so you have more information on the right wing on the left and so you have to and so this is a totally different category when you when you guys flying in championships it's it's you have the rigid or the flex. Do you choose the do you have. Do you have a favorite place . I'm not flying the reasoning more okay.

00:15:03 - 00:20:07

I made a couple of war championship some of their competition. I was flying review the all the two thousand two but then in the market for was not so interesting so we stop producing the redoing we are producing region is doing still a now is that is that pretty much the the world over as it. It's just flex pretty much now know the region not hold that technology but the the market is more the pilots are less so there is less interesting for us to be in the market when we did the the show on the history of the couple of guests were talking about the they really felt like to get more people interested in the sport they needed to spend more time on the that these gliders that are so so hot in high aspect in really fun to fly in the competition end gliders. You know they're not very accessible to newer pilots in they needed to spend more time on wings that were fun but easier much easier to learn and not Addis dangerous. I guess but more inviting to the the newer pilots is that how does how is it grow approached that we have white range all all kinds of wings because boop loose winks for beginners and for competition and and likely in a Mo- most oil country now there is also the sparked last competition or find out that that don't don't have such a big spoon like at the top one is missing and so approaching the competition on gliding is possible for everyone because you can approach a sparkling petition even we not we'd have begin Atlanta so there's no reason to say that you cannot approach the competition because you're not you don't have the right experience and the also the competition glider we are always working. It is through that they're more less accessible for everyone but we are always working to get better and easier wings to fly so for response that competition on later today are easier than the constitutional two thousand so is it. Is it similar to paragliding in that you know every year. There's these little tiny breakthroughs throughs into really be competitive. You've gotTa have the Best Glider that year Im- it is it is the kind of thing where or can you can you survive in compete on the glider from four years ago . Let's say the development of our we we wings are not so fast house the department. Let's say that motor of last year or two years are still competitive and and the every year we try to do something better but it's a long process so I just read out one. I want to say American. We can say it used. The Arrow is not the Arab but danger you should you must have would Haro so yeah okay Gotcha so let's talk about the Indian the was there. was there a moment in your competition career that you look back on. It has really defining in terms of something clicking something kind of okay. I'm figuring this out or is it just been a constant kind of it's always is the education because I I've found competitions to be quite you know you have you have your mantras disciplined whatever it is needed to but it's like a breakthrough moment that helped you kind of like put the pieces together to get the goal fast. Maybe because I was kind of pilots that was tend to fly by by I was washing the others but as soon as I get my line my my I d I just was on that direction and then and I realized that wasn't working to what most of the time the leading guy goal is knows something more than you and so I started flying away fly more with the goggle way tweet to to understand how what's going on during the day and the beginning.

00:20:07 - 00:25:32

I just left everybody. If I could wait anybody from the beginning of flight and now he's defend now. I tend to try to stay with the best pilots during the flight and if during the flight is possible to leave them than I try but is something that has to work by by by himself. I didn't try to leave the leading must be the was away. How how do you how did you have you adapted to understand in hang gliding they they are they used to very much be start gates and they they've changed things now to to really give you a lot of lead point so and then typically like in Italy understand Gary was communist when we drove up that it's they a Lotta Times just one more like a paragliding race now? How did you adapt to that change a lack the discipline not better now for because before it was more most of the time it was just a matter of way if you have enough patience way to be the last to take over for the last to leave the the gate you probably win the day it was not nice because you waiting that the condition rollaway disappear and and so it wasn't that nice now with the with the leading or we are forced to to fly in the best commission as possible and everybody try to do that so like these better and I guess I didn't you didn't need big adopt and because he was the way everybody hope to fly? Where's your favorite place to fly really and your favorite place to have a competition as well? Yes maybe there are many good places for a competition but in the Dolomites we have only few but the dolomites are amazing. I didn't musical planets but I went in several all different countries and the scenery that you're no mindset so-so because he's assessable is not really allow is not like Alaska. You can be on by yourself SAFFA into Montaigne in dusting off an hour flights. You are on the ground civil place so easy. It's easy to fly and the scenery's amazing when when I I just spent what's which one is February. I like home where I live in Sun Valley. Yeah it's it's it's hard because we're we often get battered by the jet stream and so this last summer we had one week that was just unbelievable like as good as it gets in the rest of the summer was terrible so it just you don't get the hours they're like you do in the Alps helps 'cause even when even when the weather is not great in the Alps you can usually go fly you know and I think that's why the pilots here is so good because one there's so many more pilots in so you're getting so much more feedback and you can learn much quicker but you know at own. There's four or five of us. You know that that really chase the cross country because it's pretty strong pretty big air fly with oxygen in the summer stuff but boy when it's good it's magnificent beautiful mountains and it's really really strong. King Mountain for you. Guys is famous hang gliding site in into really special place you know the big loss is that chain that will get in. I flew in the rockies goes all the way to South America and all the way to Alaska. It's a big J._J.. Mountains so alike where I live but it is inconsistent. It's tough we just we deal with a lot of win. It used to be a big hang gliding area and it's the same as other places Sir. You just don't see them anymore but it would be really tempted to get in hang gliding because you can just deal with more wind you know. I think it's I it would be magnificent place to hey. Have you ever flown king have you. Did you ever do a cop out there because they used to. They have a lot of comps and they don't anymore but the you know the sailplane still fly there the big losses the next range over from where I live. It's called the big lost ranges yeah. It's pretty magnificent so I was just down. I was just watching the super final and which happened down in Brazil and it was really interesting to study the track logs and to afterwards the ten days racing whatever was that that to see the consistency of the guys and the girls did ended up kind kind of in the top ten of the top five and it's very often I see the names are the same not always but you know in in the big races you see the you see the kind of the same folks H- what are what are you guys.

00:25:32 - 00:30:03

That are consistent like that. What what's the what are the keys there because what I also notice there was there there the rabbits you know there's the guys that can really fly fast and their day they have a very good chance of the winning a task but typically doesn't work out for them very well at the end you know they're they're? They're breaking too much like you said going out on their own too much. you know they're not is what Russ Ogden would call. They're they're. You're not as disciplined yeah sometimes when you fly like when you you're the Roberts if everything's works well you don't have the the time that you you have on on a gaggle sometimes together the the waiting time. Let the everybody everybody everybody apply when you get on top of the lift everybody's waiting the others and they wait somebody. Leave the term so the goal is not good. You have a lot of waiting time in competitor. Odyssey are out but the Roberts as a lateral less where we did find thermal and you go works better is good and he works good. You Berg Fuss then why why the pilots are always the same to say I mean they're focused on what you're doing and the I guess the good parts are the pilots that are flying conditionally fine. I mean when you are. You're unthank- of look at the sky. You said Okay Today Day today. Is this imagine the conditioning you're gonNA fly determined. You're gonNA find and the U._S.. Betton something but then as soon as you get in hair maybe the conditional different what you were expecting so having a big potential also to the conditions is always a risk. You have to adapt yourself to finish nuts. Universal doesn't work on the other way so so you have to fight the conditioning find and not the concern you like to fund and the good pilots I guess they have this kind of mentality they works. They knows the condition they can read the sky. Bedwell but the most of that more than that they can fly conditionally fine so I guess he's the reason when you look back at your success in. Can you the the things you've learned that were there. Are there areas that that you studied or that you really delved into that. You feel were fruitful that that that like studying meteorology for example or reading books or or finding a mentor than learning from them are there. Are there anything that really stands out that you know that you really spent some time in that the bore fruit yes spent a lot of time especially at the beginning to read the method meteorology at all Kooks and the and the Oso experience of other pilots from books and I guess the possibility to fly with the some pilots and the beginning and also then nickel petition of goose but let's say that I guess Mora the density that you improve the competition with experienced that works especially for me now but yes of course at the beginning I was reading reading with a lot. Do you have any recommendations old books. Yeah Okay uh-huh Jalen.

00:30:04 - 00:35:14

Okay Okay The sky abusers. Illinois is an English version. Okay you're right because he was joining the Terry to the practical to the experience of some pines was boob was reading at the beginning was glossary and some I find I found the beginning really beginning. I was finding some print copy copy some findeth from so one of the things that I've been really trying to think about a lot because I haven't been flying competitions like World Cup for very long but with the exits two so consuming. I don't have a lot of time but this last year I flew quite a few comps in I was trying to find that kind of perfect head space for an relaxed enough but also serious enough I was spending time in the morning with meteorology and being being disciplined in the air but also I have personally I found that my best flying thing is when I'm very relaxed. You know if you're really serious you get kind of tense and how do you how do you approach and I know that this individual for everyone but when you go to a cop these days where do you want to be and how do you get there in your mind I need to I mean we need an order order. Okay you have a sequence of things that you do not really orbiting my mind okay when they when I make good competition is because everything for not good horrible and every choice is made because something I did before when I don't have disorder in my mind everything goes Brom- yeah like a sort of confusion say wouldn't fly is because there is a kind of seconds but works in mind then let's do do you have . Do you have any kind of preparation you do to try to get into that or is that something that's happens match Lisa but physically yes. I try to prepare physically because special lighting the physical part it's important. Let's say that you do if you had the possibility ability to fly a lot especially in competition. You don't need too much more mutter especially here that in winter we don't have a very good condition to fly and you have a long rest. Let's say you you can fly but you make something insulate each so you need to be prepared for the spring of competition is through that gliding is not like running or bicycle or something like that Bert. The physical part is really the mate donating they say but the preparation the physical preparation fs due to get the clear mind when you're tired you cannot make the right choice your friend and partner. That's behind us working right now. Man For rumor will hopefully get on the show here at some point as well again. I might my lack knowledge with hang gliding in here but I understand that you know if if there was a comparison he's kind of the Kriegel in our world. of the of your sport has been you know he's kind of the guy to beat typically . What have you what why would what's he doing differently and what do you what do you try to had? How do you try to utilize him? In the air. It would be nice to realize allies. There is released in and say okay and really competitive. I guess I'm not competitive. So who is I said before you have to across the competition as our new lessons not as new competition doesn't work for me but for Manfred he works in this way he s still be if he's prepare and he knows when they use prepare is really competitive and and very east cooled Indiana saying knows out to Jews in those were to say it's very stinted by two ply.

00:35:16 - 00:41:27

How does that when when he's at a cop years at does it change how you fly my way can find yeah when when he's when he's at a competition versus not of the competition do you are you more aware of where man for it is in terms of your strategy and you do you try to stay with with him Detroit to treat him like anybody else you have a special shown among the I long these despite them also some other pilots because there are some other pilots and you have a different consideration depending from the pilots are flying with of course Um but yeah sometimes we human everybody's doom on so sometimes what's Mapra Mesa mistakes too? When you look back at your career flying all these decades eight you said if you could rewind the clock back to your sixteen year old self your fifteen fifty ourself approximately what advice would you give that Christian after all these years in terms of anything safety racing studying especially probably starting studies not Romanoff and they will say to not fly couple in a couple of days because he had a couple of family my career no one that the first one was kind end of easy? Let's say to recover because I tom that because I badly manager my glider to ninety nine bed way. I didn't have experience on that time they they lowered this brock completely it was ninety seven just two years before arriving doppler snyder into the scenery the new wording expediting and. And so there was a reason for timeline and it was kind of easy to to go to continues to fly but last year when it tumbled for the second time it was different goes. I was in the right lease missing nuts. Don't we know anything there is not that was not the strong weaned the term aware and of normally say the only one thing that was out of order was the weather forecast predict a strong wind shear lost mountain and but you know we fly live every day that is stable. There is not special wing special station that consider steamy on that they just because he was the white spot in the moment so I would I would perfect enough fly avoid the bad days. Is You three reserve both in it down the first one didn't open properly early in the second one so this is why we are making these interview today really really because Bosh doesn't work yeah there's not much. Did you save the hang glider senator did it fold it. It destroyed. I was kind of low on the mountain about the two hundred fifty meters above the ground and thumping was just very very fuss uh-huh obstruction of second the effect the bar going away but the controversy Mahan and the second fracture off sake on generalized that the bar but it wasn't that and so I get to the park immediately and the F. signed to way to see something most possible to do to recovering different way because the gun was close so he opened the first few and and they fanned the something wrong because I had the drag chute and the ladder triton start to spin and after the second partial utopians properly but the lenny was kind of I land on my feet but new okay yeah yeah for a few days so it's nice to walk around if you if you had an accident if you had an accident if you've been hurt hang gliding yes not ready serves me is your approach approach to risk different now than it was ten years ago twenty years ago I guess so what's more unclean to May maybe to risk a little more Sunday's just because it's difficult to get hard to get wrong but now I'm living more conservative when you say Manford is really competitive defined that what what do you mean he he he just really wants to win and so he prepares differently or approaches it differently or it is not the pilot one if he knows that we cannot win just wants to win.

00:41:28 - 00:45:39

We should get him in the Alps. You have to last week but I guess . What would you say to the listeners? You know we have a lot of hang listeners listeners but we also we have many more paragliding listeners. what would you say to them Inter. If they're thinking about getting into hang gliding what would be what would be the approach what would be the the no yeah okay. That's good stop waiting just do it but the what would what would be the best way to approach getting the hang lighting just like you you have to go to a school and Stock Coors and as for the liner you don't need to you don't have to erase yourself. You have to improve day by day without risky notes people waiting that your experience grow. You don't have to run anyway anywhere so what are what are yes. I guess do it. Somebody want to do he has to do is we stay here. You never see he go flying with the house in front of fair enough when you another question for two who ask me why to fly partly the wrong line and it is are you doing to fly to fly sitter or pro yeah okay yeah sure do fly like birdy on a fly like an eagle facing back zask backwards when you when you imagine your life in five ten years and flying would you. What's your vision? What what what's your? What's your goal to have a easier safer wings especially after the accident plus here it would be nice to be in the air and said okay? The partial is just an option. Today is not an option something you have to have with you and something's in the left if necessary to us. It's really rare this never happened but when it happens you have to so the idea is due to get safer and easier winston fly and what about for you with in competitions or Edo in improving that really important or is this something you do for fun. I still like competing and it's a good way to fly because of course is good too is nice and lack lot to makers onto flights and even make some evening flight is nice but to compete you have the opportunity to share the experience with France also during a cross country flight you can share the experience with a friend but when you are in here for crust flights sometimes the targets change I mean you start the two with the decision to reach a goal and during the day you see that the goal is not reachable or there is a better Gola and you decide for for another another flight your friend maybe doesn't know or maybe doesn't follow him.

00:45:40 - 00:50:03

We don't want to foreign competition. Everybody as one sequel goal and you shut us experience or all day. This is why when you look back at since since you learned how to fly I'm assuming like everyone. There's been some times TMZ where you're not. Maybe as motivated you know kind of comes up and goes down like we fly. How how have you handled the Times that you don't have as much motivation or passion or maybe you're serve tired of it? I guess you it's not part of the life not what part of the flying experience I would say that there's really a need to force to fly when you don't feel the need to fly. I guess the the worst thing you can do is to be in there like the a way to say the thing to do is to be in there with the the need to be around in so if you don't have to do because you are working or because you are that's. Spy Nuts. I will say just keep you time waits because even can be dangerous if you are in hair and you don't have the mind that had to fly. You're not ready to fly so was there any kind of . I don't know if this would be the words that would make sense for you an Italian but the after your tumble after that accident was there any kind of fear injury that went with that by fear injury. I mean like in the next flights after that. Were you more. Did it take you some time to get back to the it's kind of long process especially especially because is it the second time it happens we the normal lighter with a standard configuration and you understand that can happen in many different stations so without the specific reason yet on on the first and so yes you're leaving more stress from some two brands some some Auma when when you know that you are pushing Lee's side of mountain is GonNa be when I recently had a podcast with Wolfgang Seis. We haven't released yet but by the time this is out people will have heard that one in he talked about his tumbled that he had an elsinore which is all on film it's. I don't know if you've seen it. It's terrifying. He said it took him about four years really to can get over that do you. Did you do anything specific to help that getting over that. No I guess the best thing to do is to fly confidence. Appearance need to get the contest again and it takes time and the more you flied the easier. It is I didn't know I didn't remember that was already for years not yeah it was it was I was surprised with that too and he said that it really it's a for a long time he would be like leading comp or you're doing quite well and then it'd be a little something that you know get a little bump and he didn't realize it but he would just go on a really bad line and land and then he'd be in the field and go what what what the hell did I just do. Why did I do that and he said you know the kind of turbulence that before would not have even been turbulence it would have been it just scared him out of the air over and over and he is really a quite a long time to get the confidence back he he said the best thing for him was like flying in invite a with a lot of other people or flying in competitions where he could wreck see that wait a minute? It's not scaring all of them.

00:50:03 - 00:55:08

It shouldn't scare me and it really helped to fly with friends. Fly with other people will you fly by yourself is difficult to evaluate if the tuber is your funding is wrong or not because you're by Yussef. You don't know if somebody would fly not in that condition when learn competition you have different people to watch and if they sustain hair most of the time not always sometimes there are very crazy people but most of the time you can stay that too so yeah agree competition flying flying out and especially in competition additional what kind of flying most interests you now after all these years for several years when I started to fly to to work here in two thousand one for several years I I didn't have the opportunity of of flying by myself cross country competition because I was also teaching in school and competing so my fly my flying was a test line in a competition funds for the rest of the time for cross country fine but knowing motivated for one hundred especially before the timely and it was trying to make some very agoo flights now. I'm yeah I have to work on on that. Let's ended on another eagle like story. What's another story of flying that really sits with you? Slang wise the very good the task of flight a few Alex blow that I remember because the condition were very unstable deal with sky and so the commission worst moods and good almost everywhere we we had some tens of kilometers to get into around soundcloud was kind of Nice and non-flying wise. I guess yeah some diener after after after competition are very very Nice Carrie okay we the drinking friend drunk friends. My father say we wear on one of these these dinner. My was the tiny nation on the two thousand chosen for and they were seeing something. I don't remember something like Bugaboo Italian group and there was a there was my father in there was also my mother and my father said the Christian thing that he can sing really can't sing so if you're like me must have been very drunk isn't the only time I open my mouth is sitting. When I'm really here Christian? Thank you very much. I really appreciate your time and sharing your stories some of them and wish you the best of luck here. I hope to be able to come back and see you after the race but thank you for your support there in the past and to stake you period. I appreciate it thinking we should best often the next competition think you know breezy impress me if you find the cloud base may have valuable you can support it in a lot of their for ways you can give us a rating on itunes or stitcher. However you get your podcast that goes a long ways to help spread the word you can blog about it on your own website or shared on social media can talk about it on the way to launch with your pilot friends? I know a lot of interesting conversations have happened that way and and of course you can support US financially. This show does take a lot of time a lot of editing lot of storage music and all kinds of behind the scenes cost so if you can support US financially all we've ever asked for a buck show and you can do that through a one time donation Asian through pay pal or you can set up subscription service that charges you for each show that comes out. We put a new show out every two weeks so for example. If you did a bucket show and every two weeks it'd be about twenty five dollars a year so way cheaper than a magazine subscription and makes all of this possible. I do not want to fund this show with advertising sponsors we could asked about that pretty frequently but for a whole bunch of different reasons which I've said many times on the show I don't WanNa do that. I don't like to have in that stuff at the front of the show and also want you. We know that these are authentic conversations with real people and these are just our opinions but our opinions are not being skewed by sponsors or advertising dollars.

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