Episode 92- Marcella Uchoa and breaking the Women’s World Record

Marcella Uchoa breaks the Women's world record

Marcella Uchoa on her way to breaking the women’s world record

On October 25th, 2018 Marcella Uchoa flew into the record books by flying 411 km across the Sertao, Brazil. She broke Seiko Fukuoka’s record of 402 km in Australia set in December of 2015. Marcella was in good company, team flying with Rafael Saldini, Frank Brown, Samuel Nascimento, Marcelo Prieto (the same group who flew 564 km to break the world distance record a few years back) as well as Sebastien Ospina, an ace pilot from Colombia.  How did she do it? What kind of dedication is needed? How have the Brazilians developed team flying in such windy conditions? The day was far from epic, and frequently very difficult but Marcella and the team powered through and nailed it. This is a really fun and inspiring story told by a really passionate pilot who I get the feeling is only getting started. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Flying the Sertao
  • When to move up on wings
  • Flying- Love at first sight
  • Making smart moves
  • Balancing flying and school, family, and life
  • Quixada and getting it wrong
  • Flying with the A Team
  • Learning to fly as a group
  • The big day


Mentioned in this episode:

Rafael Saladini, Skywalk, Samuel Nascimento, Frank Brown, Donizete Lemos, Mitch Riley, Matt Henzi, Marcelo Prieto, Sebastien Ospina


Marcella Uchoa in Quixada

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Episode 92- Marcella Uchoa and breaking the Womens World Record

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Hi there, everybody. Welcome to another episode. The cloud base. Mayhem, I got a great show for you today with Marcella Chila hope I'm saying that correctly, but she was the gal down in Brazil. She's resilient who broke the female world record distance last October on the twenty fifth went almost four hundred fifteen K, and she was flying with Rafael salad Dini, and the boys down there that set the world record three years ago. I guess now so Brazil is a hotbed of huge flights. This was not a particularly great day, but she went very far, of course, she's going to be pressing on the gas again this, this year to hopefully go farther and, but yeah, this was tough day, a lot of blue pretty slow day, but still stuck with it. And we hear all about that story, the magazines insane. A lot of like zero to hero because she has been at the. Game very long, but she has been at the game for nine years, that's not very short either, but got really serious about four years ago. So we talked about her progression mentors, and how she got into it, and how she's chasing it. And she's doing really well and cops so super inspiring, and it was fun to hear about her stories about flying, the sir towel, which is a pretty serious place. You've all seen. I'm sure the launch videos of kisha Dodd Patu and some of the other places this was done off until, and which is definitely seem to be the way to go down there. The Swiss teams have been doing these huge flights out of Keiko towing, so. Yeah. Fund story think you're going to enjoy it before we get into the one little bit. Housekeeping have is we have finished the transition. I've been talking about in the last few shows. To have our own subscription service through the website, cloud base, may dot com. Those of you who support the show on patriot. If you like that platform, I like that platform it totally works for me in the fees are the best. They're so if you like stick with it, stay there, if you if you're in the country where you're getting slammed with a lot of that or something else. Come on over to ours. It's just straight credit card charge and do it through there. There were words will all be the same what this gives you access to all the bonus content, you know, little pieces of when I have these talks, we often cut stuff out. We put those back in the bonus content for the ask me, anything shows, like with myself, and Bill Belcourt and others. We're going to be doing more and more and more of those specially after the X apps mill tricky to do before them. But all the kind of bonus content is available to all of our subscribers subscribers mean you support the show in some way. But what that doesn't mean is that you're being locked out because of money. I realize a lot of people can't afford a sports show, and I totally get it. There are many other ways of support it. And as I say, over and over again, you can share with friends and talk about launch. But if you have subscribed to our newsletter if you bought anything through our store based if you've at any contact with the with the website at all you should be all set up as a subscriber done that all manually taken our whole database of made you all subscribers. And so you ought to be able to log in and get access to that bonus content. Even if you don't support us financially, the hope is some day on being a position to do so, and you can do so and become a financial supporter, because that's how this all happens instead of having all those sponsor stuff in the beginning of show, you get to hear me which hopefully but yeah, anyway, that's all been done. I as always I so much preciado the sport. Thanks for hanging with us. And thanks for joining these, thanks for all your emails of got some more great shows coming up the next one, which will be. Very close to the start of the X apps would be with Patrick on kennel. He's Kriegel 's craiglist his mentor very talented pilot in his mid twenties. He's competing a rookie for the first time. So we talk about that another fantastic one now a few others on. And we've got a bunch of great shows coming up from around the world fantastic folks, who know a lot about this sports. I think you're going to enjoy it. So, yeah, by the time this lands, I will be on plane going to Europe on racist getting pretty close. That's super exciting. And in the meantime, enjoy the show with Marcello. Joe? Marcella awesome to have you on the show. I really appreciate it. I became an Instagram follower of yours. Few weeks. Back at those watched new and the nationals.

00:05:01 - 00:10:01

And of course, washed your big flight this last, I think Tober twenty fifth congratulations on, on breaking the, the, the world record. We are definitely going to get into that. I have a special attraction to the surtout goes down there a couple years ago flying with Rafael, in those guys trying to Sima thing which was like the hardest patients game of my life. I have a lot of respect for that place. It's not just like flying over. I think people understand those big flights is just flying down wind over the flatlands and it's no big deal with this towel is, is very real terrain. So I can't wait to talk to you about that. But where I thought we'd start is a with nationals that just happened. I was following your. Six and stuff, which were beautiful, and look like a cool place to fly. I've only flown the sir how down there. But how did the nationals go and, and hi and welcome? I think you for having me here it's honor to, to be talking to you. I always have been listening to your both casts and being in one. It's such. So thank you, and about the nationals now wasn't gonna go very daddy's initiate ice. It's a burn nice place to fly. I had long they're like goal new one time. So I have never compete. There was my first time competing. The conditions were who but not like epic. How is usually but was very good for computing light, we have seek set tests of on. Right. So God Brazil's awesome. Just okay. My says not so long like sixty I have one eighty guess, than the other seventy or something, but was some of the best were very technical, because the conditions were not so great. So like we had the cloud base bowl and somedays like overcast, so I learned a lot and I love to fly. Incumbency Sion's in logical beat I think it's one of the best places to learn to evolve ourselves linked to watch the pilots and do it the same, though. And for my results, I was first women. We also got the first team. An overall and was twenty seven. I was pretty good in the first day, I thought that I would get like between top, Dan. But I still have lots to work on it. Late might end game in like blest turmoil to go in, but I'm happy with my result. Because it was like the first comb that I feel like one hundred percent comfortable with my Ansel, like full speed recall foreseeable. So I think our of the year it's going to be a better yet. Dental last year. Susan's might second ear with Ansel. So a good thing. What size are you flying on the Endo? And okay. So. Where where are you trying to get a Masumi? You're using a lot of balance, then I flew, the small end L last year for a period of time when Navient didn't have a race wing ready. What are you trying to fly to at? Yeah. When they started to fly a used to care like a lot of mollis, so I gain weight. So I didn't have to carry that might slow. Now, I'm carrying like it only eight kilos which is still a lot. It's okay. So I fly we'd like night, ninth salmon mind. Eight. But not quite at the top. But you're you're trying to be the top third. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Kinda liked, but I liked it this way. I mean I try like to fly a heavier, but I didn't like too much just didn't like the feeling on the ground or he didn't like it in the air now air because I think knowing dislike it's. Kokin assailant more Steve, but it doesn't lead to know too much about what's happening. So Honey, or a lighter.

00:10:02 - 00:15:10

It moves mar, but I mean it warns you more annoy going to, to have the last thing. I think it's the feeling better. You know. Filling your hands interesting. I only really ever flew it right at the top. So I probably should have played around with a little bit more. And what, what wing, did you come from before it went before you came to the end zone? I had the animal before the first time that I went to Certa I was made the the animal. No. I flow like a hundred and fifty hours MS before moving to answer and be far ahead. I am six of from infancy. I wanted to get a nasal so I talked to file genie, which is like one, big friend. Unlike this his, I don't need to tell way is right. Bigger than life. Rafael is Mia. He's been on the podcast. He was awesome. I need to get him back. Yeah. I heard it. And I mean he always helped mil hot will I grow. Questions on everything about flying. And like he suggests me would be better to fly with Zina firs like any Joe diction to Attila liner, and then to unanswerable. So I'm very happy that I heard that I listen to him because I think it was like the perfect spats to getting CCC wing. You know, so before we get in your big flight, let's give the listeners a little bit of background on your year history. Because this this was new to me. I found this out before we started recording, but they had this whole ITO. They've had this whole kind of legs zero to hero thing when they wrote you up that your four hundred eleven k record this, this fall smearing, I guess, for you. But. And it was the but you've actually been flying for quite a while. You just weren't weren't you're going to school. Is that correct started flying like nine years ago? Yeah. Flying two thousand and then but time was in college. So I didn't have much time to fly and then I started a master's degree, and only when I finished the master's in two thousand fifteen I finished. So in two thousand sixteen is started to focus really on flying. So I was like dating dedicating a lot to it. And the when I started to see the results. And at the time was flying like a skywalk Chidi, you'll know. And I think one of it was a really good wing. For learning like because the adult need to, to vocals ongoing on Iran. Again, focus on the conditions than everything. So I started competing with the Chidi. I mean, even before that, I might I nationals, I was the legs of be wing from salt, gliders and only like the all day landed like the food, the Haley. Straight down. I've been I didn't even make the start against that. Really good to learn. And I mean, when you are we did with pilots, it's when you learning, I, I think, what was what was the catalyst to? Why did you learn to paraglider? What was the reason what got you into it? I. Having them and I love it so into mind. And when I came back to my hometown as obsessive by wanted to take a course in everything was so expensive. The guiding. I mean I would have to pay each jump and everything. And in my seating, my hometown that time there was no a woman flying in. I knew the guy from the power lines and they say, oh, there's no woman flights. You want to fly conceit, you for free as you know Mel away. So, yes, I wanted. And like when my first time the very first timers took off my feet from the ground was, like laying love, you know, I landed I looked at take off and like the little persons there and I looked there analysis God akin fly from there to here.

00:15:10 - 00:20:10

I can fly. I couldn't believe it. I was crying you laughing at the same time like too much happiness. That minute love. Locked the first side. My by first XY was like six K from the in the Dominican Republic. I was that was starting this big, you know, round the world sailing adventure back then and I had just gotten kinda hooked on paragliding gotten my p two and but I had really, you know, I, I didn't even really know exc-. I didn't know that. What that was really back at it when I first learned. And so we did this lake I little six K flight house. Just oh my God. The people in the car must have been so annoyed with. Yeah. I think like the people in the car, like ever, big fly are good flooded. We do an when we come back in, they don't get it right. They're like, oh, this people are crazy. So okay, so it's love at first sight, take us through just give us the short version of. How did you decide to? How did you go from, you know, spring, chicken, obviously, you're, you're getting your masters so you weren't able to dedicate that much time really to it until twenty fifteen. It sounds like but you know how did you go from bug to, you know, breaking the world record? So. Even though that I didn't fly that much. I'll always dreaming about the word record since. Yes, since my first year, like I met the Kameda one Brazilian girl that had the record that time in two thousand him. And there was PW, seeing my see above the ten so, like I met all these great talk pilots of the war. I also met harsh, who was ways resident and she had the record and I said, oh my God. It's so cool. Women one day, I wanna be grounded flights that flew the most in the hard enough. But I mean it was just like a dream distance dream. Head make all ginned masters law. It's like the dream campaign in the ball. What we're just just to start break in. But what did you get your masters in? Masters. I got a scholarship to do it. Overseas slow I didn't Europe in it was like a special kind of problem asthma's momzette skulls in it's like six months in each country. So I started in France in, then I went to Spain in Belgium, and might these, I could chose anywhere in the war that wanted to development and I always been my second rate passions are sharks in law, sharks. I did my thesis about sharks in Bahamas. So it was like a dreaming come through, you know. That's interesting. Because when I when I googled, you started doing a little bit of research, all kinds of pictures of sharks came up. So now I understand why. Are you marine biologist? Yes. Marine. Biologist. Okay. Oh fantastic. Okay. Cool will carry on with your story of progression. I, I wanted to find out what you study. So, and then when I finish the massive came back to 'cause you I was going to be. But I, I thought to myself, you first start I won't have time at all to fly, you know. I mean I thought this is the time to do what I want in. Why really dream? So I went to my father for help like if he couldn't help me out for a couple years to see this powered lighting thing would get me anywhere said, yes, with I sure I can help you so into Bosnia in sixteen nine really started to dedicating Mike, go a changed to from Chidi to win six. Actually, I d I got penny five, but I stayed with his lifelong electricity hours because I lost some way in the heads of change the wing.

00:20:10 - 00:25:18

Mike, all the ceilings in the mall size were unwilling gated d. So I it okay so I'm gonna get a d. I'm gonna get him six so and then was fun. I really like started in under Senate to fly in cross country. I mean, which Ely I did many rate flights many of ninety nine nine but not hundred. Get two hundred. Lake phrase. I had so many flights love nine soon enough but I couldn't make a hundred. But then six flew a lot a lot. I mean, I think one of its off doing the most and. I had like a, a friend helped me out like flying together. So I think we improved a lot like flying together and changing experiences. And always trying to joining the most completions that I could. Because I told you I think it's where you learn the most, you know, even for exceeds flights. I think you'll learn a lot in competitions because you're watching talk pilots and you're learning to life fest. It's worth it for, for your like Milot evolution in. And then after that, I went to file about a wanted to get CeCe wing and his old me about this scene. All that should go as slowly. So I don't like scary myself or anything like that. Now told him that are really wanted to go to said in. He said, I don't think it's a good idea to go to the first time to start the way, the CCC weighing in your first year, you know, saw I. Yeah, it was really good advice us kinda crazy. I guess. No, I got bit the Zeno in a lot. I mean I had to pretended to go to lots of competitions including to seize one here near my hometown on the atlas in two thousand seventeen. And then I went to the search zone for the first time with my friends with to France and we were flying for seeing kisha in Denver. You went to pot too. In that year impact do is move like three hundred sixty two. Which was the resident she may you record? So I was like so into the word record that didn't even know, like, which one was the Brazilian records should may record you know because. I landed was like, mice might fall new was like with me on a message on gun was what these people are talking about it. He didn't break any records. Allows. Also injured like four hundred to, you know have sake of records. So but I mean it was a great first year to sir Tom. I learned a lot. I led by folk was my main focus was to fly the whole window like to fly from down to dust can all. And I mean, not carrying about the kilometers truly to be able to fly the holding and we should citgo. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean that's the special thing about that places. It starts working literally almost before the sun comes up. You know, like instantly I wouldn't say on, you know, in my, my experience to CMO, one was this unbelievable. Just incredible. How patient you had to be the, you know, those guys when they did the big record, I think it was two flights and thirty nine days and. There are much more special places in the world than to Sima Brazil. If you go out there at five thirty and get set up and you don't make it over that first plateau, which was, you know, really hard to do is basis, basically, right on the dirt, and at that early in the morning, and it's blowing, you know, it's, it's like everybody sees the, the videos, kisha, you know, it's blowing hard and, you know, if you don't make it over that you go back to the hotel at eight AM.

00:25:18 - 00:30:01

Yes it there. Look, the clouds right? And those guys. Ruffy L and shame. And those guys one day, you know, they just knew that they weren't on pace. You know, for a really big, so they just went in landed and in went back, and it was still, you know, decent day. But man, these guys are dedicated to. It's just it's a hard game. It's, it's type two fun for sure. What the explaining thing. It's like not even fun. It's like a mation. I would agree. It's not really that fun. I had fun when I moved ahead, a nice flight from from to seem to kisha. And then then I stayed kisha to the rest of the times, I was I was over it. I'd spent like eleven or twelve days into seem like. Key should at least a hotel. And I don't know. There's people around you can talk to. So I a lot of people have seen the launch videos at kisha Dada looks, you know, it looks pretty serious. Pat to I, I never flew, Pat, too, but I understand it's kind of the same maybe not trickier, when you first went there were you were you pretty reticent when re pretty nervous because it's you know it's a little serious. Yes. Renervous. So I mean I decided to go. But when I got there, and I saw people taking off and I was like, oh, my God. Adam doing here, you know. It's like I wanna go home and liking the very short say that was going to fly. Let the first day we arrived late. So you went to the takeoff on to watch okay at got scared because the take offs for especially finally later, it's worse. You. So I went to the hotel like think, oh my God. I've been doing here. Unlike the night, today, that was to pose to fly guy died liking kisha that one was the second of person to die there. And a fortunately, I was there like happen. So I was like previous Kurd. Unlike watching the headquarters camping in rescuing the guy and then after knowing that he was really dead was like Corbeau by really thought about going back home. So I didn't fly like for five days in all of us. Didn't really affect me effect me. I mean, even though that I didn't know the guy I was like pretty scared in all, and I didn't tell my parents, because I knew that they would freak out like two or three days later. My dad calls me like greenie based off him like he used to. He worked with a guy one time and he got the news about the guy that he was flying. Should I? You know, crash should might end was like really mad at me for not sailing him in my mom was like, oh my God. I will give you anything into ward salt, just come home. You know, don't fly. There. And was like with brash of my parents in while scare? But it said all I can't do this. I'm gonna do it. I know that I'm prepared to do it. I have been propriety preparing for it like the whole year. The hope two years. I'm also looking forward for to it. So I'm gonna do it. You know. So I liked was like. Me nervous before taking off and it's like you get there and the guy stays on on the talk of the takeoff in he tells you meant to take off. Credibly intimidating might my first time he should it was. You know, it was just a normal day. It wasn't wasn't violent or bad. It was perfect. And, and but golly man, you stand on the top there with fifty other people and everybody's watching, and it is. And it was like, and you can just see kinda visualize in your head. Like manifest, screw up and get towed into the you know, you can get towed into that.

00:30:01 - 00:35:00

We're that guy died or you over the back or you know, I mean. I mean it's like oh, it's intense. Yeah. It's Verron dance you have to get like the real the mind like in the right place. Because if you on I mean it's really hard. But then like this person to call was really good like conditions were not crazy. I took off really, really early like that was my main goal liking kisha. I wouldn't take author seven not at all. Like always like six thirty maximum. You'll know like six thirty hours in the air. I didn't care because you could take a nicely. I mean for very low and the first time in it's in that time, it's soft. I mean it's not turbulent limited the industry, straw. Wrong, but they're no much time Osea. So it's calm always, so I wanted just doing like lift in the being rock. Once calm in all. So I was like getting into it in relaxing. So I think it's very good luck, you feuds a call early there, because us gives you time to understand the condition and to be a more relaxed to start the flight because you'll need to wait until, like seven thirty AM this the cloud base. It's high enough so you can go back to the take off, right. So I think this one hour flying. They're thrown up the rock, just filling conditions in feeling the lines were it seeing sin holidays and it's very good. Soican start a good fly. So, but drunk show that I did like to with fly together as one of two hundred another one two hundred forty. And then I have for next to them, they're in Saco. Didn't talk to March in. I didn't like the link publish might post my heel because of I mean, I don't like to both like collapses in their time of banks because all like this. Thanks, go like spreads. So fast in the good things known, right? Perceives, paragliding badly enough, as it is, we don't need to help. Yes. Sure. So but I mean. Wants being a guide. I don't know. Like two weeks there, I was ready for the ball, you know. And I think like this day coughed it the guy tells you today, call it's. But at the same time, it's not good. But I mean because I got to the point that I wasn't even looked the wing, you know, I wasn't even a. You make an allies ING of these, so I wanted just getting the line eight ball. You know, these days was meaty strong was really strong and wash. Kinda cross a cross. What's the wing was a little bit from the time, which I mean now that I think if I would realize that the time I wouldn't take off, you know, but, like told your mud even looking too much. The visions was so ultimate, like waking up really early in before Bill lines get so big. They're so I had, like only three guys in front of me. I guess, to our tweet and they took so long to take off because there were no like loaf. That the winds were so highly so strong that there were no windows to take off. You know and. Like was getting late in later in Reynaud was Mark turn. I sat there like for almost two in two minutes to get to get a low something this that yet. Yeah. I mean now that I see it. I see it this way. But you know what? So. I don't know blinded wanted to fly that they didn't care, but immune was too strong.

00:35:01 - 00:40:03

And what I took off a got a be collective from a lack side from where the wind was coming, you know. Because I left a little loose. The line was my mistake 'cause I watch it like hundred times video, who was my mistake. But anyway, I got like these big collapsing by wing blend should like speeding and I like watching like. Coming back to the cough life from from. And so, in Miami was still closely. Hey of it. I couldn't like, hold too much data side because otherwise would stall it. So I headed as much as I could end lie just precious on the takeoff. I was very, very large because I crash, it just like beside the rock. And this was like, in my mind for weeks. That I was very lucky in. I didn't hurt. I mean, I was hurting. I went to the hall though in that night because I had my bed curving loss was word that we had heard something. But luckily, I didn't hurt was just Bank from the impact. So I stayed one Lee, we doubt flying and then I decided to go to back to as my transit all. I don't wanna fly. Here in the mar I'm not offered the bow. Anyway. Let's try another place, and then we went to do, and that was like the bad thing. I did. Because I really prefer to cough, it's much safer in, because I mean. Title like a plateau, you know, so even if you fly backwards, you have more space to celery accelerates in Cape from the day, he will know because kisha dies to how can I plan to like a peak? Not if you fly backwards, you are vying Lee side. Drawn drops immediately off on the backside yes. Any to you have more space to a celery in? See more lentil charities of ways to his Cape. The side. So I got more comfortable their in their there. There was no many people like hundred people watching who were on the like five byles, our soul so was good in that way. S. Less stress. Yes. And I also like the root better because you can Cape, the little heels in, you can go like most fled in, in, in the morning like win stronger mall. So I felt safer there and I would fly in the beginning and then on almost day in the expedition did this three hundred sixty two flight refill the whole day. The women's record at the time resident. Yeah. Right. So that kind of that kind of planted. The seed for twenty eighteen left on a nice loss yet. I didn't want leave. I wasn't a who might be autumn. So close to four hundred one. But I had to leave I didn't have money in more. So I spent like one month insert tall. So. Did did did Saco have the record at that time? Was it? Was it, her record, Australia? Okay. Okay. Most for I guess year. Yana the flight off four hundred. Yeah, yeah, it was that year or the before two K short or something from the. Yeah. I think she will like four hundred. Like zero two kilometers from the records. We talked about that with, with her on the on the podcast. And then she had she went back the next year. She was there the year hours there, she'd got there, right after I left, but unfortunately, it didn't didn't quite get that. You're so but it's so cool that you guys are chasing this, so okay.

00:40:03 - 00:45:08

So the, the seed is planted is that all you thought about for the next eleven months. Yeah. I'll move off because I got home. I was like, oh my God into go. Somewhere gonna go to try to go spanks. I wanna way to land. Like you said, I mean, you know, I when I went down there, I was fascinated with to Sima and watching those guys when they did the big flight. And then I got there and I just thought, man, this is a different. It's a really different mindset. It is not I wouldn't classify it as fun at all it. Yeah. You know, I looked to me like when I was there that there, there are a lot of big flights going out of Pat to, and, you know, when I had, when I finally did hook into some good days, both had one from to Sima, and then a several from from kisha, and it was really fun. But at the same time, I mean these long drives back all night and just, you know, getting up super early which I don't mind at all. But it was, you know, you really have to dedicate yourself to this, and the one doing that, like the you're like, oh my God. I can say tomorrow, Austin odd you can't Austin, I'm Ruffy oh, was telling me that, you know, he was having to call as wife and it almost sounded like like she's talking out of suicide. I mean they sat there for thirty nine days into seem twice that, that brutal. There's nothing to do in that town. There's nothing there's nowhere to go. There's not really any food. Like the whole town coalition waiting for tomorrow. Just wait in the weather forecast. Meet nothing, you know. So every day, quote unquote, looks better than the last time in most of the time you got there and it's raining in, I'm not even is not even flyable. You just go. Go back to the hotel. You know it's often. Yeah. It's like super nation worry, it's a mission. It's yet, it's definitely type two to fun, so between twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen when you go back with, you know what actually I wanted to ask you first buy your dad. So I just became a dad, but a year and a half ago. And the thought of supporting my daughter to go paragliding is no is something I hope I figure out how to do. But when I look at this little person, and I, you know, when you have a child your, your whole concept of love really changes you're just like, oh, my God. This is this is, you know, you, you, you just didn't know what love was until I had until I had a daughter. You know, knowing the risks said knowing how dangerous this sport can be, you know, I, I definitely believe that it can be done safely. And we don't have to expect to crash, you know, his I'm surrounded by mentors. Really good pilots who never have. So clearly, you know that can be done with the right training in the right approach in the right approach to risk. But something we talk about on the podcast all the time. But and I don't know if I could support my daughter to go paragliding of what, what is the relationship with your dad? And how did how did deceit does he understand the risk, because it sounds like that was a big big move to get his support? Yeah. I mean when I first started flying. My mom was the biggest problem like my dad was supporting the in that much. I mean who would understand? But my mom was crazy shoe would like really like trying to convince me to give up, you know. No. It's like a dodger show would like go like, oh my God. Oh, do anything of give you anything you want, you know, name it just stop doing it just saw flying. And as it I mean I love it. You know, it's like the biggest Basham law of my life law wines, like, I can't leave dot it, you know. So, yes. So I think they had to like to get used to the idea may flying know and for a I think it was like very difficult to them because no flies. Here's my family, my mom's really should not Honey. Go like roller course, sir. Is scared of everything. So I don't know why go got the currents because my dad is also like he doesn't, like none of this kind of stuff.

00:45:09 - 00:50:09

So it was really like the front for them. But nowadays, they are really supported should part. No the like I'm in competitions. They watch the live, and in socal like I landed like have like message on my father like oh, go you wearing thin. And he goes like he. Twain in San me. So they ended a lot, you know, that's cool. They got used to it. I mean, there was no other choice in knife think when if your you know your daughter wants to fly, you cannot do much if she really wants to do it amid new cannot hold her back in. Cool. Well, so, okay. So you go you go back home. Sounds like you have another kind of big year of training in comps in that kind of thing, you've obviously got this, the surtout in the back of your mind and maybe other places Australian, Texas and stuff. But so was it, obviously that was the plan go back there and break the world record. So let's, let's take us back there. I should I tell you about nine you're like two thousand. Yeah, yeah, because it's when I changed the main like from the. And I was the year that went to the most competitions like I went to the super final in Columbia is with Mayes the in January, which, I mean, this was the most liking credible competition that have have been to, like, I couldn't believe the level beat at the super finals, just a whole. Oh my God. So it's like it's really cool because it opens your eyes. It's like, oh my God before flying these level IMO, because what when you when you were only like in regional and national combs like you don't have this idea in, how would the pilots can be, you know. And was really amazing. And then I went to, like, lots of the scene in Russia window in, then I went to Guida Turkey, and I think in Turkey was like the best place like preparation for the Tom because it was like a desert. And it was really, really strong. Gotta say I mean, I think it's even stronger been said them. Because it looked like a strong comp. Yeah. Because there was no much Rene's. So like the terminals were crazy strong like not ver- organized, because I think when the, the, the wing helps like tour Ganal organize the terribles. Oh. Was kind of chaotic, you know. It was like a complex learns a lot. So I think it was a preparation for them. And like. I was talking to guy in a hardly great opportunity to go to Tom with the best pilots with the best team. I went with also genie within the team that is the backer. Yeah. File solid genius somewhere on the throne. But I'll ends Marcello. So I was like with the best. That's that is a real gift here with the with the eighteen. So much just perfect way, one, I to Patal me, half bio and some while just to trying may to fly as a group might be. Because it's very different when you are flying grew Mun on flying bear south in light sometimes hip two way are sometimes you had to go lower to keep up with the guys. So yet, you know what? Let's spend a couple minutes talking about the tactics of that because we were all we all had to really cool time last summer at, at nationals in here in the US in flying with Donna's set day, you know who.

00:50:09 - 00:55:01

He's been flying. What those guys over all those years is he taught us a lot about team flying? And that was just something we didn't know anything about understand. I mean, I think we kind of understood the theory of it, but we'd were terrible at it until wine with him a little bit. And he really helped us understand, you know that, that staying at the same altitude. And you know that the guys that were high left at the guy that was low would have to push out. And it was it was real interesting. How they how they've developed this tactic and, and how, you know, it really munches kilometers if you do it, well, it's just so much faster. In the competition. All we've been flying by gaggle. Big echo is always more effective, than flavor so writer, so. Lent similar ideas, but different because the competition competing with the guys. Right. But in hunter flying the team the you are flying together, not competing so jabar's. So think it a I saw them flying together was like, oh my God. It's very different from what we are usually to see. I mean the goal like there was one guy that was lower one on the guy that was higher would spire. Go in go how the guy to climb. So they would climb together, so they would climb faster, but it was just crazy to slow like one is para. Dow to help another. Oh, so it's like, really? Helping each other. You do think only about yourself. It's. The whole group like also like a huge organism each wanted of sale had to mobile together. So in order to work properly, right? Yeah. It's really, really cold to watch them flying. I mean I learned a lot lot with them. Was just perfect. And then we finish the impact to we did a good flights. They're actually there was one flight that, that was a craze life because every day would declared to hundred and seven seventh meters because I like salmon. Seriously? And then the day, I go, okay, I'm gonna declared a two hundred eighty. We went fly. Like we flew like ban hours, forty minutes like almost eleven hours when we pass a the three hundred seven seven seven I wanted to kill myself by God. Why did I change it? Because we were low and it was only me a vile, gene, in he is weighing Axelle. Right. And it's different liking the m. It's like say blend. Rear liking of the just gliding all the left lied. Was low, my God or not gonna get it. Not gonna get in. It's like three hundred seven eight in getting lower the like the little HALE, and they're all kind of tune as and everything, so landing spots, and the point was like just above this. Little hugh. I was because they didn't check where do they point. So. Yes. So I warn going going. It's not gonna happen. So I couldn't to run in landed safely in the little village that neurosis. And how file when like just glide that she had he had. He went like in he needed two hundred eighty. Ride on the right on the I would the way point. Like was so thrilled stated I was oh my God. E only one people meet her.

00:55:01 - 01:00:07

I float three hundred seventy nine point two yet. But I mean when I landed like behove village came to me, like, really, there was like fifty people around me. Sown cited in hell unhappy, and they were helping me to care myself, like one not mess for like gone. Let's let's pecking here in my home, and you water cough. You wanna take a shower wants food. What do you want? Nice. The people are so nice in the towel amazing that it was kind of trysted because on the fly. But when after this all good people came in. They were like so good. And is that like the for station apply? Just disappeared. You know, I was like really grateful just for being there. Yeah, yeah. That's a special day. So almost eleven hour flight, yes. Then hours and forty was not a very good day. Though in was not too strong. Yeah. Sure. Sure. And so that was from Patu, or that was to-. Yeah. That was from bad to. Okay. And then. When did you? Because they've been doing this towing out of Keiko that's been on believable the last couple years, the whole Swiss team and stuff. And they're just getting these huge flight. So that why you guys switched. Just make it easier to get up. I'm in we wanted to try the toll because of course it's easier. Much easier. I I I my personal be now. It's like it should be separated. The records for. Shows did complete the different like with the toll you don't have like the pressure to go to the takeoff, any take off like the winds blowing in the trees. I you're like oh my God and gonna fly. It's like the all it's the wins not advan that strong because you are the ground level. Yes. And I mean, there are no beat sides. So you can fly backwards mo- problem because it all flat. So. We went To OSU it's the name of the in yoga denies. I like it because the beginning off if there were many options of landing. So it would make you like Shumar secure, like if you even through our flying backwards. They're, they're many lands Lenny's on. So. Are we like did so because of that? You don't have to face the least side than really strong rains than the takeoff, you know, because it's into really easy to take off. We even would like to reverse a lunch eat lunch because we were so used to do it. And the wind was not mostly strong. So just put it knowing in our head than the toll just wish you when was released move in have been watching the, the some of the Swiss videos, they've been using the Cobra launch a lot, which I don't know why I never that never occurred to me when I was in Australia, we would always just do a reverse and then, but it was often really windy. It seems like the cobras really nice option. Yeah. I think it's really nice auction is doing is too strong. I think the better option right at sites all to, like, when we were there like there was lot been. They was like crazies thrown all. So as we were more used to take off with a reverse. So we just did it. Are the are the guys, you know, sim- well, and in Marcello Raphael, or they if they kind of given up then on onto Sima because I mean to seem so hard to get going is, is it is. They kind of is the new thing really towing. Yeah. I mean he they wanted to try towing because everyone was doing. And of course, they told me about this about the Sima really, really long wait in a think they didn't want to. They wanted to enjoy more time that they were dead because they didn't have like far today's is saying this thong.

01:00:07 - 01:05:12

All they stayed on to you makes I guess. So. Yeah, was for his ear trying. We like it. I mean. I, I agree. I think they think the same way about should be separate the records. So different foot launching is way more sexy. Just is, you know, I mean. In Tokyo and Australia. You've gotta toe and I mean, there should totally be different. You know, just different. Classification is just a different the different sport. You'll have a an engine. What do you write Iran? Not going up, only, I know by yourself. So I think it's different but. Is a good thing, towing because it cipher. So I think everyone should do it because it safer. No on wants to take risks. If you can choose not to take them, right? Sure. Sure. Okay. Well, being mindful your time. Let's, let's hear about the big flight. So how to go 'cause I the report, I read from you made signs pretty, pretty tough day, blue. Not super Wendy, but sound like a tough day. I mean that day in the beginning, the wind was a big strong was blue now clouds at all. And so the beginning, I was the last to be towing so Afyon some Oko word tourists than than flunky in missile in than me. So I walked by, like the beginning of the flight so ahead to take risks led to go really low to try to catch up the guys because otherwise would be left behind, you know. So the first. The beginning of the fly, I was really low in almost like thinking, I was going to land. But I do not all I need to to go. I was like, Lido bubbles was like just turning on kgo renew within win the not wasting anytime. You know. And I was able to catch a fill-in key on sale. So I was flying with both of them. In was much easier implying along. Right. And then in the I think was already han- they or so we met with the other guys need, I in some hookah, because they like Zohreh down. So we could catch with them. So we were like one point we were all together when there was also another quiets Sebastian Spion, mafia know. He was. Yeah. And it was very terrible. I could each drink water almost just just. Worried about leaving the ring above my head. Keep it together. Keep it together. Boy at the guys in almost Belling them was only concede in Moore's to, to rule. And then some Oko were he'll reading is in his thing thing. It's only a phase, we're gonna rear onto pass this all thing like later on, don't pay attention. I'll don't be like who on these. KAO tried to not focus on the. We went flying flying than in his shot. Was around media guess. The wing got. Lower. But we had some clouds. So it was. Looked butted. It was a terrible. At this time, it was me how key ANSA? So in the Sebastian, most Bima there were in the front of us like almond kilometers, but they were fester.

01:05:14 - 01:10:03

Ended Iowa trying to help me fly with me. Then what? Did you guys discussed? I mean I you know, I, I know those guys this point for sure they know that they're not on world. You know, they're not going to break the world record, but they, they, they really watch that stuff and in. So at this point was was the mission really like, hey, let's break the women's record the help Marcela break the world record just have gone to fly. Yes, we made a deal. He was not possible for them to make the word record with me up. Many young record awesome. So they were like we Midi with France nor. They help me. I mean I can't thing them. Optional. Yang because of fly with I mean, everything that I've learned from them and fly with them was, I watched the movie sequels, all like so many times, like, I would even know the lines. So your Titanic. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. I'm not kidding. I was some the all the lines in for me flying them desert only being they're flying them. It was like dreaming for me. Oh my God. I'm here base file. It's flying here. Just a dream. But back on the fly. So a mere show allow head some cloud. So it was. Parenthood but was special difficult day for me because I felt that wasn't flying would that the, you know, you have some days in bed days, someday that you don't climb out in all? So I think that it was one of my days, I wasn't climbing slow. In this. Keeps you distracting me like how much flying? I'm not flying hours trying to finish me, you know. But then I was able to eat, only after to the end this. All of turbulent. Yeah. So after he should on moving. Should I? All there's he should. I'm being. It was boo- again. It was like there was invasion. You could see the layer like nuclear, you know. So we bought the flight was kind of over because like super. We the term was a week can was bad was really difficult. Let out of nowhere reward like three. The draw was were very low in our normal reheat, attire MO like the side of Leo of eight meters per second. So implanted papers. Super happy. Three pieces of confetti in the wind. Yes. Yes. Snowy were backing the game. So and after. I did the player record Autry Seddon said this time departure seven seven. But in order to make it a head to like to go. It'll be led to the latte, our rouce. So I went by myself in the stay on the our roof. I the the, the white one three seven seven and now, so happy like US Senate Brady already in because. Braford and the guys file goes like. Swallow bet celebration. We are only need to fall far hundred so forget about this and focus on the fly. You know. So you guys are still in radio contact there.

01:10:03 - 01:15:02

They've stayed with the obvious line you've gone over to he declared goal. And then you say, screw it. I'm gonna keep going. No, because when I hit the go, I was slow happy that I was telling the radio. They were like, no, we didn't win to focus on the word record. Yeah, you're right. Because I was getting too excited in not concentrating on the fly didn't more. No. So I focused, I forget about the sun. Is it okay? Let's do this race to can make him because it was really a week after the eighty meter the second didn't get anything strong. Lamar. So I was able to go with with them again. So we were lifted three together, but also lower because I went to the left in by, and then we were like the ho- and the fly like going, every little bubble and being really patients to Klein in I mean any meter we could climb, you know. And we were very patient because it was very weak. And so it was like, ten kilometers, two hundred two I wasn't to me mine, too. I was a house in meters from the wrong. So danley Terada to ripely. I would know that I had the record. Right. Sure. In the guys were, like almost celebrating that time I was on that said. No, we didn't do it. Hold it together guy together. Let's. Yeah. Only gonna believe it. When I see four oh, two in my GPS for three because I need to fly one. Kilometer Firday, right. I wasn't even roofing like this. I am case I even read. I didn't blows widing. So. No, I was really excited. But I didn't let myself to be excited. So it was me I wasn't eating. And when I saw like four three, the GPS, just like free call, you know, than it was, I was crying, crying, crying, like a baby. Oh my. So many bed words in the radio. Like this, like, bit explo- young in all like the moment of like find achieve might go like, after two years, try. I was dreaming about it. Unlike the moment was forget about, you know, I'll always remember the moment. Still hot. Manage to flu mar seven kilometers. So the total was for hundred in seven hundred meters almost four hundred land. So the ratio was really good. Because. Was almost twenty two right in the end up. Today's very good. Yeah, it special our right? So good. So we landed together me file and some will. I mean it was really amazing. The most the happiest of my life. I sure. It's really good. Twenty you land lot in finding achievers did anything change for you. After that, in terms of like sponsorship or ability to fly more, you know, was there was there was there much of a shift in what you're able to do. Yeah. I think. For sure record, health Mela like would mind name, the word I got sponsors after that. Now I have to re sponsors in not nothing like really big.

01:15:02 - 01:20:02

But we did sponsors have unity to own fly now so on on flying. Daddy, fading to competitions in going busier, Gant to surf on. A mys- falter one off them is parts, you know. Daddy one. It's not. And. That like my CD the government off my seating. My home doll. So it's a good thing. So now I can dedicate myself or more year to see what results can get. What are some concrete things you learned from the boys? You know, when you went back in you're you're able to hang out with, you know, truly the best of the best, you know what, what, what are some of the mental things, maybe some what are some of the technical things and then was there, any am asking too many questions here? I'll leave it at that. Just you know what, what are, what are the some of the things that the takeaways, the, the learn and twenty eighteen that kind of are different from what you learned in twenty seventeen. When you're doing on your own. Well, the main thing I think it's to flying as a team. It's think it's is being too small. It's hard to fly out together in a really appreciate to the they teach me how to do it. And of course, I learned a lot about techniques. I don't know how when you about the. Dream talk the term all Caesar the when I mean many planes, little things that helped Mellat like constructing overall concept. And also, I think one of the most important things was the mindset like mile always told me in thought me too. Insert new head many stations right? Soil had to deal with them. Like if you be like, how can I say, if you are, if you let your, you'll Dow, like the for stations if you'll lack them to get to the, you are not go anywhere? You'll know you have to learn with them in see what you did wrong that they tried to make it better in the next day. You know if you are a hang on, on that, oh, I did that wrong. Not never gonna do it in. It's too hard. I mean it you get like come super for stated in Utah. Liping jawing, the flight in more all, like there was one flight after the guys after. No. It wasn't for my record. But the guy's landed early FAI L donkey it in sale. It was only me some muka, but some hookah was, like ten kilometers ten kilometers Toronto of me. So I was flying by myself this whole flight, and, but it was really good day like. Epic. They was really, really good. Like clouds since the beginning and really good was one pm, one thirty day clouds appear was just all blue after key should. I'm hoping. I didn't have the ceiling to not to notice in be like, oh, my God, I need to hold back. You know I switch gears. So I was like from two hundred meters from the ground to the ground, like, you know, I got Lincoln seeing of eight meters per second or nine was crazy was like going to the other side. Speeding in mapping working. So I landed at one thirty pm we two hundred thirteen kilometers. One thirty Ellas like housing. Like I had the pace to do five hundred you know. You know that they someone could the for wounded in mind, five guess. So that's press.

01:20:03 - 01:25:01

Yet was really really really frustrating. I'm in Atlanta than a bad place was like the haw like for hours. And than when I got the rest of the retrieve, we went to get some. To the other side of the just watching that cloud doctor, should I'm being the end of the day, their work, log again. So it was like just, you know, just survive for a little while as. Yeah. You blew it. Good to learn. So. That's what I mean. You'll have to learn with these stations. See what did wrong on mega better the next day? Four hundred eleven is a massive flight. But in the search how you know that, that's it's pretty common. There's a lot of those are you feeling a lot of pressure. Like, you know, you, you know that that's going to get beaten by you know another girl who's who's chasing it really hard. So I guess you gotta go back there pretty soon defendant. But is there is there is there pressure? I think I don't know. I guess that's not gonna be that much pressure. Zere becomes the records mind. So last year was liquidated pressured, because I went to the while my second year, so I was thinking, like I need to do it. You know. So I think this year will be more like relax because I was like Giradi mine. So I'll do my best, of course. But I think it's not a good one hundred eleven. I mean, it's amazing but I want more Ella way more. So I'm preparing a lots in for sure. I'll be there like in the beginning office season. The first day out there. We don't have a lot. We haven't had a lot of women on the podcast. And when we do you know I always try to come dig into the whole women men thing because I still find I, I don't know that we've ever really gotten a great answer on why they're so few women and. In the sport. And so the gal that kind of that recommended I get you on the show. She thought you might have some pretty interesting perspectives about that. And maybe, you know, like even after the record wasn't there. They're kind of awkwardness right with the guy or something. There were some people talking about that. I only flight because it was fine with the guys. And. The say this about the guys when they deflect today other, you know. Although felt like we felt like it was just because our girl. Right. So it's like oh, she only did it because she was the guys. But I mean I was pilots in my glider on like allies done there in, like waiter land, because the, the record was praises herbal. And so was not easy at all to do it. But I mean do bother me because wait here, lots kinds of stuff. So why are so many, you're out of Seoul, field bureaus flying? I don't know but I feel like sometimes babies because there is so many guys in you're liking. Surround around the beg is sometimes the girls have boyfriends or their fathered at though, I did their Surat surrounded by guys. So I hear that. I locked in on like my boyfriend doesn't like me to fly with a guy I, I have to fly with him only know. No. I think I I never had. I didn't have that. So I always flying everyone joy we differ on. So I don't know. I think maybe. It's still kind of, of sexist environment. Totally. There's so many guys in like, menu are good as good as them. They're like, oh my God. She's doing anyone can do it. You know. That's not fair.

01:25:01 - 01:30:02

But you're right. Yeah, totally. Yeah, I get that a lot. So. It's like the guys in these nationals. There were so many angles wine and the guys were joking with me, that was like saline affect, because I started flying CCC wing the guys who are like encouraged to change as value. Guys. She have asthma. Wiccans would too in the MO. It's funny. That's yeah. Yeah. I, I think a lot of times that, you know, like the sexism that happens on launch just that whole. I don't know. Just guys testosterone thing, I'm not letting anybody off the hook here. But I think a lot of it is just the numbers are so skewed that I often don't think it's like conscious sexism or. I think it's just something that, you know, I was just out in this community flying training for the last month out, in Santa Barbara, California. And there's a lot of women pilots. They've really got the really encouraging it and it's you know, it's just it's awesome. Right. And they're good in a lot of them are really good. And but there's this, you know, like when visiting pilots come and they're not they don't they're not used to it. They don't see it. You know, they'll, they'll be like oh, are you here to drive the van down? You know. And they call it out. They've got this like they all use telegram there. It's like what's up, you know. And they and they call him out on that in a really nice way like, hey, guys, just remember, you know that if you see a girl on launch or in the van, you know, that's not the question to ask them. Let's not assume any about anybody. And it's, it's, it's, it's almost kind of like God. Yeah, you need kind of that, just easy reminder, but it is weird. It is weird that you wear men's brains go. Yeah. You know, it's kinda funny but it's but I ain't going. Well, it's what it's not. I mean it's ungracious, like I do it without notice noticing show. I'm not trying to let them off the hook. It's just it's I think a lot of it's just, you know, we just don't see we don't see many women in the sport. And so, you know, there are places, certainly like Annecy where there are more, but still, it's, it's still for action, you know. And so. Was there any kind of letdown? I guess afterwards, you know, when we when we chase these things, so hard and we dedicate to it and, you know, and, and then you get it, and then was there, any kind of, like, oh, what, what's next, you know? Because it's it's the obvious thing is just to go bigger. But I don't know it. Feels kinda fleeting doesn't it? I mean, I thought that would be the case, but it wasn't because when I did it I was so happy, and likely toll was like happiest day off my life, but I still wanted more. I really wanted more like the guys lead like because my flights were was like two or three days before we were leaving. So the guys left, but I stayed another wreak trying to, to beat the record because, you know, was not enough for me. You should go home, the hall mission fly by herself here on is in the wanna go home wanna fly more. But I was so tired, because it was like one loss, in this world teen everyday waking up early in the takeoff in check as if it's not good land on back in. I can't talk on that. I actually slept while flying. Now, now, that's that's that sounds like the XL to be. We always get little catnaps in that race where you're just like, whoa, I dispell AAC up. Yeah. It's great for sign that happened to me, but like seventy under was renewed. His most will I not turbulence air at all. I was a going a blinding to from one pile to another. So in this gliding is let you know. And then when I over.

01:30:02 - 01:35:05

Oh my God. I can't believe I can fly him are you. So that's when I realized, okay, I did while had to do, so it's time to go back home and wait for next year to be bigger and better. This now really your life. Are you still practicing rain biology is are you still, you know, or or is this your job? No. Now that I have sponsors own flying gave up of marine biology. And do you do see that is there any kind of plan right now an inter URS just more kind of free wheeling to see how it goes? I have like the whole ear plan their head. No longer term, like are, are you, are you hoping to make paragliding kind of your living for the foreseeable future. Or, or, you know as this just a temporary stop of. Li- orien- biology. No. I hope that I can make a living out of Brad lighting, even if it is, like doing Tondo flies on all not read law flying, and I don't know. Maybe one day come go by tomorrow in biology, because also lot tracks miss them so much. But I guess, here in Brazil, the only option that would have been mined, biology would be too time to Z a B would be like to the dictation with be exclusively almost two saw might flying would be compromised. So. I don't wanna do that now. So I'm trying to do my best and see if I can do it. I can make leaving with lie. And if I came to a point that I see that there is no way to keep going combat Tamar biology or do something else. Let's see. I was. In Macedonia, last year where a very good friend of mine came up and said, you know, I worry that you want, too much, you know, and it. Hit me in an interesting way, you know, I think often we fly our best and we, you know, we crunch the climate as the best one we're really relaxed and in, like in a different zone, especially at the comps you know, like if you really wanna win, and you're really. You know, you don't fiber. Well, at least at least a lot of people on the show have said that. And I know I'm like that. You know, when I when I had my record here, you're the same. Yeah, I mean when I had my record here, the day before had been my personal best, and I you know, I'd slept like three hours 'cause I got home super late is a long retrieve. And you know, in my, my buddy called from the top of the mountain and said, hey, I think today's even better, I was going to go to bed and, and I went and got a bottle of oxygen and because we fly really, really high here and I raised up the hill, and I was, you know, like an hour off the back and it just happened. It was a really windy day. And it was a really kind of on the edge actually quite scary day. But, you know, I think in any normal circumstances, I would have just it was a scary day. I probably very much I should have landed. But the reason it went, so. Well, because I was so tired. And I was so relaxed. Was getting these huge blowouts, because it was incredibly rough that day. And I just didn't care like my heart rate. Didn't even go up. I don't think it was just I was just kinda like in that zone, where you're like super calm about everything. I think normally if I'd been in my normal head space. I never would have pulled it off the and I don't know. Do you know what I mean? It's, it's I think there's a danger of making it like so serious about it rather than act about it. I mean, I'm convinced. That's why Kriegel is so dominant in the exile is because he so much more relaxed. When he's doing it, then the rest of he's, he's, he knows he has those moves he knows what he can do knows what he's capable of. But he's also just very calm. Yeah, I totally agree. Not only for cross county flights. But also in competition. But like the first year insert doll. I was so into numbers because I mean I wanted to beat the record. So I was looking at the distance from a cough like tremendous to mean it, you know, was too much.

01:35:05 - 01:39:08

So as my go was only to fly day I remove it this day copter. My GPS. So I couldn't see you know because. Great idea was too much into it. You know, like my goal is not about the numbers might go is to fly the whole day. So I'm gonna remove it and I'm going giant because I like the flat. Enjoy the flying and not worry about home any kilometers, Hugh. You know. So it was the day that a did the flu the whole day in the president from Iraq. So I think very small shift. That's a big difference, isn't it? I liked that. Big difference. Yeah. Think also in competitions when I'm the most relaxed, I'm not carrying about it when I'm good man. I'm to Warid in wanting to win. I do something that gonna get me lower. I'm not gonna climb knowledge, suits, crazy Marcella. That's a great place to end not only because that's a nice ending, but also because my little one just woke up. And it's about to get loud. Probably. She gets pretty excited in the morning. So what a pleasure. It was really nice to hear your story. I wish you the best of luck to mazing to be able to make a life out of paragliding. So what a gift just keep I can tell you very excited about it. And that, that's, that's terrific. So keep charging. I wish you the best of luck. And I hope we actually meet flying someday. I'm sure we will too small little world. Thank you for everything. Thanks for these virginity to talk to you was a great pleasure to may two, and I also hope that we can fly one day together. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Good luck. And we'll talk soon. Hope you enjoyed that always fun to sit down with these great pilots in different parts of the world. Super inspiring as always. Always ask for is bucket show. If you're getting something out of the cloud base mayhem, there, many ways, you can support it either financially through pay pal and soon to be directly through our website. We'll have details of that up pretty soon. But if you can't force financially, we totally understand this will remain free, as long as we can do it, but you can support it in many other ways you can give us on a rating on itunes or Stitcher. Or however, you listen to your podcast that really goes a long ways you could blog about it on your own blog can post about it on social media share with your friends. Talk about it on the way to launch and many, many of your doing that. I really appreciate it. And another way you can sport us through our store. We just got a whole new load of awesome. Patagonia, t shirts for men and women and a whole new box of superstar. Trucker, hats by recaps H. One is totally unique got a whole bunch, more colors that seemed. To be more in favor. So go to cloud base may dot com. Click on the store link and get some cool swag. That's another great way to sport show, but yeah, get behind us. You know, we're doing this directly, just through you instead of sponsors because I just can't stand having that whole sponsor thing. The top of the show, and I want you to know that it's a authentic conversation. It's just opinions and they're not being skewed by advertising dollars, which I think is a pretty toxic thing that's happening going on right now globally all stuff going on Facebook, and, and other. So anyway, we'd like to do a direct. We appreciate your sport. And we'll see on the next one. Cheers.