Episode 91- Rick Heatley and the pucker factor

Rick Heatley’s cold night out


Let’s face it- sometimes things go wrong. And sometimes you get lucky. This is one of those stories and there is a LOT here we can all learn from. Rick Heatley was having a lovely day in the sky on a near-perfect day at a new site on the rugged and wild Vancouver Island, British Colombia when suddenly things went proper pear shaped. Moments later he was on a super steep slope, his wing was in a tree and he was in knee deep snow. And the helicopter wasn’t going to be able to get him. It was going to be a very long, cold night…

Safety is a recurring theme on the Cloudbase Mayhem and these happy ending episodes that are littered with “shoulda, woulda, coulda” help all of us fly safer and more prepared for when things go wrong. Listen and share. This one has some serious pucker factor.

To read more about the incident go here.  And for a full debrief of the incident and what the community learned go here.

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Show Notes:

  • The day begins- and a perfect day it is!
  • The little mistakes start to add up- complacency stings again
  • What can we learn?
  • What should we pack?
  • If we could rewind the clock…
  • Rules to live by
  • What are we missing in our instruction?
  • Creating a culture of safety


Mentioned in this episode:

Bill Belcourt, Paul Guschlbauer, Jeff Shapiro, Manfred Ruhmer, Christien Ciech, Wolfgang Seiss, Will Gadd, Reavis Sutphin-Gray, Rob Sporrer, Eagle Paragliding, Mitch Riley


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