Episode 84- Adrian Garza and Chasing thin Air

After getting his novice sign-off in Mexico (30 flights) under the instruction of 2019 Red Bull X-Alps pilot and recent podcast guest Marko Hrgetic Hrga, for his very first solo flight (flight 31) Adrian Garza hiked up one of the highest volcanoes in North America and flew off. And it’s been all volcanoes since. Adrian is an experienced high-altitude mountaineer and when his wife showed interest in paragliding he thought he might as well give it a shot as well. It’s been a year since he got his license but work, living in Mexico city, and having a new baby has made it difficult for Adrian to chase cloudbase as much as he wants so he’s taken a very non-standard route to getting airtime. Finding the biggest volcanoes in Mexico and flying off! What’s possible with a wing and a ton of desire? Have a listen- this is super, super inspiring!


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Show Notes:

  • InReach best practices
  • Winter flying- what to look out for
  • Flying the right wing to match your skill level
  • SIV vs a real situation
  • Adrian takes his 31 st flight, his first solo off one of the biggest volcanoes in Mexico.
  • Dealing with altitude, especially as a new pilot
  • Training for high altitude and the risks of flying at high altitude
  • How to speed up high altitude acclimatization in advance of the trip
  • How to assess flying a volcano- weather, route, where to launch, the ascent, landing…
  • Baby on board! How having a baby has impacted Adrian’s flying
  • Equipment Adrian uses to fly off the volcanoes
  • Preparing for the Red Bull X-Alps


Mentioned in this episode:

Marko Hrgetic Hrga, Red Bull X-Alps, Matt Henzi, Miguel Gutierrez, InReach, Reavis Sutphin-Gray, David Wheeler, Valle De Bravo, XCSkyRace, Cedar Wright, Jeff Farrell, Matt Wilkes, Tom De Dorlodot, Triple Seven, Anneka Herndon


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