Episode 83- Ziad Bassil and Dust of the Universe

Ziad Bassil is someone most pilots who have gear questions already know. His blog the “Dust of the Universe” is probably (definitely?) the most comprehensive independent gear testing site on Earth. He does it solely for pleasure and is PROLIFIC. If it flies, he flies it and then gives his many, many followers his opinions. In this episode we spend some time discussing the unique challenges but also joys of flying in Lebanon and then get right into the gear. How he tests, what he tests and why. Come along for the ride and learn more about what you should be flying and why.

Find Dust of the Universe here on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/groups/dustoftheuniverse/

And his incredible website / blog here: http://ziadbassil.blogspot.com


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Show Notes: (these are the questions we ran through for the show)

  • Flying in Lebanon- the many challenges, dangers, and the surprisingly good flying to be had
  • Testing- how it came about, the process, and how to keep it fair. And what conditions to test in. 
  • Ziad’s favorite wings in each category
  • If Ziad and I go fly in the Alps for fun- what wing and harness would you bring?
  • Hammock harness vs seatboard harness
  • Favorite race vs light harness


Mentioned in this episode:

Rony Jabbour, Felipe Rezende, UP, Flow, Niviuk, Ozone, Artik 5, Bonanza 2, Gin, Swing, Advance, Gradient, Woody Valley, Neo, Nova, SupAir, Sky, BGD

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