Episode 75- Dominic Rohner and Chasing the Dream

Dominic flying the Rift Valley in Kenya

I met Dominic nearly a year ago in the Sertau in Brazil and I’ve been wanting to get him on the show since. This one starts with a great (and a little harrowing!) paragliding story in Switzerland that leads us to discuss some safety stuff that cross country pilots really need to implement, and just keeps getting better. Dominic has been flying for 21 years, recently sold his share of a very successful school (Paraworld) in Zurich and has been living the dream- traveling the world in the pursuit of the skycrack. From Tanzania and Kenya to Brazil to Colombia Dominic takes us on a journey that only a paraglider and some imagination can do. This one is filled with great advice, many laughs, a few solid warnings, fantastic travel stories, the heuristic decision making process, and does what any good free flight talk should do- get you STOKED to go flying! You’re going to dig this- enjoy!

“I like flying, I like being with people, and I like drinking beer so I need to start a paragliding school!”- Dominic Rohner

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Show Notes:

Discussed in the episode:
  • Dominic discusses a pretty scary incident near St Moritz, Switzerland we discuss the takeaways- are there times you shouldn’t throw your reserve?
  • Acro training and cut-aways
  • Dominic takes us around the world and defines the magic
  • Flying into Guerrila country:)
  • Flying in Tanzania
  • Dominic discusses his school and travel business, paraworld and their unique approach
  • The world of acro and training and why acro is important
  • A risk pilots should avoid…and one they should take
  • What are the most important skills to tackle and master in the early days?
  • How to find a good school and a good instructor
  • Little things you should do that make you much safer- mentors, practice, SIV, reserves…
  • How acro helps your head, and what wing to learn on


Mentioned in this episode:

Aaron Durogati, Erik Reinfeldt, Odrej Prochazka, Michael Witschi, Cody Mittanck, Josh Cohn, Miguel Gutierrez, Alas Del Hombre, Monarca, Eric Reed, Stefan Wyss, Horacio Lorens, Felix Wolk, Michael Gebhart, Nik Hawks, Mitch Riley, Pal Takats, Theo De Blic, Niviuk E-Gravity, Jocky Sanderson


Those special moments…take off madness in Kenya

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