Episode 71- Bernhard Kalin and the coming future, dangers of overconfidence, Speed flying best-practices

Benni doing a little waga in Grindelwald, Switzerland

Bernhard (Benni) Kalin is a Swiss all-things-flight instructor at ChillOutParagliding. Based in Interlaken, speedflying was his initial addiction but over the years it has spread to all canopies- paragliding, base jumping, kitesurfing, kiteskiing- you name it. Last year flying with his father in the Wallis Benni had to deploy his reserve for the first time and ended up in a terrifying position that required a helicopter recovery. He walked away physically uninjured but getting his head straight has been much more difficult. In this episode we discuss the exciting future of Reflex wings, dealing with fear injuries, some of Benni’s most-memorable flights, speed-flying best practices and why it’s as dangerous as base jumping, how to safely get started on mini wings, why learning paragliding before speed flying is so essential and the risks of overconfidence. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Benni discusses his most memorable flights: Top Landing Mont Blanc, and soaring the Jungfrau and Eiger at night.
  • Benni discusses his first reserve toss in the Wallis that ended perfectly well but left him flying pretty scared
  • How to recognize when you are overconfident
  • Fear injuries- how they can affect you and how you can find the fun again
  • The dangers of having an incident early in your career
  • The correct way to learn speed flying and understanding the inherent risks
  • Why speed flying is as dangerous as base jumping and why learning paragliding first is the much safer way
  • The  most common pilot errors and how to avoid them
  • Barrel rolls- how to learn and why to start them in a very particular way

Mentioned in this episode:

TruckGloves.com, Evan Bouchier, Ueli Kestenholz, Chris Banford, Adel Honti, Nick Neynens, Nik Hawks, Armin Harich, Chrigel, Ben Abruzzo, Nick Greece, Antti Joensuu (show notes link), Cloudbase Foundation, Karma Flights

Going to Switzerland and want some help? Check out ChillOutParagliding.

If you would like to contact Antti about his psychology help that we mention in the show, please email info@flyingfinns.net.

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