Episode 30- Michael “Micky” Sigel and building greatness


Michael “Micky” Sigel began flying before most people learn how to drive a car. His early talent and passion got him on the Advance team when he was just sixteen years old. These days Micky makes a living as a test pilot for Gin Gliders and has been a dominant force in the Swiss League and the World Cup for nearly a decade. In this episode we catch up on what went down with the Gin factory last year in Northern Korea; what a test pilot actually does; how the Swiss League turns out so much incredible talent; the importance of mentors and how where you fly affects the pilot you can become; the local advantage and the traps of flying the unknown vs the known; what separates the best from the good; the importance of mental strength and believing in  yourself; the importance of a glider in a competition and the importance of choosing a glider that suits the task- and a LOT more. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

  • Making a new Gin Glider
  • What happened with the Gin Factory in North Korea and how they have had to adjust
  • What is a test pilot really?
  • Swiss league- how do you build greatness and champions?
  • Micky’s favorite place to fly
  • The importance of mentors and how where you fly affects the pilot you become
  • How where you fly really affects the pilot you can become, and the downfalls of local knowledge
  • What separates the best from the good?
  • The importance of mental strength and believing in yourself
  • Choosing gliders to match the task and goal
  • The new CCC rules- will it help more manufacturers get into building comp wings?
  • Do companies have to build comp wings to better their lower level wings? IE is there a crossover?
  • Advice to lower hours pilots
  • Mentioned in this episode: Gin Gliders, Aaron Durogati, Will Gadd, Torsten Sigel, Chrigel and Michael Maurer, Steven Wyss, Peter Kleinman, Jan Sterren, Rafa Lukoz, Michael Witchi, Bill Belcourt, Matt Dadam, Nick Greece, Bruce Marks



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