Episode 23- Guy Anderson and Lessons for Everyone

Guy Anderson at the Europeans, August 2016

Guy Anderson at the Europeans, August 2016

On the last day of the World Cup in Sun Valley in 2012 British pilot Guy Anderson disappeared in an area we call “no man’s land.” Three days later, in a heroic search effort involving thousands of man hours and a very fired up team Guy was found, in no small part due to his own monumental efforts to stay alive. Guy suffered some pretty major injuries but three months later he was flying at the top of the stack at the Superfinal and hasn’t looked back since. This is his story, which encapsulates over 24 years of flying history and there’s a lot to take in. His passion and infatuation with flying is inspiring and endearing and in this episode we get into how competitions have changed over the years, some of the more shocking episodes Guy has gone through (I promise, they will make you giggle!), lessons learned from his accident, flying in Wave in Argentina, the importance of FLOW, overcoming fear, how to balance work and family and still fly 300 hours a year and a lot more.

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Show Notes:

  • Guy talks about his long history in flying, early competitions, and some pretty wacky saves
  • Overcoming fear and staying passionate
  • How to approach training and progression and the importance of FLOW
  • What belongs in your gear kit, and the take-aways from the accident in Sun Valley, Idaho
  • How to fly fast, gaggle fly, discipline, developing glider skills, and what’s so amazing about paragliding.
  • Mentioned in this episode:  Nick Greece, Mike Pfau, Nate Scales, Matt Beechinor, Russ Ogden, Mark Watts, Honorin Hamard, Bob Drury, Eddie Colfax, Jim Mallinson, John Sylvester, Hugh Miller, Pepe Malecki, Charles Cazeau, Rob Wolff, Bill Belcourt, Barney Woodhead, Jocky Sanderson


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