Episode 164- Veso Ovcharov and the Power of Desire

Red Bull pilot Veso Ovcharov hails from Sofia, Bulgaria. His background is in acro but he’s about as all-purpose as you can get in the realm of free flight. He’s passionate about wing suit base jumping; he just competed in the UAE Hike and Fly Championships in Dubai; he won the overall XContest this year chasing huge distance in Brazil and around the world; he competed in this year’s World Championships in Argentina and still holds the world record for Infiniti tumbling. We talk in detail about his amazing year, the art of chasing huge distance, the craziness and accidents that happened in Dubai, Chrigel’s continued amazingness, his incredibly forward-thinking 3RS acro harness, comp flying, how we really can follow our dreams and a ton more. Veso’s humble stoke for free flight is really infectious and the way he articulates the beauty and wonder of our sport is poetic. Enjoy!

Follow Veso on Instagram and check out his incredible website, FlytheEarth.com.

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Topics we discuss on the show:

  • The UAE hike and fly championships
  • Winning XContest and making the switch into XC
  • Flying the Sertao of Brazil
  • Breaking a world record and chasing big distance
  • The therapy of jumping off cliffs
  • Being a Red Bull athlete and the shift from Acro to XC
  • Hike and Fly
  • The 3RS harness- two reserves + a base rig cutaway
  • Competition flying and making/avoiding mistakes- take it easy on the aggression
  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t compare, just do your best and stay disciplined. Don’t get emotional
  • Lessons from the World’s
  • Flying in REALLY strong conditions in La Rioja
  • A scary incident on an Enzo and takeaways

Mentioned in this show:

UAE Hike and Fly championships, Pal Takats, Micky Sigel, Seb Ospina, Chrigel Maurer, Eduardo Garza, Steve Bramfitt, Aaron Durogati, Logan Walters, Tanguy Renoud-Goud, Larry Tudor, Donizete Lemos, Will Gadd, Sebastian Kayrouz, Ben Abruzzo, Laurie Genovesie, Dilan Benedeti, Russ Ogden

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