Episode 161- Peter Zaccagnino and Adventure, Aviation, and taking risk

Peter Zaccagnino is an aviation Hall of Fame pilot; 4 X Air Racing Gold Champion; has flown over 23,000 hours in more than 270 aircraft, flight tested more than 685 and even built three of his own. Peter’s company, High Performance Aircraft Group manages several corporate jets, provides his clients with custom-tailored, high-intensity world tours, and performs flight test services for several manufacturers, including the U.S. and foreign militaries. He’s also the film producer of multiple Discovery Channel productions and starred in a lead role in the “Dangerous Flights” series.

His book “Relevant” is a “Behind The Curtain” Thriller inspired by true events that reveal eye-opening top-secret encounters and the greatest lessons in leadership. His latest book, “the New Cold War” was just published and is receiving rave reviews.

Pete’s philanthropy includes the Wounded Warriors, the National Ability Center, various orphanages in Central and South America, and Christian Service projects for children in remote locations worldwide.

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Topics we discussed on the show:

  • How Peter got into the whole world of aviation and how it all became his passion and life
  • Becoming a test pilot and managing risk
  • The importance of asking why
  • Racing airplanes and winning gold
  • Aviation Hall of Fame
  • A private flight around the world
  • Time to ditch, and making it work
  • Being held at Gunpoint with Rifles and AK-47’s in Pakistan and dealing with “unique” situations
  • Just solve the problem
  • Weather and aviation
  • Travelled to every Country in the World except one
  • Preventing orphans from getting kidnapped in Guatemala
  • Working with kids and veterans
  • Best and worst places Peter has travelled
  • Got detained and bribed by Nigerian authorities
  • The “Dangerous Flights” series and the Dead Man’s Curve
  • Avoiding bad outcomes- creating (and following) a playbook for success
  • Peter’s books and the future
  • The power of quantum computing and how it could change the world (for the better, and possibly for the worse)
  • Tapping your creativity

Park City Aviators website link

Relevant: A Military Thriller Inspired by True Events link

The New Cold War link

Peter takes the win

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