Episode 113- Manu Bonte and Mastering Autonomy

Manu showing the way in Colombia

THIS ONE IS AWESOME! Don’t delay, listen now and put all these practices into your flying- and life! Manu Bonte is an APPI Master Instructor and has been guiding cross country instructional tours around the world for over 10 years. A Mechanical engineer, Manu has worked as a test pilot for 8 years in the development team of the French paraglider brand Nervures. Manu is also a journalist and author of the book Parapente Sauvage. The “Flying Frog” is internationally known for his amazing pictures and adventurous journeys around the globe. Manu is president of the educational committee of the APPI, an international education training program that has more than 10,000 members in 134 countries. In this episode we learn about how Manu approaches building autonomy with his students; the importance of the mental side of the sport; finding the equilibrium between motivation and safety; chasing the aesthetic over personal bests and kilometer counting; how to get pilots in a positive state of mind; teaching people to avoid making stupid mistakes; the extreme risk of social media and external motivation and flying; how to free the unconscious mind; the three things that lead to accidents; switching to “autopilot”; where “happiness” lies in flying and a TON, TON more.

Some great resources from the talk:

An excellent tool to analyze your flights


Here is the major accident analysis over last 12 years (in French)


APPI (Association of Paragliding Pilots and Instructors) is an association based in switzerland that was founded in 2009.

The main goal of APPI is to offer to pilots and instructors a worldwide united education system. Many pilots travel, and APPI gives them the confidence to find consistent,  quality education in certified APPI schools all around the world. APPI allows those traveling pilots to progress in the same education system wherever they travel.

APPI has 10.000 members in more than 134 countries

APPI quality is based on:

A: a well documented education system

click on any level to have details

APPI education system also features:
-Pilot manual
-Pilot Logbook where the contents of each level are described. So far this logbook is available in English, Spanish, French, Serbo Croatian, Macedonian, Greek, Persian, Russian, Turkish…. Chinese and Arabic are in progress
-Online theory training with a pool of 500 question carefully elaborated and regularly updated
-Online Theoretical exam virtual room
-Evaluation forms for practical exams
-Instructor manual

The education system is regularly evaluated and updated by a cosmopolitan pool of master instructors: the APPI Pedagogical Committee. This allows the  system to be in perpetual evolution and incorporate the latest knowledge, which is a major issue when we consider the fast evolution in glider design and its impacts on piloting.

B: a network of APPI certified professional pilots:

The network of tandem pilots, instructors and schools provides a consistent and guaranteed level of quality

C: field pedagogic actions:
those actions are performed:
-by APPI instructors inside APPI schools
-by APPI master instructors for experienced pro pilots (tandem, instructors, technicians) seeking validation or updating of their competence in the APPI system. They are evaluated and validated at the level they deserve in the APPI system.

Actions oriented towards Pro pilots are called Pro-workshop, here is the schedule of coming events, as well as a resume of actions that have been held in the past


D: a quality control system based on 2 points:

-Each key level (advanced pilot, tandem pilot, instructor) requires validation of two different instructors or master instructors. Name of validators is recorded into the APPI system and they may be held responsible for the actions or behavior of their rated pilots in case it is due to a lack in the education process.

-Each member of APPI, whether he is a simple pilot or a master instructor, can report any incidents or unsafe behaviors he may witness.

The Disciplinary & Safety Committee will investigate and evaluate possible actions to take in these instances.

If the issue indicates action against an individual, the disciplinary committee may take action to bring the individual into compliance with the APPI standards. If those actions are unsuccessful, sanctions may been taken up to expel the individual from APPI.

If the incident suggests a change to the training protocol, the Disciplinary Committee will engage the Pedagogical Committee to have the training protocol be revised and evolve.

System update:

The APPI system is driven by a competent and cosmopolitan pedagogical committee:
14 experts showing different backgrounds.

The diversity of countries and expertise enriches our understanding of global issues. One thing they have in common is that all travel the world for their professional paragliding activity.

This committee also relies on a network of well known and respected specialists who help on specific topics.
APPI Hall of Fame shows Francois Ragolski, Theo De Blic, Tim Alongi, Franck Coupat (Attaka speedriding school), Kari Castle, Charles Cazaux, Seiko Fukuoka, Pablo Lopez, Bruce Goldsmith, David Eyraud, Fabien Blanco, Mendo Veljanovski, Jordi Marquillas, Marko Hrgetik, Dale Covington, Avi Malik… Among others

APPI and National federations:

− The purpose of APPI is to create a consistent high level of training worldwide, and to build bridges with existing national federations.

− At APPI we are convinced that a strong local federation of pilots in a country is critical for paragliding development, and is key for airspace regulation, national competition, and many other issues.

− APPI’s goal is to promote and strenghten paragliding worldwide.
If we can help any federation or local authority with our experience and training program to build a synergy, we do so enthusiastically.

On the field how does it work?

Some countries use the APPI system as their official system. They like the quality of the contents, the fact that its a ready to use solution with documentation and educational support. Also they like the possibility to call external experts to validate the pros levels which eliminates conflicts of interest.

In some countries where an historic educational system exists APPI certifications are recognized besides the local historic system. APPI functions in a supportive role, and is mainly used when local pilots travel abroad, or for an easy integration of incoming foreign pilots.

There are countries that do not recognize APPI yet, and we work on building a trustfull relationship with them.


APPI is recognized by FAI as a trustfull entity. FAI asked APPI to work on the renewal of Parapro system (Safe pro 2017), FAI allows APPI to issue FAI IPPI levels in certains countries, standart procedure requires local NAC autorization.

Pilots that are APPI certified have their certification recognized in countries that recognize APPI certification.


We are working on providing worldwide insurance at a decent rate and very good coverage to all our pilots and professional pilots. We have already succeeded for European citizens (even living abroad) and European residents. Our insurance company is working to extend the offer worldwide

Manu Bonte

President of APPI educational committee

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Show Notes:

  • Finding the equilibrium between motivation and safety
  • Becoming autonomous
  • Teaching people to avoid making stupid mistakes
  • Mental, mental, mental- you gotta feel good in the air
  • Identifying behaviors that betray nervousness
  • disconnecting the piloting from the vision- going into autopilot
  • improving technique for thermalling
  • work on strategy- identify the simple rules and follow them- free your unconscious mind!
  • The four cores: Mental, technical, energy, and strategy
  • The three things that lead to problems- 1) external motivation. 2) ego. 3) incorrect vision of progression- exposing yourself to too much risk. Work the technique, improve your mental skills, pound the fundamentals and you will get good, you don’t need to push hard to get good
  • Paragliding is dangerous. Accepting that it is the first step in the right direction.
  • What makes a good paragliding pilot? What makes a great flight?
  • Adapt- manage your level of exposure
  • Connect your happiness to improvement, not numbers
  • Your goal should be to fly safely and making smart decisions.  Fly for the aesthetic. If your stories include tons of low saves and surviving sketchy decisions then that’s not cool. Who’s the better pilot- the pilot who flies all day without a low save, or the pilot who has 5 low saves?
  • The importance of Analyzing your flight to find weaknesses. There are four parts: climbing, transition, the line, and the searching.
  • How to exit a thermal
  • The importance of Margin
  • Are you having fun or are you looking for recognition?
  • Aligning probability with risk and the severity of the consequences
  • APPI and creating a syllabus and education system for the world

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Episode 113- Manu Bonte and Mastering Autonomy

00:00:22 - 00:05:00

Hi there everybody. Welcome to another episode of the cloud. Base man my guest. Today is Manu Bondi. He's French master paragliding instructor with the API system which was really integral in developing and still is a great educational syllabus and system that is now and believe hundred countries and he and his wife also guide EXC- to as they've been doing this for more than ten years have really kind of unique system. Sounds fantastic. Actually but they operate all the world the operate Greece Macedonia and Turkey. And actually. Today I was down in Colombia that he's been operating down the Calcutta Valley for quite a long time discovered quite a few routes down there and does the courses that are really grounded in the Sediq and safety and the mental aspects of flying more so than other ones. I've heard so really cool. Take a very cool person. Who's been at this game a very long time? So please enjoy this conversation. Many body a menu. Thanks for coming on the show. We have been working at this for several weeks. Now in your when we started you down in Columbia understand. You're still in Columbia guidance. Some tourists now things going down there and to low thank you. Hello giving thank you so much Laura Ingraham me it's going to be in your podcast Yeah I'm studying Columbia. I'm walking here guiding Cross country working with my waist. Monique this WanNa have unanimity about you. Know the way we work at at the beginning Munich. My wife and I we will Traveling the world For IOS in such places to fly and our criteria were originally. D of the places is six cross country potential and also we we like also you know trae can fly or clements later on when we decided to go pro. What we wanted to to our clancy's A. Billion Osha undiscovered on nights or places and we know very well on on progress and about Colombia. We will among the first to bring piloting Colombia. Ten years ago now of course he became Mo- poodle but zestil places we fly. Were were while the only toying Baylor He sees she's basically what we do in Columbia. And how long are the tours in? What are the kind of objectives the toy on the clinics? He's connected with the decision of the flying. We have really. It's the search of aesthetical flights and progression. So it's typically fifteen days tool and then the the decline ECKES is a you know on basically the tool the clients discover place fly that lays local cross country could put off days and then we tried to reach the next plays in flight. Celebs the pilots to get usually the knowledge of civil era and eventually we tried to connect them together. So it's fun is. He's a taste of discovering but also which is interesting in guts ease at The pilots in the situation to apply the teaching tips. We give them in different rates. So this is basically The way we will so that Ruled Neo in that area. The calcavecchia must be terrific for that. Because you've got the mountain aspect in the flatland aspect I in our our both of you are both of you. Teaching are you both. You're both in the air with the clients. All the time is definitively so festive already. Another array is not derail. We spend much time yesterday. We make on the toys along. Let's say of four hundred kilometer Trip from mid into Khaliq admitting you notes of terrain which is totally different like It's not like he would only I would say to ditching chair than you should.

00:05:00 - 00:10:06

Not Replace on I'm only GOING TO THIRTY FRONT TERRAIN. And of course you know when we use skype of I would I would go to like something. That cross country touring the safety is essential so we have the safety is festival will Two guides India. The we manage litter groups is treated Clients maximum per guide. So and we we increase emergency clever and as you are mentioning the choice of the site you know sites that allow to escape from the Montaigne in around trysofi Eighteen to tribute We escaping into Latin. We keep a good attitude of course for the safety for me. The main point is working as your Grenada. The Guy Walking on pilots or tournament. Cici's from you keep going you know because even if you have. Let's say only eight clients and to gauge India. It's a race possibly one by look escape so and you should give him you know or the keys to ensure is on autonomy than you know you have a good safety In where else in the world? Because I understand you guys doing this pretty around the world are you going? What kind of a a system for spent a couple months in Columbia and then world you go though. We welcome in Columbia Now we will in Dominican Rick. Sometimes on Dan we have also Activity in buys guns In Mecca Danica around Crochet Bina Grease Grease of plays to to work on on that and when? I was talking about ballots attorney. I'm thinking about. It is mainly bays Maybe work on to get a good tournament. Pilots Linked ease debriefing critic In the briefing which is important on our interviewees said challenging but do a project according to the conditions but also to the technical level the state of mind of the pilots and have them Dustin as done achieve predict option so each pilot at one moment is. He's elated from the group he doesn't take on the project at orcas which might view so selfish exposure So the pilots Musket Necessary knowledge to take the good decision. Terrain allege dangerous zone exit doyle funding option than people and see Cici's owed Tehran Knowledge. We have full flying death for a long time. We spend. I'm trying to open neural to a spinal time. Booming go everywhere and and also debuted to put the guys in the state of mind to adopt Basically Between motivation safety. You know the guys are usually highly motivated. Donald so we grew. You know Maybe sometimes Nc State of a belief. The key will is the following would pilot the pilots be able to achieve the project without us? All even I would say achieve a nice flights. Even if it's different of the project that has been set you know. I mean if we if we could answer yet In means that the many ways objectives reached so it sounds to me a little bit. I spent quite a bit of time in the late nineties instructing for our bound and these were typically month long courses where in the beginning the instructor team there was always to instructors newsy ten students the the object in the in the beginning. You're very involved in your teaching them. The all the kind of skills to live in nature missile from cooking. And you know how to put ingredients into a pan and not burn stuff to navigation and compass and reading train maps and then as time goes by you stand out more and more and more and and as the autonomy of the students would increase.

00:10:06 - 00:15:05

Is that kind of the objective are you? Are you in a sense calling out a little bit as time goes? Is they get more capable more confident more skilled. Yeah the I mean you know must of the guy. I'm I'm sure you're well. That must of the guys that go full a cross country Super focused on making sure based. Minnow men's that's that becomes you knows our main objective It's it's quite easy to remote control the growth of pilot and have them sheep that you know like you can really know sure who here all day or go is. Mary throws down. Get them up you know. And and and trust him. You know to the Base and Is Not really what we are aiming at. You know. It's not the way we like to wells we. We'd like to absorb the pilot work under weaklings and Sometimes the personal best just happens without having specifically look for it's even when the guys is a comeback Repo Improvement of the flying Concretize you know sometimes by that but the famous Pensioner based you know but not so our to change is really based on back also absorbed the clients identified the weak points out walk Pity on improving. You know some guys zapped too fast you know like sit on Luke Saron downloadable away some of the guys up to conservative. You know an group you know you can see really as the occurred dogs each by. Anu Walk on each of them to finally get you know like the group that is working and Guffaw. You know when our nights I mean to take take me through kind of a in briefly. Not You know you don't have to be extensively but it sounds to me like there's you know there's kind of a morning briefing in your ear. Maybe laying out the weather and the objectives or or you just saying. What have you found for the weather? And then Answer that will keep me through a typical day in our good. Have a good day. A- that works. It's not a rain day. Yeah to typical. Today is different along the project around the class you know at the beginning of goes a we stop to analyze the wizar- we present you know the project we present a plan. B. and we say you know what's going on you know like During you know the tool disease The guys am safe. You know that handed them. We finally Eliza say oh today we would have that suiting. would be set direction have stability instability analyzing deputy. Is eventually you know luke around and say hello. Today we could fly that it would be the best place all sometimes you know. Even this aid we dumpty phase that that place would be the best but actually we would like to fly another one. We know that it's not going to be the best one but we will. We like to fight channel on at this moment. You know we we let you know the group decision but it's a litter by At the beginning we said we said you know the plan re explain what I'll escape option you know and again Little by little When you guys you know technically Gone some moments. You need to intervene in adult to the piloting success. You know you like to. You need to get him on the Radio. You need to spiral down to bring him up. I mean it's not to make kilometers for us. It's mainly for a month or oppose meaning breaking a surreal of Bombo food the piloting State of mind. Ps One type of intervention. An we can have but for what purpose does not get the guy out just so he can reach fifty k. one hundred k. Or whatever you know is just you know mentality. Put them in a positive Situation Than So.

00:15:05 - 00:20:03

He's on those things you can do. Is You observe. The Guy makes a mistake and you let him make Winstons. We took a disease that we we work on basic statistical tools. You shouldn't break and you see the guys breaking their order and of juicy. You know it's mistake letting him doozy's mistake and working mall on the debris she after the flight Something like Jd. Behind this is at one blown small from its mistakes and from success. You know the guy you know. Make a mistake like it can be a transition you know. He's abuse line. You know and and the guy should take line should sees the line you know. He's really too big in front of you but he goes direct to maybe going to say we would buys by you. Know it's he doesn't take the line and you take line doesn't take the line at the use the key to different priority. He doesn't Bombo but you have to wait for him but he sees you know that he made a choice it on so this is basically something we analyze afterwards in in debris being if we go to closer with the group on getting your already already good at a certain point it happens at our safe we make stupid things you know like we our safely break you know like classic rules and so we assess if the pilots suggests because his without View of what should be done and they actually an interesting when you arrive at that Labor to make some things that tees you know very questionable and sees at the group you have kind of aura you know like a guru you're not and so it requires from the pilots are really really strong opinion. Should be done to about the actively. Yeah I love it. The you're actively doing the bad the wrong thing to see if they're learning to see if they could they could do make the choice. That's fantastic is a lot of pilots getting in trouble. Get in trouble. Because they're being lemmings. Aren't they When you don't do that you know for anybody to deliver you know interest You'll resort tough programs at the group is working Have a clear view of you. Know the classic. Y'All as summed up chores the choice And then you put them in. The in the position was they have freely. You know to show that Understands it done for you because they believe what you do is not appropriate. Manzo and boy you don't you don't do that. Weighs EVERY GUY? Does this when the groupies really working at a tournament is next level? You know when they're ready for it you you said. In the beginning that year you try to take on pilot of small groups fifteen days but you try to take on pilots that are pretty similar hidden in level. What level is that there are? These are these pilots that are coming to you at the thousand hours one hundred hours. What are you kind of are in? How do you screen? How do you try to get people that are kinda similar? So this is basically a false. Is that we don't we? Don't come to a place for fifteen days which is released a in a place to tree months and so basically it's not like somebody will call me and say I come to Columbia. The Saas. Fifteen days of January is marked as as I would like to come to Columbia always you. And then I will investigate to know what easy slavery and according to his label a will propose him to join such a group so so she's Z's basically you know how we talk so an Disag- on point is at most of the time we have about fifty percent of the crew said our people we already know and a maximum of fifty percent. We on mini good. We have a lot of people in back. And so basically am Little Institute about you know the guys said joint unsourced guys that showing them usually no you know by the guys of the group at night we investigation or like nowadays in these makes a bit cross country a tuition detracts on the Internet.

00:20:03 - 00:25:03

So you can research to discuss with the guys and so gives you an idea so we don't have really like we take on the guise tavist super high liver We take some senior guys that are just you know discovering across country but we don't take them to synchronise. We don't take them unsafe Makes him in a group of people that have you not height or otherwise? It's kind of frustration for everybody. You Know Ray. So the pastor pretty You're trying to put together a group that has pretty similar skills so the objectives can be kind of across the board challenging in and reasonable and Something that all of them could potentially do yes. This is talking about that. As a group of market there was gay being you know less weekend less fifteen days on this aid. Which was cool. Is that an Challenging but do you like and actually sometimes must of the time we did it. You know like The projects Dumbly like it's impossible for them on the Sunday would be challenging and sometimes about C. C.'s. Are What what keeps you high? Motivation to throw the cell but ballots Program is two troupes that off. You know Know a little unclear legal. So you know. Waiting to fly is very important in our Adver hype looking It's good to have something Laker Group dynamic is is everything is now you mentioned that it sounds like you and your wife Spend quite a bit of time on the mental side of flying which I can certainly understand. That's mostly what makes good pilots. The mental side isn't it How much the asks question when when you and your wife You know between seasons or between courses or even now on the course. How much are you putting into that side of the game? You know when you guys talk at night now listen. We need to work on this or that. How much is the technical? How much is the mental? What are the things you kind of have to hit over and over again? What are the what are the big key teaching points that you find you have two? That are that are that. Come up over and over again. I really believe the monther parties. The is the most important Nijni off. I mean I would say the most important point while working on is have the It can look like Stupid amazing or whatever but have the By look enjoy the Flying Phil Gould. India you know. Cc's really point while working on and we can really often of self be be behaviors said betrays Nervousness man on reserve things that issue and look many baroque influenced. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about you. You'll so a pilots at the enabled took the tumor leading to an endless headed on crush. Entertainment Mall an ability to get the nisus Aria Altitude to make the Transition Navy to wait and get to his group. You know like for instance Thirty to begin front density Russian into funds unable to wait and buttocks ovation leading to a decision inability to see or feel the good lines. Or this type of stuff you know. Says this is one of the most important point walking unease have debated. Let's say be natural feel like critical India. How do you let me let me ask you how do you? How do you coddle that? What do you do to Bishop Creek? Which is a which is wet Weeks syncing Which is mental condition and it can be like a muddle Sentence TO THE PEOPLE TALK. Zeh shout the United in one of these magic sentences.

00:25:03 - 00:30:07

The higher the D'Amato you know. Like for instance must To get high you know whatever on each sinking. Tallied screamed and screamed shouted. It's like a No like Older missiles make them breeze and sinking some single hearing it even issue. You say is thirty different and so this is quite geological. You know like Joe Visualize what you want to do you Let's a clinic could sense. Asian is the fact that you climb you know. Whatever else says he sees other but is something We have Fisher exercise and we useful turn different pupils. Like I like to disconnect for instance Dipoto team from division. You must of the guys went deep bite on when it's a used a vision to pilot and so When's arrive at the top of the Democrat? Did Not absolve anything and runs a boat. You know so basically. It's very important to disconnect the piloting from division to division taking permission. And have you know? Like something with a bipartisan or two to play the later when you climb and for this we have Litter trick us. We aggregate to As you know so at the beginning salary to be to Fred Yunos Elasticity To open the eyes at one moment if you so good doings yet you really need to wake them up on one to open yet so you realize that exists. We invented for two different post-meeting disconnect you know division from the piloting. We have excellent resort in having the feeling good India Wednesday Nervous anxious you know whatever is a closely is or not and a comeback on Sensation and each reserves wrote of Program says this is a kind of executive. We have many things to work on on these typos Deceased one of the big. You know like We walk on and on the technical field. Were to a welcome. Us is widen dependent of way too dumb or arriving at the second liver must of the what Understanding of the Thomas Structure Another Good vision of the Should elect technique to get. It can be a white run show freezers. Maybe just recently changed. His may be Sticky our idea is to be able to debate the reason unwelcome Z's then we walk on touchy on must've Tidgy mainly welcome. Identifying stunned up is not questionable and if the pilot already applies those simple rules already limits the mistakes and Sasol freeze the pilot mind. So when's it uncontrolled sitution well actually should make a choice? I'm talking about situation when you don't have to make a choice. We know executive So Windsor Have to make a choice than Defeat zone most shop IDC Seeking some ICU. See A guy. Does that disconnect be festivals than me? I can reach team I should. He's no discussion. You know you don't let somebody you know. Plenty leader leader widow away. Fussell's a new issue can arrivals the Groupie said Bays and goes in transition. I'm under on Klein with a good. You know climb being right. I don't go. I dumped before to go those out situation whereas is no discussion. You know you should. We should so these cushion where you need to wait to analyze the situation to take a decision. I climb I. Glide Dot climbed BEC- festivals is not too far away. You know but I will not reachable him. So what do you Unique to decide his decision is not easy It depends if you're not to issue a little maybe stay in your mouth. That is not so good but until you get high enough to secure position If the A is inconsistent you know.

00:30:07 - 00:35:02

It's trump shot cycles. You know Maybe Odongo because Zoe's cushions. You just below the bubble. You know like this is. This is basically situation where you need to take. This season decision might be right on the already identified the situations at cushioned able to apply the rules. Being being being being beamed exists at this moment. You know it's it's it's makes thinks you know easy on and have the Fees so he sees Tateishi About Energy Have the pilot Identify the moments. That can relax. And the ones that We'd be anyways under pressure. You know like many guys believe like when you talk to stop the transition And I believe it's notre believe as soon as you go down yonder pressure even if you'll high We defied phase. Well the guy can relax is when decline. Hi You're not in the serb-run half of the convective you know Leo nyc into Sagawa. Half you know half units claiming so when's To central they don't want to miss the term or you know and Wednesday Stop to climb say. Dentists Stopped Of the more you look at the sky and the already built GonNa do because they have an excellent view of the sky. Wednesday aloe is it can also see The outsell climbing because you see them in the sky and higher you get the more complicated is to make ups omission. Because if you have a cloud of you'll get close to cloud based on. Your vision is not so good on the bills endo you and the terrain you don't see them so where so. This is basically the momentum You need to be able to relax. When you climb and your high end so we won't Z's unidentified weather gay should relax and as soon as established transition of course adjust basically the speed and tried to find you know. Goud line is something that tees cheap point and so it's the moment your elec specially so this is Or you know kind of Keeps you know like techniques to wait Not the best place to weigh Because you know like you'll and other cloud sometimes people Predictable on the Kaleida is not so much attention so that you can get collapsing or whatever so we catch them you know she think. Lexi'S ON WE RE tried to put this. You know like in in order and then we have to do it. Decoding boots calm. You know as a nice Of what we upsells undefeated erase claimed why Basically a so you. You had the mental the technical strategy and the energy If you divide those into one hundred percent in what? What's getting the most weight I would say I? The Monitor with probably fifty percent. I mean are you talking about? What is the time we spent all? What is the importance on? It goes both both mentor. We talk all the time about it you know like how do you feel today before to go flight okay? What shall kiss today? You may the super flights and so today you'll also motivated because you want to fly even better but look the conditions on the the same is going to be complicated. You might take risk or whatever so from the beginning you know insist or the Times. He's no obligation to fly You know it's every day you'll decision and tomorrow is another day you know so the Or the time you need to win we see a guy in the more. He coach More and you know and directly you know isolate On he goes in transition while not so much about you know like field aligned but relax at peace moment like okay brace okay. I'm a composer. Sco Open your arms brace.

00:35:02 - 00:40:07

Okay Now let's go get in the flat rate time we seize monthly's you know like Every time of I would say on so we walk on it I would say a it's even about you know for the But important for me is like sixty essential Guys Not Maybe seventy percents impotence keeps guy. He's not good with is I would say man emotional control and then you can about Tiki enough. He may take. We just need to to to consideration. Welcome that and then we can talk about. The Knicks touches the cheese order. So you noticed some things that he's GonNa Guys at stop to be dialled. You're not woman the guy's at believe you know like it's the last days of the two on to some say like now and taking in consideration tiredness in which additional Division is basically. Now I could keep going into pro Russian her in the in the US stress safety now several times at some point here we're going to transition to all the work you're doing it with. Api before we get to that you know all these years you've been guiding knowledge. Here's what's your wife's and all these places you guided you that a lot of students and I know you instruct instructors as well. What three things do you see that lead to problems? What are the three most recurring things you see festival but him social ride syndrome social yeah the weaken warrior of you know like I might I might rights? Okay so basically the external motivation. I don't fly fly. I fly to show the people able to these. Are The guys that posted a flight? You know like ideas you know like Blah Blah Blah at this women Says WE DON'T? We don't need these in the mean. I'M CONVINCED FREELY CONVINCED. Argh leading is dangerous enough. I can pressure many people. Say populating your nose that says bolt. We's reese but the Bullshit you know. I mean spunky dentists. I've been making many sports on a I. I don't remember what I did not I didn't do base frumpy okay but I don't remember in these both. I did what I had so many friends at themselves so like in this moment every year. I have to I know personally. hour-long it's cheaper to fly. I liked it. Unite within stop. You know financing cheese I believe is the first step in direction of sixty on a mean you have been experiencing the Wrangham. You'll go out Don what. I'm talking about cheese. Seize on this is basically. You know the problem of choosing like Things we should think about. You know what? He's a good pilot. What he's a graduate you know for instance so for instance for me. I'm sure you know. For many people you know being to achieve a preset task and get on the Gore. Of course. It's a mockery of something expected for me. Twin stones a good able to analyze the focused Eventually choose the Takeoff in the vicinity of where he's set a project. Accordingly on also consider was August. You know an if in case the focus is on takeoff either conditions are suitable once India. Assist the real conditions on. Choose the proper project between the projects the imaging and during the flight Bieber to assist you know the with version on Not Say I decided to go so I go there so this is basically what we teach toilet guys you know when we make We say okay.

00:40:08 - 00:45:18

We'd like to the A auction and arriving to this point which is kind of tricky Boeing. Geno to pass if he doesn't have his you're like optional. You're no way you know to Shelton on always Need statistical may be linked to the project or whatever this is the ideas be able to adapt over division. We have about two a piece of good bites. pilots that he's a bird to manage the level of exposure. And so this is one point which is a good bite on what is of great flight. Of course you know that is the magical to the numbers you know. One hundred kilometer one hundred miocene or whatever But for me for instance the statistical dimension of the Projects East genetically primes undeniable kilometers. I remember A pilot I was getting last year and we achieved a woman food. Sally origin owed flight the bull. A pretty white during I must admit you know and it was asking me if I had at the end of deflect you know we landed on I was so happy to make Because that was a Rodeo open pretty wide okay and so we long and the guy was asking me if I had advice to give him about this rank and he was actually asking what technical points could improve and so a in two seconds and asking if he was a well we achieved a pretty around frights. Anybody looking detract would chorus crazy. And he said Yeah I agree on is if you had feeding in any movement of the freight we took a risk or he took a risk and he said no any moment. I knew perfect you. I was what they had to do. Is I wouldn't mind you know to keep safe. You know because the thing was done exist on so you understood the preaching on the east side accused people securities. And so I say to him. Okay have nothing more important to teach. You signed away to do safely exceptional flight. And I believe in the piloting seen. So he's a big deal. We stories of pilot doing ambitious projects was a report. You know being lucky to survive the adventure on of course as he's pulled off Lee-ing I'm sure you know the guys that does incredible Extremely propelled but finally guns. He gets a good example to give to the community. When when one is concerned about the accident you know in the sports says he sees he sees the film's Point Like 'em in magazines in the media cell or the story of people doing stuff Absolutely Harry Super Prep but in the evening is just like I almost died than dimes on the defines. This is you know. And I don't find super cool. The point which is a program division of the progression in this in the pollinating No pain no gain. Okay you push need you whereas It's for Nino training. You know whatever in populating it should proceed. Lexi's and critic convince you expose yourself and the cost of me. Stakes is often disproportionate. Myopia is the way to progress in Prague. Leading is not to push. Its to work the technique enlarge the knowledge feed improve dimensional strengths. The emotional control increase your experience and then when everything is lying then the flying improved by By himself you know like it's a raise the story of the guys that you know him. Why did you go? Zell unhealthy enabled to explain really but trinity twelve until then it worked again and again. You know what I keep trucks or you know. Basically ease nut tree. But it's a reserve of you know like a work he'd and find that it may be or decision is not abortion ought to justify the Twelve oaks and that guy is aware tight is devalued Struggling in the mid arose On just escaped by magic. You know singles go on and so am sees basically you know like what they believe. You know like I don't stop to fine cool One hundred Addition but they Get done flying under the And you know on the other hand you know the guys that's Bush Bush.

00:45:18 - 00:50:01

Bush knew we'd progress on you make C. Suite. You'll notice those weekend warriors. Also happy units to post. You know on social Every Times if Liza end up pressure like Achieve these to be able to the states and so she sees Opinion you know like a big big. Big underlies of accidents have been done in France on the last years. And it's very very interesting. The typical guys kill himself in Prague. Lighting is not the beginner is not the guys that do not understand nothing about the ugly thing. It's a guy that has you know. Very good expand frank not cheap lights be tweak beepers you know seeks victory shield glider. But to your knowledge explain tie and you know it's targets on these type of guy flying. Up cle- between sixty and one hundred how which is not nothing of me. This is typically to gaze at killed himself. Nine lighting has a lot of years. Experience eat does cross country made Only has knowledge On so it's interesting to studio. Abc's type of These type of Mute On and it's the same you know when we walk with Iraq Leeann many diamond geyser is to Clinica they say the obsessed by making the Bests on some objective and when we make the briefing and debriefing is really change. The vision and you can do it as an instructor you know. Like if you're briefing on your debriefing is based on what's GonNa improve today than you know the the question of the numbers last Sagong Likes Creek in the backseat and naturally goes knowing the under back and the guys are more focused on the the happiness is connected to ease Let's say a house have been improved? have been able to improve the points you being able to identify unsafe. Creed likes they had the weakness Bring Uncivil Wednesay's team proxies The United as I said before you know eventually you know the the the big comes you know but it was not the goal anymore. You know. It's the Goldies Fly Fly nicely. Okay true one hundred kilometer and I made five a coup. Your good your been able to make low say Is this is this? Is this approve of success? You know like because he show able to fly one hundred kilometer on make zero say because all the time the decision a decent crew is a bit of being able to escape from Columbia sixty minutes from the ground at one hundred eighty feet. You know. It's like wow you. Don't y'all super happy but each time you lose your energy and it's not the proof of. I would say small decision when you are able to the guys in this type of state of mind. Not only you improves genera efficiency but also you know you have been fly safe so that's could very well very well said. I've I've often said on the shell that I'm sure one of the tools you must use after flying to analyze and to give feedback are the databases things like X. Contests they're they're incredibly powerful in their. They're fantastic tools but there there's a dark side down as well as their when you I I mean I i. There's so many synergies with life with Phya define find them everywhere but the chasing kilometers in chasing distance or chasing your personal best is just the same as buying a bigger house or a better car. You know they. They're the end result. Doesn't change who you are doesn't change your level of enjoyment or joy or happiness whatsoever.

00:50:01 - 00:55:04

We know it's a full game and yet we do it. You know and I think if you're if you instead fly for I mean that's that's a pursuit that has no end it. There's no you know you you you land Burbach in your personal best and then you just have to break Another personal best. Where does that lead eat? It doesn't lead anywhere so it's you know if you fly for like you said if you fly for the acidic or you fly to There's so many other things to fly for to get more enjoyment. Just fly to get better and enjoy that from the day This is a goal that you can reach. Yes when you said. He has no hand but he has also no meaning. You know perfect. He's at you know like is that day. Doing the Knesset A sixty kilometer triangle. Around your home. He's so easy and Knicks Day's GonNa be extremely difficult. You know to Like a M- Just doesn't make sense in in calculating unless you are kind of competition well or zone saying that's the same day you know whatever but basically from the beginning if you state the guys said okay. Today we go on a forty K. project but it's beautiful but it's complicated you know on its original their litter people who set routes any road bend Blah Blah and almost nobody went on the actual and then you know the guys the fact that am does on the What his appointees is the beauty of the project or genetic project the beauty of the landscape. You know whether you flight and it's typically here in Columbia like if you really want to regulators kilometers you go to the new new saying or than you because if you need a place where you can make you know this flame this you know like when you try to say fifty nine until you see people are shooting hundred. Sixteen all of you know but I wouldn't trade can fly. You know like the Magic Triangle like you bust you know along you know incredible landscapes and tricky place where you need to be clearer instead. Spent like one hundred year the ring any and it's two fifty two. You know it's just you know to of seeing Chino making distancing that plays in choirs. Much Mwale maybe three times more distancing under the place is so much focus ability than. It's just a question of education you know like to go order magazine unsold or the pilots step channel on this on the dream to fly when hundred What about the If you change Unsafe okay do single Thrown it's wrong but interest Opinion on that seat. You Up to Kinga Bocce ball and what you can find you know X. contest so he's Interesting is a friend of mine. He developed an application called the exit analytics. So you'd underlies your flight and When you make group flight and you unless you know the flight Basically UNITED MAKE IT TROUGH. Leona shelter flight in full Full dots in fact agent of basically you also interest eastbound when thought is claiming one ball. Ease the transition when thought ease the line and one is the searching in the sun what they mean when you search you know like you're not really climb being end to end. Memento you'll circling but you don Klein and at one moment you'll find the Stimulus basically Then declined being. You can analyze. What was your claim braids? And it's really amazing between two pilots between two best on the West piloting climbing crew of eight. You have one guy's describing you know twice as fast as one Kelly.

00:55:04 - 01:00:03

I'm showing the same. In addition you know basically Transition so Easter guys they have virtually collided at US. Pretty much the same as crucial one set a need to be from the more we welcome that by the way you know what? I would speak On between one guys at exit properly the molen when guys that do not exceed You know in in a few seconds it can be we get you know like to Antique document so this impacts you know onsite ninety the glide ratio. And when you compare this in this Way I'm not a competition guy. You know but I liked Mike later at its best but police and Z. Sees other so what they tried to give to the people around the table? You know to our fence where he ought to go faster. Gazelle to make a nice You know and basically be able to fly Best you know it's It's a keeling basically cicely to really heads you know for the guys you know compared to the Mitchell Yunos the housing proof as you know what Zell as h claiming right in Tom. How long did say waste time to send appropriate dumber? Glenn was there a claim on. What is the butterfly in you? Know like the the flying bill flies trait who is a glide on goods at Pitt dozen. The Metro relied on of shield. Later make you all you. You just liver you on but not glider you know eight nine ordered on the results. Anti-fake also sees hammering so's basically this leaker torch is not the tower. That would push the guy you know to decrease but That shows the guy. Help good Basically so technically you know like it's not about in like a choice you know but technically so that's interesting. I believe it's one of the tubes. That is interesting and do not wish to people on dockside you know. The balloting like victories Before we jump to your work. Api We we went down the line there. The things you're seeing that caused problems we finish there is it. You talked about kind of the social. You know trying to put stuff out. Social Media night talked about chasing kilometers. Did we miss any icing? It's really the main problem. Okay really bill. I don't I don't believe the gay kill themselves because they didn't understand what was going. I don't Understa on the guy is Akin said because technically technically at one moment l. not delivered you know it's it's a whole mix between would would project you set. According to your abilities to your state of mind What glider flying according to your abilities to the conditions in wooded without the safety marching. You'll take I'm sure he will head. Yeah sure issues singularly. Most of the guy knows that impacted on the ground. They had a major collapse close to the prom. So twin moments said wealth flying a glider that was too tricky for them in gone as a mix between the conditions at the place the sixty jihad the wall staring and The technical level required to flight that you know in those conditions so and also you know in in what what was the emotional state.

01:00:03 - 01:05:02

You know like a debate over motivated so Makes BETWEEN AUDITEES sees situation? Basically it's always connected when you want from Not to prove something. You know Most of our people our son to yourself and what is that. Some people are pushing them sick. Social you know. And what people think and what? The people look at the doesn't matter to them but had very good friend of mine leaky tube section in the valley and he was one hundred percent. You know for instance in this type of situation posting these flight. You know land being simple focus on what the people would inau sink about what he was doing and When I was looking Tim flying was always wondering would is the fun. He has the question. I denied gun. I don't want to make a charity with just an exemplar but they can take twenty of them like on people notice You would clearly asks you to their friends on the question or the like. What is the PUCK OF FUNDS? It had on what is about two of 'em. Some kind of research shows night wrinkles from the community on A. I'm not far to build okay X. contest is incredible tool bucket. When you're right somewhere I could you know? Make Research for tree. Subject An eloquent as being done I stood it attracts instaflex Making open you know the feel of what possible incredibly but the dark side of these is finally Like how does it pushed the Guy To some things would do a I'm pretty much convinced. Eve when the Zion all the guys from excutives eight. Okay we still have an impact on accidentally Amschel Studi a few years ago. I don't have to resume to students in France in a university Under connection between between media and for his people feed exit they and connection between out. I'm really I would like to see But we already do that on the excedence. Unfocused that series could be. But I'm pretty much sizes at a connection between between you know the winning consorting with Dixie the proven. You believe you know like you. You your show you're GonNa GonNa put you arrive. You're flying learning the place functional on. He's so bad what you do go and an each way. You're done fine the your lung. Nobody's looking at your. Nobody would say hey. You know the rate yet like do you WANNA fly. Do you WanNa live or do you on a die. Easy twelve Take the risks. Today you know to exceed this place even if you that existing displays therefore it's going to be easy to make fifty km all one hundred people like easy to swallow I Walk a lot on with my students. Ease missionaries and if we as to the guys you know what is the risk I would say probably Person of two people would answer. And the RISKE's the probability some seeing. I don't want to happen happens in all this is basically but it's not just in the risk is you know the conjunction between the probability. Something happens of the consequences. Okay let me take an example.

01:05:02 - 01:10:01

I undertake of you know Windies lethal beat. The you know to be doing on the Dick. He's not so long on. Let's say sixty percent. You're not Fatigue you know I four okay. What the takeoff east grass you know. He's wanting to take off. East full of folks is on those Is Like we've same probability. You'll you you make you take us the same ability. You failed the consequences on the same and so the riske's conviction between the property and Consequences it looks to be when we stays but when you stop to work on this with your clients you put them into position each time. They have to take a decision to sink about the consequences. Okay I want to make this vision. And so he's are lethal called to pass. Maybe that you've done has gone what's happened. You know option one. I need to learn under the cross. Could TREES ALOT OPTION ONE OF TWO? So he's nothing to an alum gain deforest okay. Option under loan say knows senior. Nobody will rescue me. Is You know the Colombian wide rainforest waste ideals on everything on nightline they need okay so at this moment window gazes stuff to Singapore which you know the consequences additional women you know we make a big step while in the crease governor lays into decision-making when you can start playing it out one of the things. I learned when when I started really getting ended ski touring and learning a lot about just travelling in an avalanche terrain. One of the guys. I learned a lot from back home as one of the forecasters. And he always says you know. Imagine how the the the accident report will read. Just just wherever you're standing just right now. Imagine if you make this move and it doesn't work out. What will what will the accident report read? And then he made this bad decision and then he made this decision and then he made that bad decision because it's usually a series of bad decisions that lead to it's not typically one thing like you just said okay. Well maybe I'M GONNA make it over the call and then you get to the coal and maybe I you know it's all it's always a serious usually a cascade dislike. It is when we lose gliders. It's a cascade of events and that always helps me get come back. More grounded nine. That accident reports GonNa read like asshole. I'm doing the wrong thing. Have you heard about to Nico? It's it's a guys at rotate The rogue pilots man and Tunica use to analyze accidents. You know in the Iro not literal crafts and the conclusion finally of the book is that when the pilot at one point the pilot had a decision to take you know he had sifford option and ninety nine percent of the case he was aware it was not taking the safest option than you know like the problems you know but but he's not like the guy do not know the right at the position was have to take a decision and they know that one of you know like one decision is the sixers decision to take. Bits Food you will be so that's That's usually decays in leading the gays. In old. As don't take the decision on as you say on top of that it's a cascade of you know. Super Inaba by this useful Bite Moon Menu. Because I'm sensitive to your time and I really WanNa talk about it is. I'm fascinated about it and we had a little bit of discussion couple weeks ago when I tried to pull this off with the bad connection but I wanNA talk about API. I hadn't thought we'd go down that rabbit hole of of safety but I'm really glad we did. That was knows terrific to hear all your thoughts about that into know what you see in the field but I think that's a good transition to API because that's obviously what you're teaching as well with that Give us a brief what. Api Is Marco told us a little bit about it in his show but Tell us about what that is.

01:10:01 - 01:15:05

What the work you're doing and how it's I'd say seems to be how it's kind of transforming a bit the instructional side of of our sport plus of our API is An Association of guiding by Lieutenants Raton which is bathed in Swiss among on has been funded. Didn't do you know so basically The main guy behind was ww fat which is as football on the and he was living in Say Ching people how to fly and he at one momentum believes in was go to not make proposed system. You know for anybody deeper on Making an international system of Teaching on subjugation had meaning because more people are traveling on May be one guy will learn how to fly in USA and then come take trust country Nikiel in Columbia aways maybe Doll may be a French wine. Maybe and then go. For instance to in Turkey. To Order Denise UNMAKE Whether and so the progression now is not like everything in the same place Unzip for Grayson He's Arrive in another country Has No idea about you know what means the subjugation? So the fest idea was to To pilot Worldwide United Education System AM SAYS HE SEES. The point does seven points at came behind. Z's was Finally to create something like quality labor like If we buy a tandem pilot if we satisfy your needs with all this means that guy has such a third of Noah Ledge techniques all Month or month or contrary you know and Expense so basically am. This was the About you know So fest deceased in became Like world light them or just anybody system for the people and then disappointed later was tried to provide to our pilot in the world access to an insurance because mom when like me you From friends it looks like supernatural to have access to the insurance. It's not the case. In many trained. The world is basically is game Naika. It became like a main objective No create a web ready to kitchen system. Quality Will provide insurance retailer. So let me stick on that for Zagazig. Insurance has been a really big thing as you know. United spoke about this before in the states. So if I if I wanted to become an instructor and I wanted to. Api API label. I could get insurance through three your organization. Okay so basically. We have been working on providing insurance. You know very wearing the world we work on it but so far we did not alleviate meaning for the Moment Bible to ensure or the European citizen even leave abroad all the foreigners Wednesday flight operating Europe meaning. East tomorrow us to me okay. I'm GonNa go you know. Increase Order and you'll certified detainees in Greece. We are able to ensure you but USA and unfortunately like USA and Canada kind of the Insurance Company on who actually working on opening on an I believe she will. After you know shoemakers lease Shines an to open worldwide but. I'm afraid. Usa and Canada with stay on the side really breaking news.

01:15:05 - 01:20:09

You know like. It's very very very complicated. Psalms for free so I don't see in the next future solution for all using today. Ppi as ten thousand members in one hundred country on awesome. Join US I'm afraid for the insurance is going to be approved him. Give me your name. We don't have to get into that. Everybody that's listening to the show. Lives in those places knows why. The gales is part of our reality right now but the Take me through. Engineers five levels at the solo pilot level but dictate Hit Me with the main points of what? Api takes you through. What are you? What are you where? What are you trying to achieve with the syllabus with the course so autism little bit specific about deandre very interesting is that the syllabus created by? Let's say the Educational Committee and Committee is made of twigs Mesto Taw at all from different rising. We are people from France from Suits from USA from India from Madonna. You know from wherever you know until basically The the way the system has been developed as freely Geneva Scher INAU Let's AIDS. Is this something that I did not realize that very beginning? And then you know like when into discussion may be the guy from USA will say okay. We should uses under the guy from India. Say Are you kidding tweet? Does this United Mike Country? He's never gonNA So BASICALLY ICING. This is one of the strengths of the Make made by a French people for French by lot of by you know use muscles Us Buy something worth interesting so the the system we have of course at manual we have Awhile everything is describing. This is available. I would say in this woman. Probably at ten languages on for instance. We have online to retraining System ways Plov Questions at the beginning. We had the tree thousand decrease it to finally than I can. I can totally give an exempt to Chinese guy. He would receive it in Chinese and then we get the wrong on sales. You Know He. He did In English and French. Or whatever and then I can make a report to him feedback saying okay. Do you buy the exam. But how with Nissan? He's not one to talk about at three. Zero also is is Like the online Roomies disease and then sell some specificity in. Ppi set you know. Like the deputy to differently conceals fedaration. Clemson's you. You can the advanced bio tissue down. Have sophistication because nobody needs to be done by the guys that want to be advanced pilots because they want to become on them pilot as they want some combs. What on so we believe that you know being able to a Latino Glider is keeping easy. Easy would bring Could be discussed about how we will deceased Emmys Lexi's and you don't have access to turn them rating Look able to do at least two At least five miles an hour which are the deep spiral dump exists which Toyota Bike fly again seen on exodus being on rotation rotation so easy is not mastered the Solo Glider. You don't have access to the thunder to team manager. That is terrific. I hope that's taken flight all over that. That's really that solid those of you. Who are listening. We'll have details about all this and more and all the stuff that many's talking about on in the show notes for the show and manuals really psych.

01:20:09 - 01:23:20

We were able to pull this off. I can't wait to do some flying with you. Wish you the very best of the rest year time down there and in Columbia with you and your wife and all your students. I hope you guys have voluntary are and thanks man. I appreciate it. This was incredibly valuable and instructive. Thank you thank you so much. Hope to see you India and show you know some Democratic Izzo. That'd be great. Thanks Daniels off over. If you find the cloud base may have valuable. You can support it. In a lot of different ways you can give us a rating on itunes or stitcher however you get your podcast. That goes a long ways to help. Spread the word you can blog about it on your own website or shared on social media. You can talk about it on the way to launch with your pilot friends. I know a lot of interesting. Conversations have happened that way and of course you can support US financially. This show does take a lot of time. A lot of editing lot of storage and music and all kinds of behind the scenes cost. So if you can support financially all we've ever asked for as a buck show and you can do that through a one time donation through pay pal or you can set up a subscription service that charges you for show that comes out we put a new show out every two weeks so for example. If you did a buck show and every two weeks it'd be about twenty five dollars a year so way cheaper than a magazine subscription and it makes all this possible. I do not want to fund this show with advertising or sponsors. We get asked about that pretty frequently but I for a whole bunch of different reasons which I've said many times on the show. I don't WanNa do that. I don't like to have that stuff at the front of the show and also want you to know that these are authentic conversations with real people and these are just our opinions but our opinions are not being skewed by sponsors or advertising dollars. I think that's a pretty toxic business model so I hope you dig that you can support if you go to cloud base may dot com. You can find the places to support. You can do it through Patriot Dot Com for slash cloud base mayhem if you WANNA recurring subscription. You can also do that. Directly through the website tried to make it really easy and that will give you access to all the bonus material video cast that we do and extra little Nuggets that we find in conversations. That don't make it into the main show but we feel like you should hear we don't put any of that behind a paywall if you can't afford to support us then just let me know and I'll set you up with an account. Of course that'll be lifetime and hopefully in your being in a position some day to be able to support us. But you'll find all that on the website all of you who have supported us or even joined our newsletter or but cloud-based mayhem merchandise t shirts or hats or anything. You should be all set up. You should have an account and you should be able to access all that bonus material. Now thank you so much for listening. I really appreciate your support and we'll see on the next show. Thank you two. Please take bold gold.